Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Social Media and Fashion Business

Lately, I have not only been addicted to Social Media Networks but also come to know the huge weight in Business-Networking they carry.
I am talking about networks as Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin (to name a few).

Many user learn these new technologies as a way to keep in touch with friends and family. In numerous occasion these tools have served well in resuscitating some old relationships and friendships. However many users fail to see that these social networks are an actual science! What seems to be a fad, it's actually a new networking way of doing business.

In the Fashion world, these media network photographers, agents, models, stylist and even buyers and retailers. It's incredible how entering one of these circles can boost a new career!

It is actually possible to meet professionals online, make sure their career comes highly recommended by people who know people we know and trust, and actually do business with them without even meeting in person!

An online recommendation is the most sought after credential in this Networking world!

It is also a must to be profiled in as many networks as possible; a professional not having a virtual profile, is seen as a negative, as a being-out-of-touch with the professional world -almost as serious as not having a business card or a phone!

I personally like to separate my fashion business contacts, from my friends and family. Keeping a secret identity -in a way- except when the two worlds collide and some of my professional contacts make it through to my friends list.

It is also vital to pay attention who you associate with in your online social networking, since a bad chip can sink the ship- and can get your reputation to go along with it to the bottom of the online abyss!
An On-line agent or photographer with a bad rep can and will ruin your credibility with future clients! So be extremely cautious. But don't get intimidated by the new technology, and don't ignore it, it won't just go away.
So be warned: if you fail to network yourself in these new media, you will be left in the dust!

Check out some of my business profiles and join some of the networks/web-tools here:

So on and so forth...

Be Fabulous,


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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

How to Really Become a Successful Model

Studio Galatea

The Fashion Industry, is a wonderful field to experience! With so many different opportunities and so much glamour it's one of the fastest growing industry out there. Thousands of Magazines, TV shows and Online sites are dedicated to Fashion, and millions of people world wide aspire to have a career in this multi-million dollar industry.

But with the good comes the bad!!!

It's a dog-eat-dog industry, very cut throat and unforgiving. Like Heidi Klum says: "In this Industry one day you are in, the next you are out!". The world of modeling can also add it's own demons, with eating disorders and substance addictions.
How do you really become a Successful Model without falling victim to the
Industry Demons?
Well -believe it or not- I found the answer!!!
Recently I listened to a CD, which a very clever and experienced guru has released. It's "The Wizard of Editorial- How to Really Become a Successful Model" by Marie P. Anderson.

Miss Anderson, is not only a former model who has walked the walk, but she is also the author of two sold out internationally published books: Model, The Complete Guide To Become a Professional Model and Model, The Complete Guide for Men and Women.

She has co-produced the modeling documentary: Clean Face, Clean Hair. With many accolades to her name, one is being known as the booker that discovered the Supermodel, Cindy Crawford.

Being a model and talent agent in for the past 25 years, and having owned her own Chicago based Agency makes Miss Anderson a voice to be heard! She knows exactly what the new models will experience, since she has been on "both sides of the fence!" and like few others, she sees the NEED to educate new comers with the basic and advanced knowledge of the industry, in order to avoid the dangers and down-sides of it.

Her educational company Studio Galatea, offers amazing services, including live seminars with the expert herself.

In her CD, she talks about the crude reality of the fashion industry, giving a survival guide to the new beginners. She teaches the aspiring models how to set realistic goals, to find and contact a good agency and to establish a two-way working relationship with the booker. She proceeds to advice the new models how to professionally present themselves at the interview and the questions to ask the agency.

Wow, I was absolutely puzzled why agencies world-wide don't ALREADY provide Marie P. Anderson's teachings to ALL their new models!

She is amazing in delivering her message with ease, truth and in a conversation-like matter. She is very honest and warm, and at times it feels like she's having an intimate conversation with the listener.

The CD can be purchased through her website http://www.studiogalatea.net/ and she is easily reachable at 312.961.6775.

She is still working in Chicago as an agent who finds great pride in nurturing new talent, so if you are looking to 'Make it Big' in the crazy and glamorous world of fashion and entertainment, buy her material and give her a shout!

I personally and highly recommend her as one of the nicest people in the industry you will ever encounter!!!

Be fabulous,


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Monday, December 8, 2008

Best Holiday Gifts

Another Holiday season is upon us: the lights, the festive music, the decorated trees, everything seems to remind us that it's that time to go Holiday shopping!

It is a big dilemma every year, what to buy for our dear family and friends, trying to stay fresh and original with new ideas. But, sometimes classic gifts can take the guess work out of gift giving and still be very much appreciated.

