Friday, November 11, 2011

Perfect Eyebrows

Hello gorgeous,

During my last Make-up class, it occurred to me that many people don't know how important eyebrows are in framing the face and the eyes.
Many people take shaping eyebrows into their own hands and that's when the HORROR begins!!!
I am not kidding, very few people really know how to properly shape their brows, and need serious make-overs.
If you fall in one of these categories, leave your brows alone until they grow back to their original length and shape (I know it's "painful" to go around with un-kept brows, but it's a necessary step to fix the problem). Next, follow the "fix it" steps below.
NOTE: Stop the "bad" shaping as soon as possible; brows are among the few of our body hair than if removed long enough, it will stop growing!
And if you think any of these looks are ok, ask yourself a simple question: "which classy lady, or celebrity or beauty queen have I ever seen with THIS look?"
Trust me, they are not pretty, and if anyone tells you otherwise, they are either lying or trying to sell you the service (like tattoos)!
Remember fashion dictates brow shapes too, the 1970s had super thin brows in fashion, while the 1980s had the Brooke Shield's thick unkempt brows! I suggest you stick with the shape that suits your face the most, or follow fashion without changing your shape permanently.

Let's discuss the first NO-NO in eyebrow shaping:

Shaving eyebrows and drawing them in! The horror!!!

FIX IT: If you are among the fortunate ones who have big bushy eyebrows, figure out your most flattering shape first and draw it on the eyebrows with a white eye pencil; brush hair up (on the first inner half of the brows) and brush down (on the second outer half), then cut (Not shave) the excess length; after, with tweezers (or wax) remove the hair outside the shape you drew. It is important to draw the brow shape first, if we start tweezing without a shape, we risk to take too much off or have un-even eyebrows, making one too thin or too short.

Very small brows or lighter hair brows get Tattooed in! I am a fan of body tattooes but tattooed make-up is just AWFUL!!

FIX IT: Tattooed brows are usually tattooed in black ink, which with time will turn blue! The eyebrows are usually tattooed too strong and too short, they look like a cartoon drawing and un-natural! Unfortunately if you have already tattooed your brows, since it's a permanent decision, there is not much you can do to remove it! however, going over the shape with a brown eyeshadow and an angle brush, you can soften the look and make it more "natural".
If you haven't tattooed them yet, but want to fix a small or light eyebrow, you can fill it in with eyeshadow powder and achieve your favorite shape. The great thing about filling in eyebrows with make-up is that you can try different shapes or thickness and if you don't like it, you can wash it off!!
Black eyebrows should be colored with a brown eyeshadow and blond eyebrows with a green-grey eyeshadow (Sage or Safari, are some of the common names for these eyeshadows).
If the hair is too light and you want a more semi-permanent solution, you can color your hair with eyebrow dyes, which is a service most aestheticians perform in 10 min. or less!

Tadpole or Comma eyebrows are very common shapes. I find most people with bad brows fall in this category, and it's very common among young people. The problem is that people take too much off the entire length of the eyebrow, leaving a "ball" of hair close to the inner corner of the eyes.

FIX IT: Let your hair grow back first, then with a white eye pencil draw two parallel lines up to the point of the arch, and down towards the temples, slowly tapering into a point. When you are happy with the shape, take off with tweezers or wax strips the excess hair at the top and bottom of the brows. Follow the diagram to figure out where to start the brow, how long it should be and where to place the arch (the highest point of the eyebrow). Remember, if some hair within the desired shape is too long, don't pull it, just brush it up and then cut off the excess.

Another word of caution: when deciding how angled the eyebrows should be, keep in mind your face shape. If you have strong jaw lines and a square face shape, keep the arch low, almost circular (the opposite of your face shape). If the face is round, keep the angle high and more defined. Keep in mind the eye closeness as well. Close set eyes look better with eyebrows that start further apart, while wide set eyes look better with brows who are closer together.

Draw on different shapes before you decide which shape would look better, or visit a high quality aesthetician to help you decide...then keep up the shape.

