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Guide to Celebrities Casual Style for Men

Johnny Depp casual style Beside looking sharp and elegant at the office, men also want to be young looking, hip and up-to-date in their casual style. Most admired male celebrities have a certain signature grungy casual look, which is so fresh and effortless; so how do you get the perfect celebrity inspired men's casual look?

Easy, draw tips from their style!
I make it my job to study what styles make celebrities look so good and imitated. Celebrities have to be up to date with the latest fashion all the time, because they are constantly under a Paparazzo lens and public scrutiny. Remember, it's not about transforming into a celebrity look-alike, it's about studying the concepts beyond the style and adapting them to the individual and his everyday lifestyle.

Colin Farrell casual style
I will recommend a couple of men's casual styles: one directed to guys with darker hair and medium to large build (in muscles and height) and one for the blonder counterpart. For the leaner or shorter body type check Part 2 of the guide.
For the dark hair casual men's look I have studied two celebrities who are adored by the ladies, are also fashion icons, and share the same fashion sense. Both Johnny Depp and Colin Farrell in their casual style are the Modern Urban Cowboys and they rock the ladies world!! Here is the guide to their casual styles:
The basic item of their look and the hottest piecein their wardrobe is the Jeans: look for a pair of not-too-large, relaxed-fit jeans in a darker wash; they need to be worn-looking, distressed (Sandblasted) and at times even a bit frayed. Careful: the jeans are not dirty, but dirty-looking -they sell them that way- so they are new and clean jeans; try not to wear a "homemade" version, as it makes the Colin Farrell casual styledifference between looking hip or sloppy!

Both Johnny Depp and Colin Farrell wear button up fitted shirts with interesting details and embroidery (for long sleeves, roll them up 3 times max); Johnny Depp prefers his button up shirts over a T-shirt (usually a white cotton shirt or undershirt), while Colin Farrell tends to leave them 3/4 open on a bare chest (careful: no chest hair for this look). Both men, occasionally, wear a vest and long sleeves Johnny Depp Casual styleshirts tied around the waist.

The base concept of this men's casual style is Layering, from shirts to jewelry; most men look great and well put together by layering their clothes (caution: keep fabric light, not to add to much bulk). To layer jewelry, remember to go with an odd number of pieces (either one or three, or five) as odd numbers are more pleasing to the eye. Keep the pieces interesting with different lengths and texture; leather and pewter/matte silver jewelry is sophisticated and well fitted for a casual modern man, while big gold chains scream more "Soprano's" style!

Big cuff leather bracelets are also very hip now, and give the image of a tough bad boy (which most women love!). The cuff could be balanced with a softer look on the other arm, which is left either bare or with a few smaller leather bracelets with a couple of beads.

Let's not forget the hats, from woolen caps to fedora hats, both Johnny Depp and Colin Farrell love to complete their casual look by covering their lustrous hair with a hat (avoid Baseball caps for the grungy casual style). Scuffed shoes and short boots are also in these Hollywood Stars casual wardrobe, which add style to the grungy look. Both actors sport a well groomed 5 O'clock shadow on their jaws, leaving the hair darker and longer around their mouths (Goatee style), so invest in a trimmer. I would suggest this casual look to a darker hair guy because of the beard (on a blond guy, it would have to be longer to be seen and could end up looking disheveled), also other items of the Rocker Edge Style would suits a darker Brad Pitt Casual stylehaired guy better (generally speaking): the layered leather and beads might end up having the opposite results on a lighter hair guy (looking more"surfer dude-ish" like).

For the Lighter Hair man (with also medium to large built), follow the more tamed stylish men's casual/grungy look of celebrities: Brad Pitt and David Beckham (who are also great fashion icons in Hollywood and adored by women all over the world).

Both Brad Pitt and David Beckham love their hats, Brad wears mostly the Sicilian "coppola" and David woolen and military caps.

Brad Pitt Casual styleThey too wear relaxed fit distressed jeans, with a looser fit, and are often seen with their stylish big brown sunglasses (a must for blond dudes). Both celebrities also love their fitted T-shirts, sweaters and the layered look.

Neither Brad Pitt nor David Beckham, wear a lot of jewelry or embellishments, but love their wide scarves and fitted jackets for the winter look. The accessories these stylish men indulge in are leather belts, messenger bags and scuffed dark shoes.

David Beckham Casual style
For both Dark and Light hair men: keep hair well groomed: shorter at the back and longer on the top of the head, use some pomade or styling gel to hold it in place and neat looking. If you are looking for a change in your casual style, but are not sure if you can sport a similar look, change one item at a time, like the jewelry, or the layering, and learn to get good at it (caution: you might not love the change right away if you go for something big, like the shoes, start with something smaller and easier on the eye). These celebrities also add to the 'bad boy' image with their charm, loud motorbikes, fast sports cars and many times, even Tatoos (in Johnny Depp and David Beckham case), but at the same time they are not afraid to show thier softer side (especially around their children).

Check more looks for Johnny Depp, Colin Farrell, David Beckham and Brad Pitt on the Fashion Community (Gallery).

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