Everyone on their list has that almost impossible person to shop for; this holiday gift stick with a classic! Who doesn't like a cashmere sweater, or scarf, gloves, hat? Cashmere is a luxurious fabric, and everyone likes a warm embrace by cashmere in the cold winter days. The best thing is that it's a present that fits both the men or women on your list.

Try to stay away from personal items like perfumes, shoes, sunglasses.
Opt instead for a more generic gift, with relevance to the person.

A lady likes her handbags, in every shapes, texture and color, so scout around for a nice addition to her wardrobe. Jewelry is almost never a miss either; to keep it affordable and original, visit a vintage store and find a great piece of custom jewelry ( a beautiful broach for her winter coat, or a necklace for the party dress), make sure it has an interesting story and it's wrapped in a beautiful box.

Most guys like their technology, anything from wireless headphones to a new laptop/iphone gadget. Especially relevant for teenage boys.
If technology is not the gift of choice then can't mess it up with leather! Try a new belt, or the cuff that all the male celebrities are wearing.
Ties are also a classic...well, almost a cliche, but a gift cannot be a miss with a gorgeous Italian silk tie!

Most teenage girls love their makeup, a great gift would be a start up kit of mineral makeup (which has muted tones of makeup...much appreciated by the parents) or a brush set. Or buy a Makeup case, the bigger the better!

Girls and women of every age love Organizers. Find a case with drawers of every size for their small items (jewelry/makeup/scrapbooking), then fill a couple of drawers with some "surprises".

Gift certificates can be impersonal most of the time, unless they are from the recipient's favourite store!

What if the money is a bit tight this year? Start a fund...show your wife/husband/child that you have started a saving fund for their favourite expensive handbag/shoes or the new laptop/gismo or the videogame station/bike...then you will (must) set aside a small amount every month for the item! But make sure the money is used to purchase the item at the end of the collection, or the fund idea loses it's charm! Then still get them something small to unwrap!

Books are great classic holiday gifts (and not too pricy), for your reader friends and relatives. Book lovers can't have enough books! The entrepeneur on your list would love a book as well, buy one in the related field of interest, or a self-help book on leadership, author John Maxwell has a great range.

For the engaged couple on the list a book about relationships: "The five love languages"and "Personality Plus" are a great start (also an excellent gift for a wedding shower). A scapbook (kit) to place their momentos of their new life together is also a thoughtful holiday gift.

For the impossible aunt/grandmother, go dust off an old picture of the two of you from the past(or herself as a child), make a larger copy and frame it. Wrap it in the most precious wrapping paper and a big bow to make it extra special.

Whatever you decide, remember that it's about giving and receiving...not about the expensive gift, so put some thought in the holiday gifts you select for your family and friend.

Have a blessed Holiday Season,

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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

New Fall/Winter fashions trends

The New Fall /Winter ('08/'09) Season is upon us and with all the trends circulating right now, it's hard to sift through the stores for a sophisticated outfit. What to wear this holiday season?

I'm relying on Fashion Director Michael Fink, from Sask Fifth Avenue to give you a visual.

The Sask's WANT IT! LIST, provides women and men with basic wardrobe pieces to be stylish during the holiday season.

I agree with Fink, dresses are IN!

Try a pretty fitted dress for the Holiday Office party. A solid color or a soft print, with a bold necklace, tights, a gorgeous handbag (or clutch) and a pretty ankle boot, all topped by a great coat is classy and appropriate.

Invest in a three quarter length coat; try a soft color like Cream or Camel (it's always more sophisticated than the usual black or gray).

To be adventurous, try color tights...a beautiful wine color with your brown boots and fitted dress. Or a metallic tight to give a plain black boot a punch of color. However keep it classy, otherwise it can look costume-y.

Boots are essential this winter season and something to splurge on. Go for quality, rather than brand name. A well-made boot will last for many seasons and will keep you warm, dry and fashionable. Also it will make any outfit look "expensive"!

Man can invest in a great pair of ankle boots. Celebrities (like Colin Farrell, Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp and many more) are wearing the trend this season, from worn out slip-on boots to patened zippered boots. Wear them with casual and classy clothes for an edgy look.

Bold jewelry is also all the rage this season. Do a bold necklace on a soft blouse or a chunky bracelet with a clean lined dress. Cocktail rings are bigger and bolder, carry one from day to evening, by wearing it with any outfit, it's a statement piece! Do not wear too many bold pieces at once! If you wear a bold necklace then keep the earrings smaller. If you do a bold ring then move the chunky bracet to the other arm.

Keep the handbag in proportions with your body size. A bigger body frame needs a bigger bag, while a more petite body size needs a smaller bag.