Please, don't feel insulted by my comments, we have all been there! Eyebrow shapes are the hardest beauty step to figure out at first but make a huge difference in a a matter of fact, go check out "before they were famous" celebrities pictures and the "after" looks, you can tell what a huge impact eyebrows have in their current looks.

Be Fabulous,


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Friday, September 16, 2011

More Published Work

Here is the link to "Stray" the Australian Magazine

The model is the lovely Courtney from Mode Models International and the talented photographer is Amanda Diaz. I did her hair and Make-up, wanted to channel a 1980s supermodel.
Hope you enjoy the images as much as I enjoy Making-up this beautiful girl!!

Be Fabulous,


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Saturday, August 27, 2011

My Latest Favorite Product

Hey beautiful girls,
ok I know my blog title gives away what I am going to write about...but lately I have been obsessed with a tremendous product, which surprisingly is available at any Drug store and at a reasonable price. You all have seen Taylor Swift twirl around in the new CoverGirl commercials promoting the new CG line, well let me tell you...Bravo CoverGirl!! The new NatureLuxe line is fantastic!
I am especially obsessed with one of their products: the NatureLuxe Gloss Balm!

Typically, when you hear of a “gloss” or a “balm” we assume it also be synonymous with “colorless”. Even if bright in the tube, once the product makes its way onto the lips, it becomes bland and a great disappointment.

Not so much with these new Gloss Balm sticks from CoverGirl.

Not only is it formulated with all natural ingredients, has SPF 15 and smells wonderful, but the color payoff is extraordinary!

I gave away a whole bunch to my family and friends, used them on photoshoot and for Brides (I let them keep it for make-up retouching), great for teenagers for back to school and for the busy mom on the run...actually, I use mine everyday!!

You need to get one to believe'll quickly become a fan as well!

P.S. Let me know what you think!!!

Be Fabulous,


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Monday, August 15, 2011

Beauty Emergencies!!!

As easy as it is making up a beautiful skin or setting perfect hair, we all live in the real world and we all have to deal with beauty emergencies.

I have often been asked how I handle these difficult situations, so here are my little secrets!!

*Beauty Emergency: A giant red zit

How do zits know we have a special occasion coming up...or that oh so exciting date? Unfortunately zits happen! So how do we take care of them?

Fix: it’s important to first minimize the redness of the pimple. I find that an anti-inflammatory eye drop (like "Visine") helps to tame the redness. Then dab on a spot treatment and gently rub it in (if it contains Benzoyl Peroxide, it can zap a zit fast).

Put on your foundation as usual first...don't do it after or you will "disturb" the next make-up step.

To cover up- Use a dab a tiny bit of green concealer on the redness (green neutralizes red); Next, dot a little concealer onto the pimple and pat it with your finger until it sinks in, the trick is to use a concealer the same color as your skin -NOT lighter, or you'll put a big Ol' spotlight on the zit! Do another thin layer if you need to, and then set with powder.

*Beauty Emergency: Creasy eye shadow

You just spent a great deal of time to create a killer smoky blended and blended (like gurus told you in the youtube video) and then when you go check the mirror in the middle of the night, something has gone terribly wrong!! Prevention is the key in this case!!!

Fix: To avoid a smeary scene next time, prep your lids with foundation and a little powder or use an eye shadow primer. If you create the shadow effect with a creamy product (eye pencils, gel liners, cream shadows), remember you have to SET the makeup with a powder...I usually use the same color eyeshadow powder and it will give it enormous staying powder. Greasy lids can be fixed in a pinch too though, use a blotting sheet or 1 ply of toilet paper to absorb the excess oil, (let it sit on the lid for a few seconds, and remove it) then gently get rid of the crease with your ring finger (always pat, don't smear!!) and add some face powder to re-set.

*Beauty Emergency: Dark circles

Almost every woman I meet complains of dark circles, yes, even models!

The problem could be caused by many factors, lack of sleep, poor circulation, smoking, genetics etc. however the fix is quick and not hard.

Fix: First find a good concealer -make sure it has the same ingredients as your foundation: water based with water based, oil based with oil based etc. or they "won't play nice together!!"

