Saturday, December 26, 2009

Packing Your Suitcase

A new Winter season is at our doors and with the cold weather comes also the desire to get away.
Whether you're jetting off for a long getaway or a week on a resort, these tricks will ensure you will have everything you need.

Make a List: Everything you think you will need on your trip, from Clothing to Toiletries. Lay everything out on a bed and check off the items on your list, so you won't forget anything (the check list is also great in case the airline loses your suitcase, it's a record of everything you packed).

Pick a General Color scheme: That way your clothes always go together and you never pack a shirt you won't be able to use. Stick with neutral basics and add a few touches of color with accessories (fun jewelry, scarves and belts). Always bring a lightweight sweater jacket for layering.

Always Pack sexy shoes: At least one pair of high heel shoes can dress up any outfit, even shorts!

Avoid Wrinkles: Softly fold you clothes and pack them separately -don't layer softer fabrics with harder ones. Pack jeans with jeans and cotton shirts with cotton shirts. Layer the heaviest fabrics at the bottom and the lightest at the top.
Pack a wrinkle remover for a special outfit. Hang the outfit, spray it gently with the wrinkle remover and smooth it down with the palm of your hand. Leave it hanging until dry.

Store Jewelry Separately: Pack the pieces of jewelry in a freezer bag to avoid it snagging your clothes and wrap each piece in tissue paper, to avoid them tangling and getting broken.

Never pack Documents in the suitcase: Keep all your documents on yourself at all times, never pack important documents, money or cards in your suitcase.

Safe Travels these holiday season and as always...

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Monday, October 26, 2009

Great Skin Care- Dermalogica

You should all know by now what a big keener I am in learning about beauty products, so it will Dermalogicabe no surprise that I attended another skin care course today. I have recently learned about a skin care line with amazing credibility and I wanted to do my own research, to my amazement I am in love!!!
Dermalogica is a skin care line started by Jane Wurwand, the skin therapist who's also credited for founding The International Dermal Institute (IDI) in the Los Angeles area in 1983. Since no other skin care line embraced her belief of skin health (as opposed to "beauty"), she developed her own skin care line (in 1986).
I was very much impressed by the brand: it is a product line free of common irritants and ingredients that could cause breakouts (including Lanolin, SD alcohol, mineral oil, artificial colors, and fragrances) and improves skin health (instead of only cosmetic concerns).
I was excited to learn that all the Dermalogica products are manufactured in the USA, never have taken part in animal testing and is sold ONLY where professional consultation andThe International Dermal Institute professional treatment are performed by trained skin therapist (Professional Spas).
Dermalogica is also a privately owned company (not owned by a beauty conglomerate, hoding company or financers) and is driven first by Education and Research!!!
I was so excited to get my hands on their Skin bar today...let me tell you about their products;
they have an impressive array of skin care: Cleansers, exfoliants, moisturizers (from tinted to Acne prone skin) hand creams, a sun protection line, a Age Smart line, an Acne line (one for adult Acne andDermalogica Skin Mapping one for teenagers), a men's line (from shaving products to deodorant), a treatment foundation line and even shampoo!
Every corner of the face and body is analyzed by their skin therapist through "Skin Mapping" and every single inch of your body can be prescribed with the specific product to suit its needs!
During the class we had the privilege to try on all the products and as I said previously I am in love with Dermalogica! It is a statement which I do not make easily with many skin care lines (especially after my Adult Acne breakouts) as my standards are quite high, but I found that Dermalogica products are as true as it claims and their representative more knowledgeable and honest than I expected.Award Winning Dermalogica
I highly recommend this line, to find a spa near you that retails the Dermalogica line go to and learn more about the company at if you have the chance, register to one of their classes and learn all the benefits this skin care line has to offer.
Remember, certain skin care problems are genetic, and might not be resolved by any products, but with a good skin care line you can look as good as you feel!

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Monday, August 31, 2009

Interview with the

www.makeupgallery.netHi everyone,

I recently got interviewed by the fabulous people at the, and I wanted to share the excitement with you.

Makeup Gallery is a collection of makeup tutorials. You will find tons of how tos, but also news and trends of makeup around the world and a lot of useful advices from experts!

I am now proudly one of the Make up artists featured in this gallery, check it out and subscribe, as this web site has new videos weekly.

I hope you enjoy the web site as much as I do.

