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Glamorous Christmas Gift Ideas

Fashion Chateau Everyone has that very fashion forward person on their Christmas list, and every year we try to top ourselves with fabulous gifts for them. Here I come to your rescue with amazing Christmas gift ideas for the Fashionista on your list; these are my top 5 ideas under $100 (to buy them check the links at the bottom):

1. This fashionable shirt at Fashion Chateau is a great gift and it costs about $100... a cashmere anything is also a great gift!

Littlearth purse
2. A great designer purse is a fantastic gift!
Make sure you buy according to the frame of the person (no tote purses for a petite girl, vice versa). This small modern purse from Littlearth will run under $100.

Fossil bracelet

3. You just can't go wrong with Jewelry! This gorgeous interlocking links bracelet from Fossil, costs less than $50 and will look super fashionable!

Kenneth Cole watch
4. Another of my favourite fashion gift is a designer watch, Roberto Cavalli has an amazing line, but it can be a costly gift (his watches start at about $150); However there are some more affordable and very chic choices like this Kenneth Cole for under $100 (at eWatches).

Estee Lauder

5. This Estee Lauder cosmetic set costs less than $100(at StrawberryNet) and contains great beauty products and everything she needs to be the sexiest woman on earth; it all comes in a fashionable makeup pouch.

Have a very Merry Christmas and lots of fun shopping!

Be fabulous,


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How to Dress to Appear Taller

The art of fashion styling can be easily compared to the art of illusion, as it is the ability of creating the most flattering figure on not-too-perfect bodies.

As the average height for North Americans is 5 ft 4 in, one of their most sought after fashion illusion is height. You might not have any control over how tall you really are, but there are lots of little style tricks to make yourself APPEAR taller.
Here's how to add an inch or two to your height with some does and don'ts of fashion style.

Fashion style tips for a petite frame, with slimmer build:

Style Do: pay attention to your posture: we tend to forget that slouching looks sloppy and makes the body look shorter than it actually is, so walk with your head up and stick out the chest, pull in the stomach and throw the shoulders back. Walk with pride and confidence and don’t drag the Fergie Heightfeet; walk with enthusiasm.

Style Do: wear fashionable chic shorts, they will make your legs look a mile long; the best way to wear them is with a layered shirt-sweater look (do a V neck and a slim fabric), a jacket and a nice pair of heels/wedges. With a clutch and oversized sunglasses you can made this outfit super stylish and glamorous!

Style Don't: avoid wearing oversized cropped pants, they will cut off the line of the legs, especially when worn with flats.

Style Do: opt for a slimmer, stove-pipe pant, it will create a slim vertical line (keep the hem super long, feet-hugging) and don't do cuffs, ever!

Style Do: a cropped and well tailored jacket to complete the outfits, won't overwhelm your small frame. Do deep V necks to enlongate the frame by making a strong vertical line.

Style Don't: avoid clothes that are made from heavy and bulky fabric; they add width and hence Shakira Heightshorten the image visually.

Style Don't: avoid sharply color-contrasting clothes, these will easily expose the real length of your legs and make you look shorter. Wearing the right colors is essential to help you look taller. Match the pants' color with the belt and the shoes' color to make the legs look longer. Or you can lengthen your upper torso by wearing a belt that matches your top.

Style Don't: avoid plaids, square designs and horizontal lines. But do soft vertical lines (pin stripe).

Style Do: a high waist on a fashionable skirt makes your bottom half look longer, but keep it above the knee, long skirts with too much fabric will shorten a petite frame.

Style Don't: avoid long, shapeless dresses that overwhelm the figure; do a lean, tailored dress that highlights a small figure.

Christina Aguilera Height Style Do: wear high heels! Platform pumps and wedges are your best friend.

Style Don't: avoid shoes with thick straps on the ankles, they will brake the line of the leg.

