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Guide to Celebrities Casual Style for Men 2

Orlando Bloom Casual Look
As a part Two of the guide on men dressing Casual by taking inspiration from Celebrities, I will cover a guide to a polished Men's Casual look: British Style.

This men's casual look is more appropriate for a lean body type (it's also a great look for the shorter man). The two celebrities who embody this style are Orlando Bloom and Jude Law.

Jude Law Casual look
These dark and blond hair celebrities show that both blonds and brunets can take advantage of the stylish men 's casual look.

The "British" casual style is a very modern European look, which as the men looking very sleek and polished.

Jude Law Casual style
The clothes, from jeans to jackets are very refined and fitting to the body; the jeans have a straight leg and at times are even skinny fitting and don't show much sandblasting and distress. Both Orlando Bloom and Jude Law wear these kind of pants.

The shirts and sweaters Orlando Bloom and Jude Law choose are thin (in fabric weight) and close to the body, and usually layered under a jacket. The colors are usually somber (blacks, greys, dark brown), with few accents.

Orlando Bloom and Jude Law's necks are usually covered, either by a raised collar or a scarf.
Orlando Bloom Casual style

The skinny scarf is a "must" accessory for this look, and needs to be worn wrapped or tied around the neck with both ends in the front.

The shoes show a bit of distress at times but they are not as grungy looking as the "Urban Cowboy" look.
Jude Law casual style

This stylish men casual look can also be carried onto a special occasion (like the Red Carpet) by substituting a skinny tie for the scarf, and a pair of dressy straight leg pants to the jeans. Dressy vests are also chic and a great layer to the look.

Hats are not always necessary, but if chosen they too need to be fitting (head hugging). The "Casual British" man is also neatly groomed, with either a short goatee or no facial hair, and the hair is short at the back of the head and longer on top and is always sculpted up with gel and sleeked by pomade. To finish the casual look, Aviator (or Ray Ban's) sunglasses are a must!

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