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Maternity Clothes and Style

Pregnancy is one of the happiest times in a woman's life, but also one of the most frustrating to dress.GAP maternity dress Many women, myself included, are a bit overwhelmed when it comes to remain stylish during the maternity period. It's not easy to see the body go through a big change (in a small amount of time) and is frustrating to figure out how to dress a whole new body (especially on a budget). It is, however, a wonderful time in a woman's life and it should be embraced, so to help with the frustration, here are a few suggestions to maternity fashion that will leave you looking stylish and won't break the bank.
First of all, try to wear your regular clothes as long as possible. I know it's hard, given the excitement, but 40 weeks is a long time to mix and match the few maternity items you will purchase. The body will swell a bit during the first trimester, however, most women don't need pregnancy wear until the second trimester; also the third trimester might need larger and longer maternity clothing, so don't spend all your cash on your first shopping trip.
Second, it is very important to remain stylish! Pregnancy causes many changes to the mood (from all the surging hormones) as well, and the best thing to lift the spirit is to dress up, and look gorgeous.
Buy pregnancy clothes that reflect your style and try to find some fun interesting pieces.
Look for fabrics that are comfortable and allow the skin to stretch with ease. The skin is more sensitive during pregnancy and hot flashes might be common, so avoid bulky clothes and itchy fabrics. Invest in cotton, silk and Lycra blends.

GAP maternity jeansNobody does maternity fashion clothes like the Gap!

The most important word to remember is: comfort. That doesn't mean wear PJs all day, but to shop for comfortable fabrics and fits.

Gap maternity clothes are not only super comfortable and stylish but they are also economical. Do not follow into the trap of shopping for plus sizes clothes...you are pregnant, not a plus size!
Maternity clothes should fit like regular clothes, and you will often shop for your regular size in maternity wear. The maternity shirts are built to hug the new curves and are built longer to cover the new belly curve. Start by buying fashionable maternity basics first: Jeans, pants, skirt, T-shirt, dressy top and a dress.

GAP maternity T-shirt

Make sure the colors of the maternity clothes mix and match, stay neutral on bottom pieces. Monochromatic is the most slimming; dress in one color to achieve this look but have fun with colorful jewelry and scarves. After the basic clothes are taken care of, then add more tops or outerwear to your likes. If shopping for the winter fashion, should invest in a good coat, to cover all the stages of maternity. To keep the maternity clothes from getting boring and repetitive, invest in some stylish accessories, like a cute metallic belt, hats, scarves, sunglasses, and jewelry. Just changing the accessories can make clothes seem new and fresh. Get stylish comfortable shoes...it's a must!
Have fun buying maternity jeans, do a flare, to keep the figure balanced, or the very popular boot-cut; I loved my Donovan maternity jeans, they were so chic and comfortable, I didn't want to put them away...actually, I wore them for a while after the baby was born.

 GAP Maternity cropped cardiganDress up a plain maternity T-shirt with a metallic belt over the hips, a cuff bracelet and some hoop earrings, just have fun and let the happiness of the inside shine on the outside.

The maternity T-shirts from the Gap are just great (even when you are truly showing) with a high quality stretch jersey, which will stay true to its fit and color wash after wash.

Get a V neck, which is flattering on every body type. Dress the T-shirt up adding a small maternity cropped GAP maternity shirtcardigan, which is stylish and will keep you warm.

Bring all the attention to the belly, a pretty top, a belt or a wrap shirt closing in the front will look fabulous. Remember to keep prints in scale to the size of the body, and watch out for horizontal vertical and diagonal lines, make sure they work well: a big stripe across the chest or shoulder might flatter by giving the illusion of a bigger chest or shoulders. Sometimes widely spaced horizontal lines can add lenght to the figure, but most of the time horizontal lines only add width. Don't do tight garments with any lines, or you will wear squiggles! Just like regular fashion wear, maternity clothes should be chosen keeping in mind your best features.

Beautiful legs: buy skirts, shorts, and nice wedge shoes to bring attention to the legs.
Nice arms: buy short sleeves shirts with details, to bring the attention up to the upper body. Nice face: put the color on the upper part of the body to bring all the attention to the face and do pretty details on the neck line, like scarves, necklaces or chandelier earrings.

GAP maternity coatMake sure to buy new maternity intimates as well, clothes fit best with the proper support. Panties need to be comfortable and able to stretch with the growing curves; bras will also change a few sizes, try on different shapes and fits, to make sure it is comfortable and supportive (they are not all alike). You will need at least a new bra for the first trimester and one in the third (it is not uncommon for the breast to grow 2 or more sizes, in cup and band size). Buy a comfortable fit for the after-birth, when breasts might be sore, enlarged and extremely sensitive, avoid underwire if you can but keep good hold to avoid stretching.
Be ready to have transition clothes for those days following the birth; wear comfortable and breathable fabrics which won't irritate the baby skin, can't go wrong with cotton (wash all the new clothes to get rid of its original starches). Remember, it takes about 10 months to put on the weight and about the same amount of time (if not more) to get rid of it, do it slowly and in a healthy manner (need the energy to look after the new bundle of joy).
Congratulations, I wish you all the best in this wonderful adventure!

Find the fashionable Maternity clothes in the pictures at Gap (follow the link below).

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