Even though most short women are still discriminated against in the world of fashion (I have seen plus sized supermodels but never a petite one!), Remember: Being shorter should never stop you from being glamorous or from feeling fabulous, dress your best and be the fabulous woman you are.

Short Celebrities:

Shakira 4ft 11, Jada Pinkett 5ft, Selma Hayek 5ft 2, Fergie 5ft 2, Christina Aguilera 5ft 2, Jessica Simpson 5ft 3.

Be Fabulous,


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Beauty: Cosmetics and Hairstyles History

As far as beauty-history documents it, both women and men throughout the centuries, have worn makeup to enhance their features . In the ancient times, cosmetics were believed to have healing, magical and even spiritual powers.

The ancient Egyptian men, women and children of all ages and classes wore makeup. Eye paint was made from green Cleopatra Makeupmalachite, and galena (a gray lead ore). These were ground into a powder and mixed with oil to make eye color called Kohl, which was applied to the eyes with a small stick. Both the upper and lower eyelids were painted with black cosmetic liner that extended out to the sides of the face. Women wore foundation to lighten the face and men wore eye makeup to protect their eyes from the glare of the sun rays. Similar rituals were also followed by the ancient Roman and Greek civilization, especially with the use of perfumed oils. In the Middle Ages pale skin was a symbol of wealth and social ranking as well as light, sun-bleached hair and higher foreheads. As bathing also became an expensive commodity with the years, oiled perfumes continued to be the craze.
In the Renaissance, the skin continued to be very pale, they even bleached it, striving to have a porcelain complexion. Unfortunately, the common use of lead and other toxic agents made makeup a cause of serious illness and death; by the Elizabethan's times, as society women copied the queen's naturally pale complexion and red hair, using white powder in great abundance, along with red wigs, the death toll was the highest it had ever been. The most successful means for re-creating Elizabeth's pallor, unfortunately, was ceruse, or white lead, which was later discovered to be poisonous. Wigs also became very popular, because1700 Hairstyle the use of chemicals to bleach the hair caused it to fall off. By the 1770s, the headdress became more and more elaborate: wigs, built over horsehair pads or wire cages and powdered with starch were all the rage. Some extended three feet tall with springs to help adjust the height. They were very extravagant, adorned with feathers, ribbons, jewels, and even ships and gardens; but since they needed lard to be constructed they attracted lice and worms.
In the Victorian era a natural beauty was advocated by the puritan belief, where women were restrained and without makeup. Middle- and upper-class women used less cosmetics, and more audacious colored makeup was only used by prostitutes and stage actresses. Women's hair became sleek and demure, smoothed down over the temples with long curls at the side and with a knot of curls in the back.
In the '20s women started to rebel, as they copied the early movie stars who brought up the standard of beauty. The new short "bob", and waved or shingled hairstyle symbolized the growing freedom of women, as did the heavy use of make up. They applied pale powder on the face and cream rouge circles to the cheeks, then tweezed their eyebGrace Kelly Hairstylerows and penciled in small thin arches; their lips were very red with emphasis on the upper bow of the lip.
The trends of the 1930's and '40s were also very much set by the movie starlets. More feminine, longer hair became more popular with soft curls that fell over the shoulders. Tanned skins, for the first time, started to take the place of pale complexions and to symbolize higher status.
The 1950s saw a comeback of values and traditions, where women became glamorous housewives; complexions returned to be pale and intensely colored lips and eyes became fashionable. Hair was teased, sculpted and sprayed at the beauty salon, where it got styled as a helmet of perfectly formed curls and waves. Men also followed the styles of movie stars like James Dean, and their hair went from slicked back to the D.A. (Duck's Ass).
In the 1960s women started to pursue careers and rebelled against the time-consuming coiffures of the previous years and wore their hair down with short or long cut and most o1970 Hairstyle and Makeupf the time very straight; Long hair also became all the rage with men with the advent of the "Beatles" and hippie movements. This style of long free hair also continued on in the 1970s, and make up was very natural up until the end of the decade, when Punk movement revolutionized it.
The 1980s were the "age of excess", where hair got big for men and women, and makeup was heavy and vibrant. The 1990s look was very subdued compared to the previous decade: hair took a flow, free and natural style, while make-up became dewy, as for the heroine-chic super-skinny look. The 2000s are the years of glowing skin, bronzed faces and light make-up. Hair extensions have brought back big, long, soft curls that cover the shoulders and celebrities still keep setting the beauty and fashion trends.
The use of cosmetics and hair styles have evolved throughout history. Even though, in the past the common use of ill or death causing ingredients started a lot of controvers
y, the cosmetic and beauty industry remains a multi-million dollar business, as people keep striving to achieve the perfect starlet-image dictated by their decade.