I usually don't go too light...1 to 2 shades lighter then your foundation...figure out if you need a peach based, pink based or yellow based concealer according to the undertones of the skin (look at the skin on the inside of your wrist, and try to find a concealer that has that same natural color and try it under your eyes...if it looks natural, it's a good match!). The biggest mistake most women make is that they cover the WHOLE undereye wrong! Try to dab one or two small dots in the inner part of the eye (the darkest), then with a finger, gently "push" (dab- tap) the color in the skin until it disappears (NEVER rub it across the eye).

The final step is to powder; use a powder specially designed for under eye areas- it's more finely milled than face powder and won't "cake" (Laura Mercier has a killer one!!).

Use a nice bright blush or gloss to take the eyes away from that undereye area.

*Beauty Emergency: No time to wash your hair

So you snoozed more than you expected, and now there is no time to wash and blow dry your hair. No need for hats, hair bands or pony tails!

Fix: Quickly refresh your hair with a dry shampoo. Select one that is accurate for your hair type (moisturizing, excess oil...etc.) Separate your hair in sections, apply the dry cleanser to your roots, massage it in and brush it out. The result, fresh smelling locks.

*Beauty Emergency: You forgot the shaving gel!

It's usually one of the last things I think of when packing my suitcase...or run out of in the middle of the shower, but don't fret, there are substitutes!

Fix: I have many times used the lather effects of my creamy shower gel (I have a creamy/milky kind) and I have also shaved with conditioner. They are both thick and creamy (enough to mimic the texture of shave gel) and will protect your skin against nicks and cuts.

*Beauty Emergency: Hair Frizz

The weather is too blame for this pesky problem...too dry or too humid can cause our lovely hair to misbehave.

Fix: Usually I like to take care (prevent the problem) with Moroccan oil! It's a gods' sent product...I use it everyday and doesn't grease up my it smells divine!

Leave-in conditioners are great for frizz problems.

But in a pinch, an easy remedy for frizz is hand lotion (not Vaseline!). Rub a tiny pea-sized amount between the palm of your hands and smooth it to the ends of your hair. Avoid the roots or it will look greasy.

If you have curly hair, scrunch on the lotion then leave the hair alone—finger combing will mess up your ringlets and cause even more frizz.

I hope these quick tips help you on your daily Beauty Emergencies ;)

Be Fabulous,


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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Beauty Make-up

Hi guys,

I just did another shoot with the fabulous photographer Samantha Scharf and I wanted to share these images with you.
The model is the incredibly talented and sweet Kyla Jackson.
I had a lot of fun with hair and make-up (I adore creatives), and got a chance to fit Kyla with my "home made" feather lashes ;)
I hope you enjoy the images!!
On other news...I will be an ambassador for Cover Girl Cosmetics, representing the brand at the Taylor Swift concert and I am expecting my second child at the end of September, really excited about it!!! Busy Summer as you can see!!

Big hugs to all of you XOXO

Be Fabulous,


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Sunday, June 5, 2011

New Projects

Hi fabulous friends,
I apologize for not having had the chance to post in a few months. I have been swamped with work, but that's Spring and Summer season for ya!
I have a new group of students to put through the ringer at the college, they are learning all the basic how-tos of Make-up Artistry. Funny how many some students assume MakeBeautybyella-Cats-up Artistry would be an easy subject to study, obviously they tend to ignore the fact that Make-up artist have to deal with chemicals in make-up and chemistry and biology of the skin, all done in a sanitary function.
It's more like a nursing course than it is an art project! The artistry of it all of course comes into factor later, as well as the history of the make-up trends and the make-up giants of the past! Then there is the physics and mechanics of the machinery used, and lighting for photography, film and television. Having said all is still a lot of fun!!!
I have also just wrapped up a film, and started a new one! Shooting for the movie industry is very demanding (long long hours and sometimes in extreme weather conditions) but I absolutely love it!!
I've had the chance to head the Make-up department for a fabulous show in the city. It was held to celebrate the 50th anniversary of one of the city's most prestigious club "The Royal Glenora". The organizers set up an amazing Ice skating show "Ice Memories", where an incredible amount of figure skating champions delighteBeautybyella- Les Miserablesd us with 7 Broadway musical on Ice!!
The first was "Cats", followed by "Hook", "Oz", "Vegas Baby", "Starlight Express", "Phantom of the Opera" and finally "Les Miserable"; it was an extraordinary following of talent!
I had the pleasure of applying make-up on many Olympians and the 4 times world champion Kurt Browning. What an amazing experience!
Of course, all this work was wrapped around make-up on the lovely ladies celebrating their graduations and wedding days.

