Monday, December 8, 2008

Best Holiday Gifts

Another Holiday season is upon us: the lights, the festive music, the decorated trees, everything seems to remind us that it's that time to go Holiday shopping!

It is a big dilemma every year, what to buy for our dear family and friends, trying to stay fresh and original with new ideas. But, sometimes classic gifts can take the guess work out of gift giving and still be very much appreciated.

Everyone on their list has that almost impossible person to shop for; this holiday gift stick with a classic! Who doesn't like a cashmere sweater, or scarf, gloves, hat? Cashmere is a luxurious fabric, and everyone likes a warm embrace by cashmere in the cold winter days. The best thing is that it's a present that fits both the men or women on your list.

Try to stay away from personal items like perfumes, shoes, sunglasses.
Opt instead for a more generic gift, with relevance to the person.

A lady likes her handbags, in every shapes, texture and color, so scout around for a nice addition to her wardrobe. Jewelry is almost never a miss either; to keep it affordable and original, visit a vintage store and find a great piece of custom jewelry ( a beautiful broach for her winter coat, or a necklace for the party dress), make sure it has an interesting story and it's wrapped in a beautiful box.

Most guys like their technology, anything from wireless headphones to a new laptop/iphone gadget. Especially relevant for teenage boys.
If technology is not the gift of choice then can't mess it up with leather! Try a new belt, or the cuff that all the male celebrities are wearing.
Ties are also a classic...well, almost a cliche, but a gift cannot be a miss with a gorgeous Italian silk tie!

Most teenage girls love their makeup, a great gift would be a start up kit of mineral makeup (which has muted tones of makeup...much appreciated by the parents) or a brush set. Or buy a Makeup case, the bigger the better!

Girls and women of every age love Organizers. Find a case with drawers of every size for their small items (jewelry/makeup/scrapbooking), then fill a couple of drawers with some "surprises".

Gift certificates can be impersonal most of the time, unless they are from the recipient's favourite store!

What if the money is a bit tight this year? Start a your wife/husband/child that you have started a saving fund for their favourite expensive handbag/shoes or the new laptop/gismo or the videogame station/bike...then you will (must) set aside a small amount every month for the item! But make sure the money is used to purchase the item at the end of the collection, or the fund idea loses it's charm! Then still get them something small to unwrap!

Books are great classic holiday gifts (and not too pricy), for your reader friends and relatives. Book lovers can't have enough books! The entrepeneur on your list would love a book as well, buy one in the related field of interest, or a self-help book on leadership, author John Maxwell has a great range.

For the engaged couple on the list a book about relationships: "The five love languages"and "Personality Plus" are a great start (also an excellent gift for a wedding shower). A scapbook (kit) to place their momentos of their new life together is also a thoughtful holiday gift.

For the impossible aunt/grandmother, go dust off an old picture of the two of you from the past(or herself as a child), make a larger copy and frame it. Wrap it in the most precious wrapping paper and a big bow to make it extra special.

Whatever you decide, remember that it's about giving and receiving...not about the expensive gift, so put some thought in the holiday gifts you select for your family and friend.

Have a blessed Holiday Season,

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