Be fabulous,

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Celebrity Style Report Cards

Let's go back to STYLE SCHOOL and let's see how some male celebrities do on their style 101:

Matt Damon is our first cutie.Matt Damon Hair style I really like Matt Damon's sun shades, a rich brown on a blondie is super chic, but unfortunately the T-shirt is...well, yawn...boring!
Could have spruce it up with some accessories, like some neck ware: one or more different leather necklaces with some metallic pendants would have done the trick. I like the modern straight cut of the jeans but I'm not crazy about the light wash, makes the look too casual and retro (the 80s). As for his it, love it, love it! It's well kept and the cut makes it modern and stylish.

As a total I give him 3 out of 5!!!!

(credit: Jim Spellman/

Nick Lachey Hair style
Nick Lachey...well done!!!! Love the Rocker T-shirt and the dark jeans on your bod, they make a statement without too much jewelry.

Love the hair-do and the well kept bearded face: short and trim around the neck. Hot, Hot, Hot!

He's a 5 out of 5, in my book!!!
(credit: George Pimentel/

Adam Levine Hair style

Dear Adam Levine, what's going on from the neck up???

A sexy stud like you, shouldn't sport a Sesame Street "Bert" hair-do, and why don't you invest in a shaver, please clean up the neck, it looks like you just rolled out of bed!

Having said that, I love the outfit, hair pinstripe suit with a light pink shirt and rock and roll of you!

You get a 4 out of 5!!!

Adam Levine
of Maroon 5
(credit: Jamie McCarthy/

Adrian Grenier Hair style

Goodness Adrian Grenier! Where do I start? Bushy hair with bushy eyebrows and bushy beard...can anyone see this actor's gorgeous baby blues??
Adrian, something has got to give!
I would clean up the unruly hair-do just a bit, but keep the curl, it's super cute!
Also if you do a polo, do a tight one or the layered look with a tee, it's more modern and stylish.

A 2 out of 5 !!!!

Adrian Grenier
(credit: George Pimentel/

Brad Pitt hair styleWow, what better way to dress a well defined bod than to show it off like Brad Pitt!
The hat is a super-cool-Sicilian-man look, which goes great with his baby features, chiseled face and un-kept beard.
I would still clean up the stubble on the neck and keep the hair-do on the back super short to give it a modern edge.

Brad gets a 4 out of 5!!

Brad Pitt

(credit: James Devaney/

David Backham Hair style
David Beckham, you are always so stylish, even in your soccer jersey!
I love the well-kept "un-kept" look, even though with your light blonde hair it looks like you have a halo on your head...I would grow the locks just a tad so it won't look like you have a see-through hair-line.

David is 4 out of 5 for me!!
(credit: George Pimentel/

Justin Timberlake Hair styleJustin Timberlake is also always super-chic...I dare to say an icon and a how-to style for young men. Amazingly polished in that color suit.
I love his short and well kept hair-do, but you know how I feel about the
beard on the neck!

It's a 4 out of 5, Justin!!!!
(credit: Lester Cohen/

OOOOKKKK....What is that???? Pijamas??? Shemar Moore hair style
Mr. Shemar Moore we know you have the don't need to show it off that much; just leave the plunging neckline to your female co-stars!

