Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Social Media and Fashion Business

Lately, I have not only been addicted to Social Media Networks but also come to know the huge weight in Business-Networking they carry.
I am talking about networks as Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin (to name a few).

Many user learn these new technologies as a way to keep in touch with friends and family. In numerous occasion these tools have served well in resuscitating some old relationships and friendships. However many users fail to see that these social networks are an actual science! What seems to be a fad, it's actually a new networking way of doing business.

In the Fashion world, these media network photographers, agents, models, stylist and even buyers and retailers. It's incredible how entering one of these circles can boost a new career!

It is actually possible to meet professionals online, make sure their career comes highly recommended by people who know people we know and trust, and actually do business with them without even meeting in person!

An online recommendation is the most sought after credential in this Networking world!

It is also a must to be profiled in as many networks as possible; a professional not having a virtual profile, is seen as a negative, as a being-out-of-touch with the professional world -almost as serious as not having a business card or a phone!

I personally like to separate my fashion business contacts, from my friends and family. Keeping a secret identity -in a way- except when the two worlds collide and some of my professional contacts make it through to my friends list.

It is also vital to pay attention who you associate with in your online social networking, since a bad chip can sink the ship- and can get your reputation to go along with it to the bottom of the online abyss!
An On-line agent or photographer with a bad rep can and will ruin your credibility with future clients! So be extremely cautious. But don't get intimidated by the new technology, and don't ignore it, it won't just go away.
So be warned: if you fail to network yourself in these new media, you will be left in the dust!

Check out some of my business profiles and join some of the networks/web-tools here:

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Media and fashion are now one! :)