Monday, November 17, 2008

Standard of Beauty

Beauty: Monica Bellucci

What do Monica Bellucci, Angelina Jolie, Halle Berry, Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp have in common?


They are all "beautiful people"!

Even though they don't look alike, (like many others) they all fit in a "beauty" category.

We see it every year, magazines around the world: the most beautiful...sexiest...most attractive man/woman in the world!

The world is fascinated with beauty ranking: readers out there, buy millions worth of magazines which showcase the beauty of a certain star, and get wrapped up in the gossip and at time not so pristine lives of the Beauty: Angelina Joliecelebrity.

But is beauty in the eye of the beholder? If so, why do so many people agree on classifying these celebrities as beautiful? And who decides?

The truth is, that there is a standard of skin-deep beauty which is universally agreed upon. And the Beauty industry thrives on it!!!

What and who is beautiful then?
From facial features, to body parts, to general appearance, most people Beauty: Halle Berryagree on certain standards of beauty... and therefore giving plastic surgeons and cosmetic companies a hefty salary!

Many may argue this theory, but if looked closely, a lot of these stars share "the beauty standard" most people in the world strive for.

What makes a person's physical beauty? Starting with the face: baby-like features!

Big eyes (color doesn't really matter much), high rounded cheek bones, small button-like nose and big pouty lips. Man usually need in addition a strong jaw line, dimples and a great smile.

A tall, lean figure seems like a common beauty trait. Women share an hourglass body shape, with a medium sized chest, small waist, flat stomach and pretty hips.
Beauty: Brad PittThe body is not too skinny, but fit and (appearing) flab-free.

Men are also taller, lean and fit and at times, sporting a well defined torso.

Big shoulders frame a smaller waist line and a flattering hair style to frame the pretty facial features.

According to the standard, Beauty is:

Youthful skin-it is a must! keeping the face wrinkle-free, age and sun spots-free, and meticulously cared for. No big pores, no facial hair (trimmed and well kept for some men), a well bronzed or porcelain-like skin color, with even texture. The face has to be blemish-free, well exfoliated and with a radiant glow.

Hair has to be shiny (a sign of health), well trimmed with a modern, face framing hair cut. Highlights usually follow a nicely bronzed skin, while a more saturated hair-color follows a sunless skin complexion.

The body is fit and hairless. The extremities (hands and feet), well exfoliated and manicured.
Beauty: Johnny Depp

Do these celebrities really look that way though?

Well, likely for us mere "mortals", they don't!!!!
They spend countless hours and dollars to achieve the standard, taking care of their health, diet and overall physical appearance; but it's virtually impossible to be flawless as the standard claims!

Modern science, in the vest of plastic surgeon, cosmetologist, stylist and well trained photographers transform the celebrity to what we get to see in the magazines.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, regardless of what people claim, however when the beholder relates to a certain standard of beauty, the product is a most beautiful/sexiest/attractive woman and man in the world!

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