Next time keep it posh with a silk shirt and leave the "lady prints" for the after hours!
I like the short hair-do on you and the squared goatee ...

but it's a 2 out of 5 for you!
(credit: Steve Granitz/

Johnny Depp Hair style

What can I say about the King of style???
Johnny Depp's the ultimate modern Urban Cowboy! Vest on a white shirt with an open wide spread collar, how fashionable.
Love the shades, love the clothes, love the hair-do and love the well kept facial hair.

Johnny, as usual, you are a 5 out of 5!!!

Johnny Depp
(credit: Gregg DeGuire/

Usher hair style
Super stylish the outfit and jewelry!
Light pastel colors look amazing on his dark creamy complexion.
His very short hair on his perfectly oval head is very elegant.
As for the has never been better!

Usher is as always a 5 out of 5 in my book!

(credit: Kevin Mazur/

Look for more celebrities styles on the Fashion Community

Be fabulous,

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How to Dress for your Body Shape

Styling Rules are hardly generic! As a matter of fact, they should be customized to the individual; since everyone comes in different body sizes and shapes, we all need to learn what to wear and what to avoid in order to best flatter our body shape. Being compared to an object like an Hourglass or a Pear is not always Body Shapesflattering, especially when we carry a few extra pounds that we are trying to lose; it can be hurtful to stand in front of a mirror and look at our own body flaws trying to determine the body shape, but it is a necessary step.
Remember: no one has a "perfect" body; I have met many women who are ready to tell you exactly what they don't like about their bodies, even models and celebrities!
It is extremely important to determine our body type - first and foremost- as it helps us to visualize a certain shape; then, we chose what to wear to best suit our body shape, making therefore, the most of our body by creating an illusion of a well balanced figure.

"Fashion is architecture: it is a matter of proportions. "

Coco Chanel

The most important thing to analyze first is the body shape we currently have: keep in mind that it has nothing to do with size, it's all about proportions. All body types come in a mix of fuller and slimmer shapes.

Here I will present the most common body types and subdivide them in: Top Heavy, Bottom Heavy, then both Top and Bottom Heavy, and No Curves; decide where you fit and then follow the simple styling steps to better balance the body type.


The LOLLIPOP body shape: Big breasts, not too broad shoulders, short waist and long skinny legs.

The GOBLET body shape: Heavy and square on the top, large breasts, a big tummy and broad back sitting on slender legs.


The SKITTLE body shape: top half is long and slim and widens at the bottom with saddlebags and a big bum on short legs.

The BELL body shape: petite woman with small shoulders and breasts and a large bottom and waist.

The PEAR body shape: small at the top with small shoulders and breasts, tiny waist, big thighs (saddlebags), and the calves and ankles don't have much definition.


The APPLE body shape: is all round; small shoulders, big breasts and waist, big hips and buttocks and no definition in the calves and ankles.

HourGlass body shapeThe HOURGLASS body shape: Big shoulders and breasts, small short waist, big hips (bottom half and top half are equal in size).

The VASE body shape: It's a stretched Hourglass, more length and a flatter bottom.
The CELLO body shape: broad shoulders, large breasts, very big buttocks, hips and thighs (bigger than the top).


The BRICK body shape: it's a masculine shape, broad shoulders, flat buttocks, no waist line, straight up and down short legs.

The CONE body shape: triangular shape, it's an athletic build with broad shoulders, little breast, no waist line, small hips and buttocks.

The COLUMN body shape: very tall, statuesque build. No curves, the top half and bottom half are equal in size.


TOP Heavy body shapes:

Top heavy body shapeGoal: Pick pieces that are shaped but not tight. Bring attention to the bottom half of the body.

Get a well fitting bra first, more than 85% of North American women wear the wrong size bra! Most stores offer a fitting session and service for free.