I hope the summer will continue to bring more exciting projects!
All my love,

Be Fabulous,


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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Teaching Special Effects (SFX)

There are many reason why I love make-up, mostly though is because it's a form of expression for my art.SFX Cut
Beside Beauty and Fantasy make-up, I have had the privilege to play with air-brushing and the amazing art of Special Effects or commonly known as SFX.
I could not believe how much fun I would have making cuts, bruises and 3rd degree burns...and I hate the sight of blood!!! LOL
Once you get a taste of what is like to make an injury appear realistic, you simply can't stop! Then it becomes even more fun working with Crepe hair, bald caps and prosthetic appliances!
Teaching all of the SFX techniques to my students has also been an incredible journey, imagine getting paid for playing with molding wax, latex and gelatin!
The hardest part is not learning the various construction techniques but painting the piece to look realistic, and for that you need an "artistic eye", something I unfortunately can't teach!
Fortunately, most of my students possess the "eye", so it was a blast to teach them SFX and watch them create the Goriest Zombies and the most Fantastic Creatures (which looked like something right out of a "Narnia" film).
I would encourage all of you make-up lovers to give SFX a try...I never knew how much fun it could be!!

P.S. I have included a couple of bloody pictures taken in class, enjoy :)

Be Fabulous,


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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Bridal Magazine Makeup

BeautyByElla Makeup ArtistAt the end of the Summer I had been asked by my good friend (from Tru Beauty Services) to do the makeup for the shoot she was styling. Knowing that she does exquisite hair styling, I could not refuse such offer; little did I know that we would have the time of our life at the shoot, where we met so many wonderful people!

I have kept in touch with the photographer, Cindy Gannon (with whom I collaborated again) and the editor of SomethingBlue Bridal magazine, who ended up being a stellar person!

I am over the moon that they chose our pictures for the cover and the editorial, and I am pleased to share this new makeup accomplishment with all of you. Here are a couple of pictures from the magazine (the rest will be in my Makeup Portfolio Gallery), I hope you love the pictures just as much as I do!BeautyByElla Makeup Artist

Be Fabulous,


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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Becoming a Makeup Artist

Anyone with a brush set these days calls him/herself a Makeup Artist, but truth is that a Good professional Makeup Artist is hard to find!

Becoming a professional Makeup Artist is not just about applying makeup, and this is not a profession that should be taken lightly. The Beauty Industry is a highly competitive, multi billion dollar industry that requires an enormous amount of dedication in order to achieve any form of success.

There are a few elements to consider in becoming a respected and in demand professional:

First and foremost is talent, skills can be learned but a natural artistic talent is mandatory!

A solid education is also important, whether achieved through school or self taught- a professional Makeup Artist needs to know and follow all aspects of the industry.

Always being on top of trends, techniques and products, by reading industry publications and following pop culture.

Skills must be perfected through a great deal of practice, it takes years to master all the skills of a professional Makeup Artist.

Sanitary practices have to reflect a sterile environment, or you could be liable for spreading an infection or causing terrible reactions- Keep the makeup kit and brushes clean and the tools and hands always disinfected.

Great Attitude is 90% of the Makeup Artist fundamental, it is important to be polite, diplomatic and problem solving, with an attitude of servitude.

Appearance is also really important! The clients need to have a positive first impression, you are a walking advertisement of your work at all times!

Be a great listener, to figure out what the client wants and needs, and at the same time be a good conversationalist- keep the chit chat light and pleasant, no gossip, heavy subjects, inappropriate conversation or colorful language should ever occur with clients or other industry professionals!

Be kind, polite, punctual and prepared and you will be a success!

Be Fabulous,


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