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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Under Eye Concealer

Who likes those annoying dark circles, under eye discolorations and redness? here is a quick and easy tutorial on how to conceal the under eye area and look youthful!

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Easy to follow Eyeliner Tutorial

Hi guys, by popular request by my video followers, comes a tutorial on how to apply eyeliner.
I start with a creamy black eye pencil, then I repeat the process with a liquid eyeliner and a gel, and set everything with am eyeshadow powder.
I hope you enjoy the video! please rate and Subscribe for more exciting videos.

Remember to check me out on the

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Monday, August 17, 2009

Smokey Eye Makeup tutorial

You ask for here it is a tutorial for the smokey eye makeup look.
Enjoy the video and please rate and leave some nice words of encouragement ;)
Lov ya all!!!

Primer: SmashBox lid prime
Eye shadow (cream): Revlon -Not just Nudes
Revlon - Moonlit Jewels
Eye shadow: NYX - TS 03
Stila - Noire
Eye Pencil: Artistry - Walnut
Palladio - Black
Mascara: Maybelline - the Colossal Volume Express (black)

Keep checking back for more tutorials...rock on!!!

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Sunday, August 16, 2009

How to Use a Big Bristle Brush

Hi everyone, I just filmed a tutorial on how to use a Big Bristle Brush. Most people are confused about the great quality of this brush and what it can do for you, so I hope the video will help clarify the confusion.

The other product I mentioned is Moroccan Oil and I love it!!! Make sure you use only a dime size drop of oil for your hair. You will love its fast absorbent, non-greasy formula and how soft it leaves your hair and it smells gorgeous!!

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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Day Time Makeup - Part 4 Conclusion

The last touch ups and we're out the door!

Here is the final video with the last details of the Day Time Makeup look. Make sure you watch Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 to review the step by step guide to achieve the overall look. Enjoy the video and look below to the list of products I used. (If you like the video, please rate it and subscribe, there are a lot more video tutorials to come).

Eye shadow: BareMinerals loose eyeshadow (True Gold)
Eye Pencil: Benefit EyeBright
Lip Brightener: Benefit Moon Beam
Lip Pencil: Palladio Lip Gloss Crayon (Mocha Ice)
Lipstick: NYX Diamond Sparkle Lipstick (Sparkling Gold)
Lip gloss: Napoleon Perdis (Mauritious)

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NOTE: My picture was taken by the talented Nick Bowers

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Day Time Makeup - Part 3- Eye Shadow

Now that the face is ready I move on to the eyes- Check out the previous Day Time Makeup videos, part 1 and part 2 to find out how to get to this point. I will list all the products I use at the bottom of the video. Happy watching!

Primer: Smashbox Lip and Eye Primer (Natural)
Eye Shadow cream: Revlon Creme Shadows (Not Just Nudes)
Eye Shadow: NYX TS 03 (Nude, Taupe & Dark Brown)
Eye liner Pencil: Artistry (Walnut)
Eye liner Pencil: Palladio (Black)
Mascara: Maybelline The Colossal Volum' Express (Glam Black)

I hope you enjoyed the videos. Please stay tuned for the Conclusion of the Day Time makeup video.

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Day Time Makeup - Part 2

Hi, I hope you enjoyed the Day time Makeup Video Part 1, where I show you how to conceal and apply foundation to acne prone skin. Here on Part 2 of the video, I will guide you on how to contour and highlight the cheek bones and how to apply Blush. At the bottom of the video I will list the products being used. Enjoy.

Set Powder: Too Faced Translucent Pressed Powder
Highlight: Benefit Moon Beam
Set Highlight Powder: MAC Mineralize Skinfinish
Contour: BareMinerals Warmth (with angle blush)
Cream Blush: MAC Blossoming - Cream Blush (with MAC Blush Brush 188)
Powder Blush: Stila quad Noire

I hope you enjoyed it, please feel free to leave a comment with a suggestion for a Makeup or Style video you would like to see and stay tuned for part 3 and the Conclusion of the video or go back and check part 1.

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Day time Makeup

Hi everyone, I decided to show you how I do a day makeup application with some videos.
The first video, Part one- Concealer and Foundation, shows you step by step how I conceal acne problem and skin discolorations in order to achieve a smooth and clear canvas to apply a Day time makeup look.
At the bottom of the video I will list the products I used.