Don't wear tops with: ruffles or pastel shades, thin spaghetti straps, delicate camisole tops or complicated necklines. Avoid high neck lines, wear instead wide v-neck halves, not in a bulky material. Dresses should have strategic gathers under the breast to direct all eyes to your waist. Skirts should be fitted at the top and flaring at the hemline (to balance the top and the bottom), a cute tulip skirt works here. Avoid high waisted "anythings" at all cost! Bell bottom trousers balance out the breasts so you look less top heavy. Shoes should be high and a medium to slim heel to complement the shapely legs. Structured jackets, with one or two buttons under the breast, work well for a bigger bust, make sure the jacket can be buttoned; if a size bigger is necessary, then bring the jacket to the tailor and get both sides (at the waist) taken in, we want to achieve an hourglass shape!

Don't Wear: A lot of women who have larger busts try to camouflage it with boxy blazers. A blazer hides a double-D bust, but it makes a waist and the rest of the body look much bigger as well.

Do Wear: A fitted, single-breasted fitted blazer, making sure it defines the waist but is roomy enough in the bust that it doesn't pull. The overall effect is slimming and shape-defining.

BOTTOM Heavy body shapes:

Goal: bring attention to the top half of the body and away from problem areas.

Clingy skirts and tapered pants are a no-no as they highlight the hip, so trow them out of the closet; fuller leg trousers and flared skirts hide bulges. Wear any vertical pattern on the bottom half (to slim the appearance) even if it is in the seaming. Darker colors recede, so go dark on the bottom half of the body (no shiny fabrics) and wear lighter colors on top. To broaden shoulders and bring the attention up to the top half, wear big lapels, color and embellishment on the neckline, even a small shoulder pad will bring balance to a wider bottom.

Avoid side pockets, opt instead for a flat-front trouser. Super-slim jeans and pencil skirts are not a good choice. A defined waist, full skirt and strapless cut dress will bring all the focus to the smaller upper half. High-waisted, belted skirts draw attention to a slimmer waist line (hem it just above the knee), but wear them only if you have smaller breasts. Avoid Empire waist dresses that hide the waistline, choose instead a defined waist and an A-line skirt (wrap dress) to accentuate the upper half. Get a full, pleated Knee-length skirt to conceal a wide hip. Full, wide-leg gauchos drape without clinging and are a fashionable choice. Avoid tapered cut pants that emphasize a wide middle area, try a boot-cut pant and jeans to create a straight, lean line. Pleats are dangerous and so are too-high waist lines on pants, a flat front trouser on a medium rise (1 inch below belly button) is more flattering on this body shape.

A funnel shaped coat (buttons on the top half) is very flattering, also a coat with belt will bring attention to the waist, like a classy trench coat. In the summer wear a thigh-skimming Craftan over the bathing suit, it's a classy and fashionable way to cover up and balance a wider hip.

Cone heels on a dressy shoe will help balance out the bottom half of the body. Straight winter boots will look fashionable and also help cover shapeless calves and ankles. Don't do ankle straps, they brake the line of the leg.

Don't Wear: A straight button-dress that hugs the curves at the hips, making them appear larger, not to mention the pull on the buttons in curvy areas can draw unwanted attention.

Do Wear: A wrap dress to emphasize the smallest part of the body (the upper half), allowing the bottom to A-line over the rest, camouflaging large hips and thighs. A print, especially over a darker background is slimming and will diffuse the attention on the pattern, not on the curves.

"Highlight the positive and delete the negative." Donna Karan

TOP and BOTTOM Heavy body types:

Goal:Top and bottom heavy body shape The secret is not to hide any part of the body, but to show it off, nobody looks good in a straight oversized tent dress. The clothes must be fitted (not tight) and curve hugging.

