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Celebrities Fashion Faux-Pas

What is a Fashion "Faux-Pas"? Well, in plain English is a Fashion Don't, or the act of breaking fashion rules as they are set and reset by Fashion Gurus. A lot of celebrities rely on the help and expertise of Fashion Stylists, and even though the costs for their services are a bit steep, they help their scrutinized celebrity-clients keep a high fashion profile. But when some celebrities avoid this service and take it into their own hands, fashion disaster often happens. Here are some celebrities caught committing the crime.

Beyonce Knowles Style Beyonce Knowles, is a fashion faux-pas from head to toe in this outfit:
The colorful saucer earrings are too big (they cover her whole neck), and too color-coordinated.
A leather jacket on a musician just rocks! but the Pleather-patened-blue-bordered top this celebrity wears is atrocious!
I love that she's proud of being a Bootylicious girl, but what's with the super skinny short-hem jeans?
Not very flattering, on her curves.
Then there is the very expensive (about $4000) Balenciaga shoes, which look like a science project gone bad.
Beyonce needs to stop dressing herself and get some expert's fashion advice! And, just because the item is expensive, it doesn't make it fashionable! Some things are better left for theatrics of the runway!Mary-Kate Olsen Style

Mary-Kate Olsen is very fashion forward and often makes odd choices on her fashion wear, but this Giambattista Valli dress, tops the chart! Even though the mini-dress does show the celebrity's beautiful shaped limbs, the fabric is just too bulky on her tiny frame. The bottom of the dress fits Mary-Kate like a giant diaper and it leaves me wondering if the multi-millionaire-child-actor actually owns a mirror. Her purse must have had a terrible accident with a shredder and her platform shoes are blushing from embarrassment. Actually, the carpet in the background looks classier than this celebrity does. Once again, I'll say it: she should just leave it to the fashion pros to dress her on special occasions.

Britney Spears' style

Britney Spears has been very much criticized and scrutinized lately, so I really feel guilty for picking on her, but look at her outfit!
My standard is: if the top of the dress is pulled so low that it doesn't cover the bust properly, and the hem of the dress is so high that you need to pull it down just to cover your privates, then it's not a dress! Maybe it was supposed to have a skirt or a trouser. I am not too crazy about her matching lace choker (it looks like she ripped it from the bottom of the dress), To make this celebrity stylish, I would have gone longer on the hem, picked some modern looking jewelry, to compensate the lace (and keep the look fresh), or put on some tights! The entire look reminds me of casino waitress, or super sexy cleaning lady (either way, it would make a sexy Halloween costume!). Britney, I believe we have seen enough of your private parts, straighten-up your act and rely on fashion experts to dress you.

Rihanna styleRihanna's dress is either not-tailored (which she wore right off the rack) or a tailor's disaster!
I am positive that the Armani Prive' dress was not supposed to be this ill-fitting. I really hope, for the sake of everyone around her, that sticky tape was used to hold her inside the top. The dress' velvet skirt can fit two Rihannas, and the shape is not flattering on her beautifully-fit body. What happened to the accessories? My theory is: she spent too much time at the hair stylist and left the house in a rush!
I am it a purse in her hand or a glove (Michael Jackson style)? Either way what was she thinking?
Beside a fitting, this outfit could have really used some color!
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