Moisturizer: Impuv
Primer: Smashbox Photofinish Light
Concealer 1: Ben Nye Total Conceal All (NB1 & MY3)
Foundation: CoverGirl TruBlend Whipped Foundation (Warm Beige)
Concealer 2: Maybelline Mineral Power (Cream Light)

I hope you enjoyed it, please feel free to leave a comment with a suggestion for a Makeup or Style video you would like to see and stay tuned for part 2, part 3 and the Conclusion of the video.

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Skin Deep- When Acne Attacks!

If there is one think I was always know for was my flawless skin – wait, before you start booing, we all know nothing is forever!

After my son was born a change in Hormones caused my face to break out uncontrollably, with daily bumps and red spots that became more and more obvious and harder to cover up.

As a fashionista and a beauty consultant I wanted to hide my face under the sand!
I tried all the creams and treatments at the drug store, but nothing worked, it actually seemed to aggravate my skin.

So, in desperate search for a cure I went to my GP to get recommended to a dermatologist. Turns out that the wait for a visit to the dermatologist can take 3 to 6 months…enough time to do serious damage to your skin! But luckily I have a very knowledgeable Doc, who prescribed me antibiotics!! Really!! I had no idea that it could be cured with antibiotics, and I did a bit of research, so listen up: According to my GP, for Acne Vulgaris over-the-counter meds are crap!

Those with mild acne will only have an occasional pimple, but if the problem is not controlled it can worsen and the number of pimples will increase; in severe cases it can turn into very painful cysts which can leave permanent scars on the skin.

Contrary to what people believe, poor eating habits are not a cause of acne, just like washing the skin often is not the key to prevent acne. However, it is to my amazement that some beauty products (oil-based) can aggravate acne!!

Here is the advice I received: Wash your face twice a day with a mild soap like Dove©, SpectroJel© or Cetaphil© - massaging the soap on the skin for at least 30 seconds. These soaps are not expensive and can be purchased at any drug store.
Use a mild moisturizer for sensitive skin, like Imprüv©, and an oil-free sun block cream for outdoor time (since the antibiotics make your skin more sensitive to the sun harmful rays).

Then I received an oral antibiotic and a topical antibiotic cream containing Benzoyl Peroxide to apply to my whole face- given the peroxide in it, you should be careful as it can discolour you hair and clothing.

Disclaimer: Obviously, this is the treatment for my level of acne. On more severe cases another preparation containing Tretinoin can be prescribed to soften up the superficial layer of the skin, and in extreme situations a powerful vitamin A derivative, Isotretinoin (Accutane®) is prescribed.
DO NOT put in your own hands to cure such a serious skin condition as acne! Visit a doctor as soon as possible, often on mild cases your GP can be very helpful in treating it, before you have to visit a specialist.

Be fabulous,

Ella Bonanni

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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Welcome BBE Jewelry

Lately I have been so busy with Styling photoshoots and my involvement with the magazine that I just grew tired of having to hunt down jewelry designers!!

I love accessorizing with an artist creation, but at time borrowing thousands of dollars worth of jewelry was just a big added stress to my job.
BBE Jewelry
So I started to create my own pieces...and then got hooked!!!
I never knew what a great creative outlet jewelry making was going to be. And it's so much fun too!

My creativBBE Jewelrye process starts with finding good beads - only the prettiest products- then I look at beads collectively get inspired and start to assemble the final product. Once I'm done with one piece of jewelry I immediately think of the piece to layer with, and of the rest of the jewelry set.

In the end the jewelry piece is a fashionable accessory, great to layer with other pieces and most of all, something I would wear!

Look forward to my Jewelry Photo Gallery, as I have decided to sell some of these unique pieces.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

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Monday, January 12, 2009

Golden Globes 2009- Worst Fashion on the Red Carpet

We discussed what made us love the Golden Globes 2009 red carpet, now let's illustrate what not to do, and where some of these celebrities got it wrong:

Taraji P. Anderson's gown has too many frilly pieces of fabric which distract from the nice fit. I love her H. Stern jewelry. I don't hate the look, I know though, when it comes to fashion she can do so much better!

Presenter Sting, must have received his invitation late! What in the world!!!??? his beard looks at least 2 days past the rock star look! I don't mind the fashion too much but he could have been much edgier for a rock legend!

Oh poor Mickey Rourke!!! We are all so glad he made a come back, but why would he dress in the dark for such a big occasion?? Something here went terribly wrong! And someone please tell him to stop plumping his face...not cute!

