Thursday, March 19, 2009

Welcome BBE Jewelry

Lately I have been so busy with Styling photoshoots and my involvement with the magazine that I just grew tired of having to hunt down jewelry designers!!

I love accessorizing with an artist creation, but at time borrowing thousands of dollars worth of jewelry was just a big added stress to my job.
BBE Jewelry
So I started to create my own pieces...and then got hooked!!!
I never knew what a great creative outlet jewelry making was going to be. And it's so much fun too!

My creativBBE Jewelrye process starts with finding good beads - only the prettiest products- then I look at beads collectively get inspired and start to assemble the final product. Once I'm done with one piece of jewelry I immediately think of the piece to layer with, and of the rest of the jewelry set.

In the end the jewelry piece is a fashionable accessory, great to layer with other pieces and most of all, something I would wear!

Look forward to my Jewelry Photo Gallery, as I have decided to sell some of these unique pieces.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Be Fabulous,


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