Scarves are still hot. Pick a thin tweed one (Missoni style) to wrap around your neck to dress up a jeans, T-shirt and leather jacket outfit; or a big scarf to wrap around your neck to dress up a plain turtle neck sweather.

Skinny jeans are still hot! Wear them inside a favourite pair of boots. If skinny is not great for your body type, then opt for a straight leg pair of jeans, and wear them with ankle boots or a favourite pair of colorful pumps. Trouser jeans are also great and suit a more semi-professional environment; they can be dressed up or down, and are fantastic for the woman with the more sophisticated taste.

Have a Happy Holiday and Be Fabulous!


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Monday, November 17, 2008

Standard of Beauty

Beauty: Monica Bellucci

What do Monica Bellucci, Angelina Jolie, Halle Berry, Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp have in common?


They are all "beautiful people"!

Even though they don't look alike, (like many others) they all fit in a "beauty" category.

We see it every year, magazines around the world: the most beautiful...sexiest...most attractive man/woman in the world!

The world is fascinated with beauty ranking: readers out there, buy millions worth of magazines which showcase the beauty of a certain star, and get wrapped up in the gossip and at time not so pristine lives of the Beauty: Angelina Joliecelebrity.

But is beauty in the eye of the beholder? If so, why do so many people agree on classifying these celebrities as beautiful? And who decides?

The truth is, that there is a standard of skin-deep beauty which is universally agreed upon. And the Beauty industry thrives on it!!!

What and who is beautiful then?
From facial features, to body parts, to general appearance, most people Beauty: Halle Berryagree on certain standards of beauty... and therefore giving plastic surgeons and cosmetic companies a hefty salary!

Many may argue this theory, but if looked closely, a lot of these stars share "the beauty standard" most people in the world strive for.

What makes a person's physical beauty? Starting with the face: baby-like features!

Big eyes (color doesn't really matter much), high rounded cheek bones, small button-like nose and big pouty lips. Man usually need in addition a strong jaw line, dimples and a great smile.

A tall, lean figure seems like a common beauty trait. Women share an hourglass body shape, with a medium sized chest, small waist, flat stomach and pretty hips.
Beauty: Brad PittThe body is not too skinny, but fit and (appearing) flab-free.

Men are also taller, lean and fit and at times, sporting a well defined torso.

Big shoulders frame a smaller waist line and a flattering hair style to frame the pretty facial features.

According to the standard, Beauty is:

Youthful skin-it is a must! keeping the face wrinkle-free, age and sun spots-free, and meticulously cared for. No big pores, no facial hair (trimmed and well kept for some men), a well bronzed or porcelain-like skin color, with even texture. The face has to be blemish-free, well exfoliated and with a radiant glow.

Hair has to be shiny (a sign of health), well trimmed with a modern, face framing hair cut. Highlights usually follow a nicely bronzed skin, while a more saturated hair-color follows a sunless skin complexion.

The body is fit and hairless. The extremities (hands and feet), well exfoliated and manicured.
Beauty: Johnny Depp

Do these celebrities really look that way though?

Well, likely for us mere "mortals", they don't!!!!
They spend countless hours and dollars to achieve the standard, taking care of their health, diet and overall physical appearance; but it's virtually impossible to be flawless as the standard claims!

Modern science, in the vest of plastic surgeon, cosmetologist, stylist and well trained photographers transform the celebrity to what we get to see in the magazines.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, regardless of what people claim, however when the beholder relates to a certain standard of beauty, the product is a most beautiful/sexiest/attractive woman and man in the world!

Be fabulous,


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Saturday, November 8, 2008

My Fast Life in the Fashion Lane

Back from working another Runway Fashion show at Fashion Week... and have to say, backstage it's a whole different world! Mercedes-Benz Fashion Show- Ella Bonanni

A world made of chaos, piles and piles of clothes, emotional roller-coasters and the drama...oh my, the drama!

But as much as I enjoy watching beautiful models parade a designer's latest fashion collection, being backstage at a fashion show -where the magic happens- is just my favorite part.
The adrenaline rush that you experience from the fast changing, the smell of hair spray and the dilemma of a missing shoe is addictive!

Funny how you find yourself in the dust and concrete walls of a Runway fashion show's backstage (which is so crude, compared to the pristine white runway the public gets to experience) and yet it feels like you always belonged there.

I often wonder if the models feel the same way... I dare to guess they prefer the flashing attention of the photographers.

As for me, I keep wanting more and more; this drug-like addiction leaves you exhausted and yet exhilarated.