Marisa Tomei went from my best dressed list at the People's Choice Awards to the bottom of the barrel. What's with the lacy pirate shirt and the nun skirt? I love the belt and the many strands of necklaces, but the rest doesn't suit her quirky-fun personality very well.

Maggie Gyllenhaal took a chance on the Red Carpet with the leopard print Lanvin dress...and failed miserably! The head to toe print is waaaay too overwhealming on her's like a leopard swallowed her whole! Hair and makeup is really nice though.

Cute Hayden Panettiere picked a great color for the Red Carpet, and is well in with the season's trends, however the fit of her purple Ferrè gown is all wrong for her. It looks like she has a man's chest and no waist. I love her hair and makeup: very polished and classy!

Leave it to Heidi Klum to sport the edgiest fashions on the red carpet. However this time, even "the Body" couldn't sustain the puffy dress with a huge red flower on the hip and the dominatrix 5 inch sandals! Heidi, something's gotta give! Once again...I love her hair and makeup, and her accessory, Seal, looks great as well!

The amazing Glen Close opted for a pant suit for the Red Carpet event. Nothing wrong with the pant suit, except that being all in gold she looks like one of the Oscar's statuettes!

Golden Globe winner Sally Hawkins, chose a black sheer top gown; which couldn't have been more wrong for her skin color! Her porcelain skin makes her look like Morticia Adams instead of a doll! Her makeup is too pale and the lack of color in the accessories, takes her down to the bottom of my list!

I usually like Cameron Diaz choices for the red carpet, and I don't mind the color she chose for the Golden Globes Red Carpet. However she looks like she just came from the beach! The style of the dress, looks like a wrapped a curtain and her hair looks hair dried...ouch, not pretty!

Blake Lively is going to the prom! Oh no wait...this is her dress from last night's Golden Globes awards. Oh boy, didn't anyone tell her she would be walking the Red Carpet? She is so Blah...not interesting at all!
We need to see more Lively attire from a young vibrant woman like Blake!

I knew that she was going to show bling! Nothing wrong with bling or with showing your curves, except that I have a Sausage in my fridge less contricted than Beyonce! This beautiful Elie Saab dress is definitely a couple of sizes too small! Having said that, I absolutely love her collar Lorraine Schwartz necklace and her hairstyle!

Beautiful Angelina Morticia Jolie, blew it big time with the bloused shapeless Versace gown! Is Angelina Jolie hiding another pregnancy or is she purposely trying to live down her "most beautiful woman in the world" title? She definitely has more curves than that column figure she's parading at the Golden Globes, and her hair needs to be up (at least to show the curve of her neck!).

Beautiful and super talented Amanda Seyfried, paraded down the Red Carpet in a pale gray draped goddess gown. I found that the color did absolutely nothing for her fair skin and the style was too old fashioned for a "Mamma Mia" young emerging star! Not my favourite look on her!

Ah...the crazy print! I was waiting for someone to commit the sin! The empire waist gown with the deep V is a great choice for Jenna Fischer's body, the print however...need I say more?

Oh poor Anna Paquin, she looks so sad in this mauve dress! Someone give her some color... please - maybe a red lip or some dramatic chandelier earrings! Her hair does not save her either, too severe!
To see other Golden Globes Red Carpet's fashion and celebrities, check the Fashion Community (Fashion Events Gallery).

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Golden Globes 2009- Best Fashion on the Red Carpet

Oh wow, most of my Golden Globes Red Carpet predictions came true!!!
The biggest trends on the Red Carpet were: Mermaid and tiered skirts gowns with a strapless or one shoulder bodice, gold and colored stones jewelry, subdued makeup and hair-with an increasing number of red lips throughout the night- Metallic clutches and a lot of bold jewelry.
However I did not foresee the sea of black and beige gowns!!! Talk about lack of imagination...with all the fantastic choices from the Spring/Summer 2009 Collections, most celebrities chose to play it safe!

Here is a summary of my favourite from the Golden Globes Red Carpet, the rest of the pictures can be found in the fashion community (Events Gallery)- I will post my least favourite Red Carpet fashion in another article.

Best Dressed

Holy moly...Colin Farrell was smoking hot...I'm not only talking about his win at the Golden Globes, but also about his fashion!!! He looked polished and so red carpet worthy; he punched up the classic tux look with a touch of color in his vest...Two thumbs up Colin!