Wear V-neck fitted cardigans, scooped necks and pencil skirts. Skirts should be fastened on the side and flat-fronted, to avoid extra bulk. Sewn down paneling on the top half of a bottom-pleated skirt holds the tummy at the front and cuts the buttocks in half. Asymmetric pleats on a tulip skirt will lift and bring out the bottom. Wear jackets with a single button (which will emphasize the narrowest area of the body). Traditional jeans don't always work, so go for a tailored, wide legged denim trouser. Avoid tight, wide-cut pants, which can make the bottom look wider; a straighter leg style (full but not flared), that doesn't pull at the hips, is more flattering. Avoid pleats around the hips and belly (they add bulk) or anything high-waisted. Wear waist defining pieces and empire-waist dresses. A fitted trench with belt is great as a coat. Pick chiffon dresses, with a corset. As for shoes, avoid stilettos, curvy girls need curvy shoes! Go for a small, shaped wedge sandal, and a rounded or peep toe shoe.

No CURVES body types: No curves/Athletic body shape

Goal: Create curves and an ideal hourglass shape.

Draping dresses with patterns will create curves in all the right places (size the pattern to the body- small frame= small pattern, and vice versa). Don't assume any bra with padding will work; it must fit so the seams and padding can't be seen (P.S. Avoid deep Vee shirts with padded bras). Never go bra-less under flimsy fabrics, no matter how small the breast, it's not classy.

A feminine chiffon dress will soften the shape. Halter tops create soft curves. Gathering and pleating on a shirt (at the sleeves and waist) creates curves. Skinny jeans will hug the skinny shapeless hips, giving them more definition. Choose delicate heels to highlight slim ankles. Accessorize, to keep you looking very stylish and feminine (use lace, beads and other feminine detailing). Invest in some cute waist-defining belts to wear over shirts, cardigans, coats, etc.

"Accentuate your best features and disguise what you are not so happy with. Choose outfits that fit and make you look comfortable rather than those that are up-to-the-minute."

Giorgio Armani

Now that you know what to wear, a few last minute tid-bits of advice: Practice the art of camouflage. A well known fashion truth: darker colors minimize, while lighter or shiny ones highlight. To play down a large chest, avoid wearing bright metallic tops. Have a thicker waist? A dark brown belt is better than a white one. Horizontal stripes make anything look wider. To look taller and leaner wear monocromatic tops and bottoms (match shoes to trousers for a longer leg line). To do color safely, accessorize!

Get a Tailor: You can't expect every size 12 dress to fit every size 12 woman in the bust, waist and hips perfectly. That means find a reliable tailor so that the clothes fit the body. A tailor can make a cheaper item look expensive, when it's fit to the body.
Styling Dos and Don'ts have nothing to do with size. These days, flattering choices abound for women of all shapes. Love your body, be stylish and confident, it shows that you appreciate and respect yourself.
Bigger on top: Scarlett Johansson, Salma Hayek, Lindsay Lohan, Carmen Electra, Nikki Blonsky.
Bigger on bottom: Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Shakira, Rihanna.
Hourglass: Jordin Sparks, Beyonce, Jessica Simpson, Halle Berry, Oprah Winfrey, America Ferrera, Tyra Banks.
Apple shape: Queen Latifah, Jennifer Hudson, Kelly Osbourne, Mary J. Blige, Britney Spears.
No curves: Debra Messing, Jada Pinkett Smith, Hilary Duff, Pink, Keira Knightley.

For the best swimsuit to flatter your body type, read the latest article!

Be fabulous,


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(most)Body shapes by: TV style gurus Trinny Woodall and Susannahtype Constantine.
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Cavalli at H&M

Another festive season approaches, and those Christmas and New Year's eve parties are just around the corner. This year dare to be Amazing!

My suggestion is to head down to H&M and get your hands on the brand new limited fall collection from Roberto Cavalli.Cavalli at H&M

It's true!

The amazing Italian designer and fashion icon Cavalli has designed an exclusive line for some 200 selected H&M stores worldwide.

The unique, highly personal and extravagant collection consists of 20 men's and 25 ladies' pieces which include lingerie and matching accessories.

