Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Social Media and Fashion Business

Lately, I have not only been addicted to Social Media Networks but also come to know the huge weight in Business-Networking they carry.
I am talking about networks as Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin (to name a few).

Many user learn these new technologies as a way to keep in touch with friends and family. In numerous occasion these tools have served well in resuscitating some old relationships and friendships. However many users fail to see that these social networks are an actual science! What seems to be a fad, it's actually a new networking way of doing business.

In the Fashion world, these media network photographers, agents, models, stylist and even buyers and retailers. It's incredible how entering one of these circles can boost a new career!

It is actually possible to meet professionals online, make sure their career comes highly recommended by people who know people we know and trust, and actually do business with them without even meeting in person!

An online recommendation is the most sought after credential in this Networking world!

It is also a must to be profiled in as many networks as possible; a professional not having a virtual profile, is seen as a negative, as a being-out-of-touch with the professional world -almost as serious as not having a business card or a phone!

I personally like to separate my fashion business contacts, from my friends and family. Keeping a secret identity -in a way- except when the two worlds collide and some of my professional contacts make it through to my friends list.

It is also vital to pay attention who you associate with in your online social networking, since a bad chip can sink the ship- and can get your reputation to go along with it to the bottom of the online abyss!
An On-line agent or photographer with a bad rep can and will ruin your credibility with future clients! So be extremely cautious. But don't get intimidated by the new technology, and don't ignore it, it won't just go away.
So be warned: if you fail to network yourself in these new media, you will be left in the dust!

Check out some of my business profiles and join some of the networks/web-tools here:

So on and so forth...

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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

How to Really Become a Successful Model

Studio Galatea

The Fashion Industry, is a wonderful field to experience! With so many different opportunities and so much glamour it's one of the fastest growing industry out there. Thousands of Magazines, TV shows and Online sites are dedicated to Fashion, and millions of people world wide aspire to have a career in this multi-million dollar industry.

But with the good comes the bad!!!

It's a dog-eat-dog industry, very cut throat and unforgiving. Like Heidi Klum says: "In this Industry one day you are in, the next you are out!". The world of modeling can also add it's own demons, with eating disorders and substance addictions.
How do you really become a Successful Model without falling victim to the
Industry Demons?
Well -believe it or not- I found the answer!!!
Recently I listened to a CD, which a very clever and experienced guru has released. It's "The Wizard of Editorial- How to Really Become a Successful Model" by Marie P. Anderson.

Miss Anderson, is not only a former model who has walked the walk, but she is also the author of two sold out internationally published books: Model, The Complete Guide To Become a Professional Model and Model, The Complete Guide for Men and Women.

She has co-produced the modeling documentary: Clean Face, Clean Hair. With many accolades to her name, one is being known as the booker that discovered the Supermodel, Cindy Crawford.

Being a model and talent agent in for the past 25 years, and having owned her own Chicago based Agency makes Miss Anderson a voice to be heard! She knows exactly what the new models will experience, since she has been on "both sides of the fence!" and like few others, she sees the NEED to educate new comers with the basic and advanced knowledge of the industry, in order to avoid the dangers and down-sides of it.

Her educational company Studio Galatea, offers amazing services, including live seminars with the expert herself.

In her CD, she talks about the crude reality of the fashion industry, giving a survival guide to the new beginners. She teaches the aspiring models how to set realistic goals, to find and contact a good agency and to establish a two-way working relationship with the booker. She proceeds to advice the new models how to professionally present themselves at the interview and the questions to ask the agency.

Wow, I was absolutely puzzled why agencies world-wide don't ALREADY provide Marie P. Anderson's teachings to ALL their new models!

She is amazing in delivering her message with ease, truth and in a conversation-like matter. She is very honest and warm, and at times it feels like she's having an intimate conversation with the listener.

The CD can be purchased through her website http://www.studiogalatea.net/ and she is easily reachable at 312.961.6775.

She is still working in Chicago as an agent who finds great pride in nurturing new talent, so if you are looking to 'Make it Big' in the crazy and glamorous world of fashion and entertainment, buy her material and give her a shout!

I personally and highly recommend her as one of the nicest people in the industry you will ever encounter!!!

Be fabulous,


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Monday, December 8, 2008

Best Holiday Gifts

Another Holiday season is upon us: the lights, the festive music, the decorated trees, everything seems to remind us that it's that time to go Holiday shopping!

It is a big dilemma every year, what to buy for our dear family and friends, trying to stay fresh and original with new ideas. But, sometimes classic gifts can take the guess work out of gift giving and still be very much appreciated.

Everyone on their list has that almost impossible person to shop for; this holiday gift stick with a classic! Who doesn't like a cashmere sweater, or scarf, gloves, hat? Cashmere is a luxurious fabric, and everyone likes a warm embrace by cashmere in the cold winter days. The best thing is that it's a present that fits both the men or women on your list.

Try to stay away from personal items like perfumes, shoes, sunglasses.
Opt instead for a more generic gift, with relevance to the person.

A lady likes her handbags, in every shapes, texture and color, so scout around for a nice addition to her wardrobe. Jewelry is almost never a miss either; to keep it affordable and original, visit a vintage store and find a great piece of custom jewelry ( a beautiful broach for her winter coat, or a necklace for the party dress), make sure it has an interesting story and it's wrapped in a beautiful box.

Most guys like their technology, anything from wireless headphones to a new laptop/iphone gadget. Especially relevant for teenage boys.
If technology is not the gift of choice then can't mess it up with leather! Try a new belt, or the cuff that all the male celebrities are wearing.
Ties are also a classic...well, almost a cliche, but a gift cannot be a miss with a gorgeous Italian silk tie!

Most teenage girls love their makeup, a great gift would be a start up kit of mineral makeup (which has muted tones of makeup...much appreciated by the parents) or a brush set. Or buy a Makeup case, the bigger the better!

Girls and women of every age love Organizers. Find a case with drawers of every size for their small items (jewelry/makeup/scrapbooking), then fill a couple of drawers with some "surprises".

Gift certificates can be impersonal most of the time, unless they are from the recipient's favourite store!

What if the money is a bit tight this year? Start a fund...show your wife/husband/child that you have started a saving fund for their favourite expensive handbag/shoes or the new laptop/gismo or the videogame station/bike...then you will (must) set aside a small amount every month for the item! But make sure the money is used to purchase the item at the end of the collection, or the fund idea loses it's charm! Then still get them something small to unwrap!

Books are great classic holiday gifts (and not too pricy), for your reader friends and relatives. Book lovers can't have enough books! The entrepeneur on your list would love a book as well, buy one in the related field of interest, or a self-help book on leadership, author John Maxwell has a great range.

For the engaged couple on the list a book about relationships: "The five love languages"and "Personality Plus" are a great start (also an excellent gift for a wedding shower). A scapbook (kit) to place their momentos of their new life together is also a thoughtful holiday gift.

For the impossible aunt/grandmother, go dust off an old picture of the two of you from the past(or herself as a child), make a larger copy and frame it. Wrap it in the most precious wrapping paper and a big bow to make it extra special.

Whatever you decide, remember that it's about giving and receiving...not about the expensive gift, so put some thought in the holiday gifts you select for your family and friend.

Have a blessed Holiday Season,

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