What a better way to style up a classy tuxedo than with a bit of Satin? Very stylish choice from Tom Cruise who looked impeccable and timeless (as usual!).

I'm not a big Tina Fey fan on the red carpet, and even though she played safe with black, she looked very glamorous in this halter top gown with a drop neckline.

This is how you do stripes on the Red Carpet! Wow, Viola Davis' brown illusion-dress fits her like a glove and she looked amazing!!!

The White J. Mendel gown was an excellent choice for Kate Beckinsale...she looks so glamorous with her ruffled top which was a nice contrast with the severely pulled back hair. The blue tone jewelry was a great contrast.

One of the most beautiful women on the planet (in my opinion), did not come short to wow the croud a the Golden Globes. Megan Fox looked stunning in this simple gold dress with sheer embroidered overlay and emerald green jewelry and clutch. The 22 inch-waist celebrity looked gorgeous!

If you must do black on the red carpet, this is how you should do it! Very elegant lines, effortless makeup and sophisticated hair. Kate Winslet stole the show (and a Golden Globe) in this black strapless Yves Saint Laurent dress.

I love this orange color on Madeline Zima, and the goddess style gown makes her look like..well, a goddess!

So soft, pretty and youthful, Demi Moore never ceases to amaze me! Her daughter Rumor is old enough to be Miss Golden Globe, yet she looks like a 30 year old. The pale pink gown is gorgeous on her skin tone and hair color.

Beautiful Christina Applegate looked so adorable in pale yellow and red lips. I wish she would have turned it up a notch with some colored gems or a colored clutch, nevertheless she still looks amazing.

Who in the world did her hair??? They should be shot!!! How can you possibly make a beautiful woman like Drew Barrymore in a jaw-dropping Dior by John Galliano grey chiffon gown with the most perfect accessories, look like a prom queen?? The hair ruins it for me, but the rest is so amazing!

At first glance I did not recognize the stunning girl in the purple dress...then I realized it was Rumor Willis, also Miss Golden Globes 2009! Wow, the red hair looks so much better on her than the severe black color she had. The gown is amazing and I love the jeweled belt!

"House" Jennifer Morrison is amazing in the electric blue Oscar de la Renta strapless gown, but most of all I love the Lorraine Schwartz jewels and her perfect size clutch.

Oh America Ferrera, how amazing! I love the girl fashion choices, they work so perfectly for her body. The grey color is fantastic on her skin, the one shoulder strap gown makes it sexy, the metallic accent keeps it interesting and the cropped lenght makes the gown really age appropriate and fresh...what is there not to love?? One thing I would add, a colorful clutch ( a deep red, or ice blue).
Other celebrities worth to mention: Eva Longoria Parker, Kristin Scott Thomas, Eva Mendes, Laura Linney and Mary-Louise Parker...check their photos on my Fashion Community Gallery.
Be Fabulous,

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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Golden Globe's Award - Red Carpet Fashion

Hours away from the Golden Globes Awards Red Carpet, we await anxiously to see all the beautiful fashion the celebrities will parade in Beverly Hills.

With amazing movies and fantastic shows on TV, we will be expecting a star studded night!

The Big celebrities I look forward to, are Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, Cate Blanchett, Penelope Cruz, Anne Hathaway, Kate Bekinsale and Marisa Tomei, who usually amaze me! Oh, let's not forget about my dearest Johnny Depp...I sure hope he will show!

I'm expecting Tina Fey in black, Kate Winslet in a romantic frock, George Clooney and Leonardo Di Caprio in their usual boring black suit.
I'm interested to see what Beyonce -usually a hit or miss- is going to wear. Milo Ventimiglio is also another of my favourite on the red carpet, excited to see if he continues with his stylish picks.
I'm already liking what the hosts are wearing, and keeping in true fashion to the runway choices I'm expectin a lot of chiffon and sheer fabrics, metallics accents and floral themes and a lot of short fun dresses; as for colors a lot of vibrant colors gowns (purple, tangerine, lime, yellow), and some black basics. As for jewelry, a lot of big bold necklaces, bold cuffs and cocktail rings.
Hair is simple with free hanging updos, makeup simple and natural as well with dramatic smokey eyes.
Let's get ready for the Show..check the Golden Globes 2009 Red Carpet's arrivals Live on E!
Enjoy!!! And keep posted for my Golden Globes Best and Worst Dressed follow.