All the tension and the rushing, often resulting in models crying and designers frustration, is all lifted once the runway fashion show is over, the models' smiley faces leave the runway and the public exits the fashion venue heading down to the after-party.

The only things left then are a number of white chairs - no longer lined up in a meticulous row- a few people who stick around to network and a messy-messy backstage.
Now, the busy dressers are left scooping off the floor the designers' beautiful fashion pieces they so carefully steamed before the show; meanwhile, as all the workers sweep all the pieces of paper with the models' names and line-ups, the hair stylist pack up their hairspray, the Agency people celebrate by taking off their shoes and the designers pack their precious clothes into plastic bags!

A whole day of preparation, a whole month to put it together, a whole season of designing...all over in 20 minutes! Everything wrapped up by the media and the critics by either thumbs up or down!

The designers leave excited, hoping some big department store, or fancy boutique will now carry their line.
As for us, behind the scenes people, it's off to the next show.

It's a wonderful crazy world of its own, the "Fashion Show", and I feel blessed to be a part of it all.

Be Fabulous,


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Monday, September 22, 2008

Peter Kent- Caress an Unmistakable Style

Peter Kent Handbags

On Saturday, September 20th Hermann Plank of BelAlvear, unveiled the latest luxurious Peter Kent Handbag collection.

The stylish line of evening bags embellished with Swarovski crystals just arrived from Buenos Aires, and was artfully displayed at the Bonner David Galleries among an extensive collection of exquisite Contemporary Art and Sculptures.

Peter Kent, the line of luxury handbags and accessories was founded in 1972 by Hector Neer, Peter Kent Handbagswho runs the company on three principles:
Creating classic designs with a modern twist, Utilizing the most luxurious leathers and suedes available and Employing the best craftsmen to deliver the Peter Kent vision.

As Peter Kent does not produce in large volume, the result is one of the most luxurious and unique collections of leather handbags and accessories. The consumer promise when purchasing a Peter Kent handbag is top quality, delicate designs and functionality as you also acquire a line that reflects Country Club living, Elegant Lifestyle and Casual Elegance.

The new line of Swarovski evening bags is breathtaking! The Austrian crystals make each ePeter Kent Handbagsvening bag in the collection sparkle like a precious jewel, and a must have accessory for any "Red Carpet" worthy event.

The Peter Kent Collection of Luxury Handbags is found in the USA in exclusive boutiques in Arizona, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Texas, Washington and Massachusetts, and also online at http://www.mypeterkent.com/; View the latest pictures and videos of Runway shows at http://www.peterkent.tv/

Belalvear is the USA representative of Peter Kent Handbags and is located in Scottsdale, AZ.

Peter Kent Handbags

Get more information by contacting Hermann Plank at hp@belalvear.com and view the latest Peter Kent collection on the runway at Phoenix Fashion Week Oct.01-Oct.04 and Milwaukee Fashion Week Oct.03- Oct.06

View more pictures of the Peter Kent collection on the Fashion Community/Accessories.

Be Fabulous,


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Friday, September 19, 2008

Pink in the City

Pink in the City

Last night, Phoenix Fashion Industry leaders met for a "Pink in the City" cocktail!

It was a soiree organized specifically to support and fundraise for a great cause: the Susan G. Komen for the Cure of Breast Cancer.

The Mixer was an absolute success!

Numerous Fashion Industry leaders like world renown Fashion Photographer Allan Adler, Peter Kent handbag US distributor Hermann Plank, Phoenix Fashion Week Representatives, the gracious host and store owner Debbie Frank came together with fashion models, stylist and designers to Debbie Frank's Home Boutique to support the cause.

The atmosphere as you enter D. Frank Designs Home Boutique is enchanting, feels just like stepping in an authentic Antique Furniture Boutique in Paris!
Debbie Frank
Frank's extensive collection of antique and D. Frank exclusive design furniture, vintage Jewelry, Chandeliers, Handmade luxurious Pillows, and fabulous Peter Kent Handbags is exquisite and the perfect backdrop for the "Pink in the City" Mixer!

The festive atmosphere was complete with a great mix of music from D.J. Mr. P-Body, and the generous servings of Pinktinis served in the majestic Pink City Martini Glasses, later sold with proceeds donated to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

Overall the whole "Pink in the City" evening was a very entertaining and fashionable way to support a great cause so dear to many!

Visit Debbie Frank's Home Boutique at 7107 E. Stetson Dr. in Scottsdale, AZ 85251 and check it online at http://www.dfrankdesigns.com/

(for more information call 480.874.1310).

Be Fabulous,


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Monday, September 15, 2008

Phoenix Fashion Week 2008

The 4th annual Phoenix Fashion Week is just a few weeks away and the city is already buzzing with excitement!