For $300 or less you can own an exclusive piece from Cavalli's line and his sensual signature style: Expect lots of animal prints, long and short metallic dresses, chic and sexy blazers and sharply tailored wear for the modern urban man.

Wear one of his exclusive pieces with a clutch, a smokey eye and a 4 inch stiletto and be your party's show stopper.

Be fabulous,


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Monday, November 12, 2007

Fashion Sense It

Johnny Depp Glamour shot What is fashion-sense? Well, it's difficult to pinpoint an answer since it is a sense!
By definition a sense is: a special capacity for perception, estimation, appreciation and therefore something very personal and subjective. We can uncover however, that like Common-sense, it’s not that common!
Very few are gifted with an “eye” for Fashion, and Style. They are the ones who thrive on making an entrance, the ones who just know how to accessorize an outfit, who look like they just stepped out of a magazine and who always seem a notch above the rest.

" I've always admired a woman who can dress for all occasions - someone who's not fashion crazy, but you always want to look like her." (Ralph Lauren)

Then there’s the rare ones like Grace Kelly or Jackie O’, who also exhibit Class, Grace and Glamour. Now, that’s another born-with attribute! Have you ever heard of the phrase “You can’t buy class!” it’s a true statement! Even if you can afford to buy the latest fashions you won't be able to purchase class, grace or glamour.
So what can the rest do? Well, they can learn to act classy, gracefully and live glamourously by drawing tips from the gifted.
Even though fashion-sense can’t be acquired, you can train your eyes to what is fashionable and hire a professional or someone with fashion-sense to help you looking the part which will, in turn, make you feel more glamorous. After all, if celebrities like Johnny Depp and Keira Knightley Keira Knightley Glamour shotneed a stylist to look fabulous why not “regular” people. Dare to be Glamorous!

"You gotta have style. It helps you get up in the morning. It's a way of life." (Diana Vreeland)

In the words of the great fashion stylist Rachel Zoe from her book "Style A to Zoe", “Life’s too short not to take risks. To glam it up”.

{Learn more on Johnny Depp Style }

Be fabulous,

Personal beauty, fashion trends, style, glamour like celebrities

Source of quote: Rachel Zoe's book "Style A to Zoe".

My Style, Your Style, In Style

Fashion Style

Many of us fashionistas read fashion magazines, filled with the latest and super-chic styles, and often we attempt to emulate the designers' artistic visions on our daily wear.

But if fashion and styles are, in fact, a form of art and reflect how we express ourselves, why are we trying to copycat?

Imitating the rich and famous, is that a fashion do or is it a don’t?

In my book it’s a don’t!

That doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t follow fashion trends or draw inspiration from the new styles, it's a fine line between aping and getting inspired and we should be careful not to cross it. Consider this: it’s very hard to look exactly like the air-brushed models or celebrities in their mini-minis. What will look good on a glamazon won’t necessarily look good on a 5 foot-tall-curvy-girl, actually it might look caricature-like.

Rule number one of style is to dress your body type not just the fashion, and rule number two should be: be yourself (your style says who you are).

"Style is primarily a matter of instinct" (Bill Blass)

When wearing something tailored to your body type a few wonderful things happen to you:

  • Don’t feel the need for plastic
    surgery or some bad eating habit.

  • Attract good attention and feeling
    observed doesn’t really bother you.

  • Feel glamorous: it lifts your
    self-esteem and self-worth.

  • People will respond differently,
    giving you more importance.

If you don’t believe me, try it!

Personal Style is: "Accepting who you are and then going with it - which means know who you are, what you like, and what your assets are." (Diane von Furstenberg)

So, look out for trends, especially the Don’ts, and do pay attention to what you should wear according to your body type, but don’t ever let the magazines dress you.

Be fabulous,


Personal beauty, fashion trends, style, glamour like celebrities
Image source: "Following the Fashion" 1794 caricature by James Gillray.

Quotes source: "Harper's Bazaar Great Style". Jenny Levin, Hearst Books, New York.