Thursday, March 31, 2011

Teaching Special Effects (SFX)

There are many reason why I love make-up, mostly though is because it's a form of expression for my art.SFX Cut
Beside Beauty and Fantasy make-up, I have had the privilege to play with air-brushing and the amazing art of Special Effects or commonly known as SFX.
I could not believe how much fun I would have making cuts, bruises and 3rd degree burns...and I hate the sight of blood!!! LOL
Once you get a taste of what is like to make an injury appear realistic, you simply can't stop! Then it becomes even more fun working with Crepe hair, bald caps and prosthetic appliances!
Teaching all of the SFX techniques to my students has also been an incredible journey, imagine getting paid for playing with molding wax, latex and gelatin!
The hardest part is not learning the various construction techniques but painting the piece to look realistic, and for that you need an "artistic eye", something I unfortunately can't teach!
Fortunately, most of my students possess the "eye", so it was a blast to teach them SFX and watch them create the Goriest Zombies and the most Fantastic Creatures (which looked like something right out of a "Narnia" film).
I would encourage all of you make-up lovers to give SFX a try...I never knew how much fun it could be!!

P.S. I have included a couple of bloody pictures taken in class, enjoy :)

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