The Fashion event will take place on October 1st to 4th at the Royal Palms Resort (Oct. 1) and the Hayden Ferry Lakeside (Oct.2-4).

Phoenix Fashion Week 2007 was a success and organizers are expecting this year's 4 day event to be even bigger and better: 36 National and International Fashion Designers and 6 Accessories Designers will present Prêt-a-porter, Couture, Resort Collections, Luxury Sportsware, High Fashion Swimware and Fashionable Accessories.

On Oct.1 Phoenix Fashion Week will kick off at the Royal Palms Resort with the "Perfectly Pink" Fashion Show, in support of the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. Each designer will present an ensamble inspired by the color pink on the runway, and the fashion will be modeled by Celebrities and Cancer survivors. Funds will be raised through the tickets sale and the auctioning of the designers' "Perfectly Pink" Collection.

On October 2 - 4, at the Hayden Ferry Lakeside, the designers will showcase their Holiday 2008 and Spring 2009 collections, with runway shows, trunk sales and trade shows. Phoenix Fashion Week is also dedicated to developing Arizona Fashion Industry by providing educational seminars and workshops year round and producing the 2nd season of Phoenix Fashion Week TV, all with one mission in mind: to bridge the gap between national and international designers and retailers, boutiques, fashionistas and the fashion media throughout the world.

More than 700 guests are expected each day, and the list of events includes Red Carpets, seminars, Runway shows, after parties and much more.

Tickets are now available and can be purchased through one of the Organizers or the Ambassadors of Phoenix Fashion Week.

For more information go to http://www.phoenixfashionweek.com/, or contact Brian Hill - Executive Director at brian@phenixfashionweek.com.

Be Fabulous,


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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Man Style- through women's eyes