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Friday, January 9, 2009

People's Choice Award- Best and Worst Dressed List

Another year has began and with it the so awaited Award Season...and we begin the year with a boom!

I have to say, after watching a few of the award events in the past nights, my list of worst dressed is very short; I mostly condemn these fashions, not as atrocities but as boring choices! And this time I choose to call them Safe & Boring choices, rather than worst dressed.

Let's begin with my most favourite/out of the box choices:

Best Dressed
Carrie Underwood
Country Singer Carrie Underwood hits the mark with this gorgeous lime green Empire-waist tiered gown! The color is vibrant and the embroidery elegant especially when accessorized with Cinta by John Hardy Jewels. This was her backstage dress (1 out of 3 changes), but much more red-carpet worthy than her floral dress!

Carrie Underwood

Dress number 2 for miss Carrie Underwood was a tangerine bejeweled short dress by Jenny Packham SS09 collection. The jeweled neckline is hot this upcoming season, as is the vibrant color!
Carrie Underwood

The third and final dress choice (the red carpet pick of Carrie Underwood), is my least favourite of the 3; nonetheless, it's still a gorgeous dress with fabulous fit! The floral and metallic theme is hot this upcoming season, as the Naeem Khan Pre-fall 09 suggests. Carrie accessorizes it beautifully with Cinta by John Hardy Jewels and Mary Norton Clutch.

Jennifer Morrison

Jennifer Morrison metallic dress has to be my favourite of the night! The details on the bodice of the Gianfranco Ferré Spring 08 dress is so interesting and a perfect choice for the red carpet. Jennifer accessorizes it beautifully with Christian Louboutin slingbacks and a perfect grey clutch.

Marisa Tomei

Marisa Tomei
looked stunning in the strapless
vibrant red dress with asymmetrical hem line by Donna Karan. The choice of gold jewelry and accessories is exquisite. Marisa looks classy and timeless!

Dakota Fanning
What a stunner Dakota Fanning. The teenager holds her own on the red carpet. The electric blue is fantastic against her skin and the one shoulder BCBG mini dress is very age appropriate. She keeps it simple and stunning with no jewelry or accessories.

Queen Latifah

Show host Queen Latifah, looked beautiful in her purple Georges Chakra Couture gown. The color is great against her skin and the chiffon and jeweled neckline makes it red carpet worthy.

Debra Messing

Debra Messing
took chances on the red carpet with the Steel grey Donna Karan dress and I love it! The choice of gold jewelry is also a great fit.
The interesting shape keeps it fresh and daring...awesome for a red carpet choice!

Paris HiltonParis Hilton is usually not one of my favourite dressed on the Red Carpet. I find that her choices are repetitive, and so she continues on the People's Choice Award red carpet with another one of her baby-doll dresses. However I can't deny how much I like the low cut full skirted Jenny Packham dress! The floral appliqué and gold sequins makes it fresh and pretty and the Fendi bag is a great accessory.

Safe & Boring Dressed

Ok, I don't think this is the worst dress on the red carpet, actually I think Jordin Sparks looks adorable in Jessica McClintock, and the vibrant blue is excellent; however I'm growing so tired of the prom queen look! If the dress could be worn at might not belong on the red just needs a bit more edge when you are a superstar like Jordin!

Jordin Sparks

AnnaLynne McCord

I think I have this dress (in brown)!!!
Given that the steel grey is gorgeous and the fit on AnnaLynne McCord is amazing, I don't think a jersey/spandex dress fits on the red carpet...a club or a restaurant maybe! and I have seen this dress a million times!

Christina Applegate

Christina Applegate
black chiffon dress by Jenny Packham is pretty and a bit more detailed than the boring LBD on the People's Choice Award's red carpet (to follow on the list). The sheen creates a few extra bulges.

Jennie Garth

Jennie Garth
is looking very epoch in her LBD, especially with the red lips and big curls. And has been seen how many times already?? The red carpet has a need of fresh looks or it becomes plain Boring.

Reese Witherspoon

Exhibit A! Boring to the Nth degree! Reese Witherspoon has looked so much better on the red carpet, the LBD here is just plain lazy and playing it safe!

Lisa Edelstein

Imagine the possibilities with Lisa Edelstein's baby blues and gorgeous skin! The little blue accent in her dress already pops...however she decides to go safe with a boring and flat hued Black dress.

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