Stylish Milo Ventimiglia Ah men...sometimes they are a bit clueless when it comes to what women look for in a guy! Quite normal actually, since - according to author John Gray- we come from different planets!
It's important for every guy to know that we, ladies, pay attention to our man's style and grooming as much as our own. Our first impression of a man's appearance is very critical and superficial (sad but true), so know that the style you wear sends out a clear message. If you have ever experienced rejection on a first impression basis you need to know these basic facts. Here is a general directory of the messages we (ladies) might get through our first impression of a man's style.
First item the ladies notice is the clothing:
Modern, Crisp and Clean- well put together style= the man has his life together, he takes care of himself and will take care of his lady. He is independent, enjoys the finer things in life and is confident about his/our fStylish David Beckhamuture together.
Shabby and wrinkled clothing = He just doesn't care, has no style, is very laid-back and may not have a job either. He doesn't know what he wants out of life and "can only offer me the now, not a solid future". May be commitment-phobic. He wants to have silly fun and probably prefers to have pizza on his stained couch with his buddies instead of taking his lady out for dinner! (Included in this category are Sweatsuits..out of the Gym of course).
Out of fashion/ ill-fitted clothes = His mother still picks his clothes or he tries too hard to be somebody he is not. He is insecure: doesn't know who he is and what he wants! He probably has a so-so job (a "yes" man), but he needs time to find himself by taking a good look at the surrounding world and find his place in it.
Then we notice the accessories:
Any watch? Digital...oh oh, bad! Keep the digital watches for the Gym...opt instead for a nice metallic watch (a heavy one), or a leather strap which sends out a message of classiness and power.
Shoes = with fringes?...oh oh, old man! Stick with a modern and fashionable style (regardless of your age), and match the shoes to the clothing style (classy shoes with classy clothes style and sporty shoes with sporty attires). When Stylish Johnny Deppshopping ask for the lady/clerk's opinion - or two- on a suitable shoe style for you; when in doubt pick a simple style in a solid color (No rubber soles with suits or dress pants!!!) and keep the socks dark with no/or very faint print.
Wear a belt! A good-looking leather belt (no plastic please!!) that matches the pants color or in the color family of the other accessories is always stylish. Even with jeans, a belt can dress them up.
Glasses = No tape or cracked lenses! keep the frame modern; if the lenses are more than 5 years old, it's probably time to pick out new frames! Glasses can be classy and extremely sexy on a man, as long as the frame suits the face shape: Keep the frame opposite to your face shape, square frame styles on a round face shape and oval or rounded frame styles on a squared face or strong jaw line.
Jewelry: a thick metal chain necklace is a bit old-fashion, if you must do the chain, keep it thinner. Silver and leather necklaces with funky pendants are modern and stylish on men, especially when layered in odd numbers. A man's bracelet is also a stylish accessory: metal, leather, fabric are all a good choice, even layered.
We (ladies) are very picky about men's grooming:
Greasy un-kept hair = sends out the same message as shabby clothing...and he-hasn't-showered-in-days message. Take care of all your hair! Trim the annoying nose and ear hair (a huge distraction from the rest of your face). The chest hair is a personal thing with women, where some like it - some hate it...I personally don't mind a little patch (it's sexy!). Hair on the shoulders and back is a different story, it's just not sexy! More ware-wolfish!
Man and BabyAs for leg hair on a man, I like it and cringe at the thought of a man's bare legs (but that's me!); I would leave it 'as is', unless the job or sport requires otherwise!
Facial hair can be sexy too, take Johnny Depp or Colin Farrell kept/un-kept goatees! Just take care of it and trim it to perfection to keep it stylish. A big grizzly beard is not very sexy, and sends out the "I don't care/live in a forest" attitude.
Hands and feet = we ALWAYS look at well kept nails. It's ok for a man to get a manicure (actually I recommend it), minus the nail polish of course! Get a pedicure as well, it's nice to see exfoliated skin through the sandals. Nobody wants to deal with foot odour! Visit a doctor if the toe nails have "color" (it's usually a sign that something inside you is not working properly). Funny tan lines are a no-no, like the golfer's ankles, sandals' feet or the farmer's tan, just pay attention in the sun!
Have a bright smile, bleach your teeth and visit a dentist often to have a healthy odor-free smile. For a kissable pout, gently exfoliate the lips with a soft toothbrush and Vaseline, then moisturize with Chap Stick.
Tattoos are a personal choice. I like a tattoo (or two) on a man, especially when it's not too visible through fancy clothing. The arm tattoo on a well defined bicep is enough to make any woman wander how 'bad' this boy really is. A chest or back tattoo is also hot, as long as it is tasteful or artistic. The thing with tattoos is: most women want a gentle but tough guy and tattoos often send out that message (same way as a motorcycle does!). I recently encountered a man with a nice arm tattoo peeking through his short sleeve T-shirt, cradleing his little two month old daughter...I had a melt down! Colin Farrell
Attitude is important too: 'wear' an attitude of confidence (not arrogance), nobody wants a desperate man! Don't be too forward when approaching women, be casual and confident. Don't use pick-up lines (so cheesy), opt instead for a sincere compliment that makes a woman blush...not gag! Something on the line of: "Hi, I noticed you from across the room, I'm John" or "Hi, I don't think we met...I'm John", keep eye contact, smile, shake hands and wait for her response.
If she's with friends, focus your attention on her (don't introduce yourself to the whole group), she will introduce you to her friends after.
P.S. Make sure she looks single (No conspicuous rings or boyfriend nearby), and try to establish some eye contact (a couple of times) before you make your move, if she looks semi-interested already, you will avoid embarassing rejection.
But most of all be yourself, sport a smile and you will most likely be liked on the spot!

To sum it up: most women look for a stylish man who has his life together, takes good care of himself (body and soul). He has to be independent and show that he cares: a tough guy with a gentle soul.
Know that what you wear sends out a loud message of who you are, what you care about and your mode of living.
Well...now you know it, so no more excuses (or planet's accomodations)!

John Gray's book is: "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus"

Be fabulous,


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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Why Personal Style?

Living in a fast paced world, where a multitude of interesting people compete for jobs, life companions, or just plain attention, there is a very small window of time to make a lasting impression. Let's face it, everyone wants to be remembered!
Personal Style is one of the first things people see and remember about the individuals they meet.
Further more, "Personal Style" is an outward expression of personality, beliefs and more specifically feelings.

"Style is primarily a matter of instinct" (Bill Blass)

Defining a person's "Personal Style" is not done as an attempt to categorize, or to set the individual into a trend style capsule, unable to grow and transform- it's actually the opposite!- it starts with a deep soul search to identify the individual's taste, true feelings and beliefs and then allowing the person to grow fashionably according to their specific taste.
There are some general categories for styles (projecting their own message): Classic, Dramatic, Eclectic, Bohemian, Romantic and so on, but these are descriptive, not restrictive! Interestingly enough, not two Personal Styles are the same!
Not all Bohemians are "Hippies!" However, through this clothing style we get a sense of the individual wanting to be free of conformities. The same goes with a Classic style, the neutral colors, well tailored pieces and a string of pearls sends out the message that this person enjoys the finer things in life.

Style is: "Accepting who you are and then going with it - which means know who you are, what you like, and what your assets are."
(Diane Von Furstenberg)

By not compromizing who we are, and falling into the glamorous trendy fashion traps, we can creatively express our feelings, emotions and beliefs through our clothing. It's extremely important to follow instincts, when it comes to Personal Style, however it's normal to feel confused and unsure. A Stylist (or Image Consultant) can help to find a personal style - not mold you to their own- by analyzing the lifestyle, likes and dislikes and most of all what fits the person's personality.
Let all the senses guide you to find a Personal Style, be true to it - no matter the trends, but most of all, don't become one of many; the great Coco Chanel once said: "Fashion fades, Style is Eternal"; dare to be memorable!

Be Fabulous,


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Monday, June 2, 2008

"Sex and the City: the Movie" Fashion

Sex and the City: the movie
Last night, with a group of Fashionistas, I hit the movie theater to get my fashion fix! It was the new "Sex and the City" movie, of course!

A big aficionado of the "Sex and the City" series, I was reluctant and skeptical about a sequel to that... oh so perfect series finale. I gladly admit, however, to have been pleasantly surprised.
Not about to "kiss and tell," so don't expect me to give away the plot; I will reveal-all though, on the amazing fashions.

Sex and the City: the movie
Already excited about the style-sense of the four "Sex and the City" heroines, I went in with a mission: To examine their fashion evolvement!

The movie (just like the series) is based on the lives of Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte, four friends with different personalities, careers and point-of-views and the struggles of their love lives in the magical and hectic New York City.

Sex and the City: the movie

This time around, the "Sex and the City" (SATC) characters are older and wiser - since about 4 years have passed from the last time we saw them. It is clear then that their lives, like their fashion senses, have evolved. The movie also expands outside of their beloved New York City, showing the influence of another American fashion capital on their style. It is Samantha, of course, who ventures out of her city to Los Angeles, and her fashion choices become clearly disparate from the rest of the girls.

Sex and the City: the movie

Samantha Jones (played by Kim Cattrall) is "bigger and bolder"- explains the desiner/stylist Patricia Field, in charge of the exciting movie fashions. The character has reached middle-life and some crisis is evident; her priorities have "somewhat" changed (as she tries to settle-down), but her fashion has only become more flamboyant.
By bigger, I assume, Patricia Field is referring to Samantha's shoulder pads. What a blast from the past! Most of her monochromatic bold-colored suits display 80's shoulder pads that rival football players'! Her taste in accessories has also grown...literally! Big bold rings, supersized hats, purses and sunglasses. It is borderline ridiculous at times, but it reflects very much Samantha's eccentric personality.

Sex and the City: the movieDear sweet Charlotte York-Goldenblatt (played by Kristin Davis) has also grown, but more refined and confident. She is a mix of a Jackie O' and a 'Stepford Housewife'. She has groomed herself into a high class lady, with a calmer and softer attitude...there are some spurts of excitement however, throughout the movie, which bring back the"old" naive Charlotte to life!

Her fashionable style consists of classic pieces, neutral and pastel colors, some print and some minimal but bold accessories - mostly belts and oversized sunglasses.

Miranda Hobbes' fashion has mutated. She trades her sophisticated office-wear for polished city-wear. Miranda (played by Cynthia Nixon) has become more "Park Avenue", with bolder metallics, expensive designer dresses, and bolder prints. Ironically, she moved to the suburbs of the city!
Her lifestyle is still hectic, but her fashion has evolved to a very polished and crisp style.

Sex and the City: the movie

Carrie Bradshaw's fashion choices are always a surprise. Her eclectic style has not changed, and the accessories grow bigger and bolder, as do the prints. There is still a softer, classy side to Carrie (played by Sarah Jessica Parker) that shines through in the movie, like her pearl necklace (that follows her even to bed) and her exquisite shoes- which she fancies as her "jewelry" of choice! Some of our "old" favourites pieces in her closet, like the fur coat and the ballerina dress, make a small cameo in the movie.

Sex and the City: the movie
There were numerous gasps in the (mostly female) audience for the amazing fashion pieces and for "the closet" -you'll know when you see it!- even more so than for the excessive nudity and sex scenes..."we" girls, have our priorities figured out: "Hhhello Lllover!"

The SATC boys' wardrobe deserves a lot of credit too: they were all sharp looking and stylish. Mr.Big (played by Chris Noth) not only is bestowed a last name but also a über-crisp wardrobe, which reflects his executive lifestyle.

Sex and the City: the movie

I thought the "Sex and the City" Movie was fantastic, the fashion exceptional and it swayed some SATC non-fans to rent the whole series!
Definitely a must-see movie and money well spent!

Photos Credit: Craig Blankenhorn/New Line Cinema

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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Cannes Red Carpet

The prestigious and world famous French film festival is not only a film director aspiration but is also a career boost for any actor. As for us fashionistas, Cannes is the place to show and watch fashion happen! From the strolls around town to film premiers and after-parties the festival is a continuous red carpet event and a back drop to the latest designers' fashions.

The 2008 Cannes Film Festival just wrapped up, leaving us with some memorable fashions on and off the red carpet.

The talk of town was 'Brangelina', and Angelina's blossoming figure. Angelina Jolie looked absolutely stunning in her tailored pieces, customized around her growing figure (she is pregnant with twins, and looking more radiant than ever.)

Angelina Jolie Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie's casual looks consisted in a very pretty and simple white floral Thomas Wylde dress, and a custom Dolce & Gabbana black suit and T-shirt.

Angelina JolieAngelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie's red carpet look was, as usual, very elegant and so was Brad Pitt's. The moss green form-fitting gown from Max Azria Atelier is framed by beautiful gold and diamond Bulgari jewelry. The gray custom Reem Acra craftan is also very chic and tastefully adorned, although less form-fitting.

Another hot mama around the streets of Cannes is Cate Blanchett, whose form is enviable! - as she gave birth to a baby boy only 5 weeks prior to the festival. Stunning and original as usual in her fashion choices, she remains loyal to her favourite designers.

Cate BlanchettCate Blanchett
Cate Blanchett
In her casual look Cate Blanchett is still very elegant: a floral short Kimono dress with modern and funky wedge heels. On the red carpet, Cate was stunning in Armani Privé gowns and Chopard jewels. I love her tanzanite necklace and Roger Vivier accessories framing the steel gray strapless gown.

Keeping on with the post pregnancy looks, another actress who was stunning at Cannes was Salma Hayek.

Salma HayekSalma Hayek
Salma Hayek
Salma Hayek looked beautiful and fresh on the red carpet in a strapless navy YSL gown and in a jade color Balenciaga dress. I'm not crazy about the third peacock-blue Gucci gown- I find it a bit severe and matronly- but I love her choice of Chopard jewelry for all her looks.
Radiant in all her appearances was juror Natalie Portman, who showed up to a multitude of events, and movie premiers.

Natalie PortmanNatalie Portman
Natalie PortmanNatalie Portman's well put together semi-casual black suit is made of a Lanvin jacket, Jenny Kayne shorts, fuchsia Rotter and Friends T-shirt, Te Casan heels and Tiffany & Co. jewelry -which she picks as the jewelry house of choice for all her appearances. I absolutely love her in this look: she is elegant, classy and modern at the same time. Afterwards Natalie hits the red carpet in a ruffled purple Lanvin dress and a vintage black Chanel Haute Couture gown.

Natalie PortmanNatalie Portman

She also chooses a couple of similar looks to hit movie premiers, short ruffled cocktail dresses from Lanvin. The choice of color is vibrant and youthful and suits her well.

Newly-wed Eva Longoria Parker shows solo but stunning at the Cannes' events.

Eva Longoria ParkerEva Longoria ParkerEva Longoria Parker

Eva Longoria Parker's first cocktail mini-dress is a Zang Toi peacock feathered number -which is a nice change from the "usual" animal prints of the season. She follows with a short metallic Ferragamo backless dress and Kara Ross anaconda clutch. The gold metallic color suits her olive complexion beautifully.

Eva Longoria ParkerEva Longoria Parker
Eva Longoria Parker
Mrs. Eva Longoria Parker strolls around town in a cute yellow and white 60's inspired dress, topped by oversized shades and see-through bangles. Later that evening, Eva is red carpet worthy in a Mediterranean blue Versace Couture gown and train and Van Clef & Arpels jewels. She is old-Hollywood glamorous in a frothy tulle white Versace Atelier gown.

Gwyneth PaltrowGwyneth PaltrowGwyneth Paltrow
Elegant and stylish both on and off the red carpet Gwyneth Paltrow is always exciting to watch. In her first look she is wearing a shorter Celine dress, Burberry jewelry and her signature golden gladiators heels (which work with this look because the dress is simple and not over accessorized). She attends the Chopard party in a white Grecian-inspired one shoulder Lanvin dress, gladiator sandals and Chopard jewels. On the red carpet Gwyneth Paltrow wears a navy Chanel gown with a peek-a-boo plunging neckline and Chopard diamonds.

Check the Fashion Community/Gallery/Fashion Events to see more picture of celebrities at the Cannes' events and read my comments on the best and worst dressed. Among other featured celebrities: Julianne Moore and her disastrous red carpet dress, Mischa Barton and her boho looks, Penelope Cruz and her gorgeous style, and many more.

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