Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Cavalli at H&M

Another festive season approaches, and those Christmas and New Year's eve parties are just around the corner. This year dare to be Amazing!

My suggestion is to head down to H&M and get your hands on the brand new limited fall collection from Roberto Cavalli.Cavalli at H&M

It's true!

The amazing Italian designer and fashion icon Cavalli has designed an exclusive line for some 200 selected H&M stores worldwide.

The unique, highly personal and extravagant collection consists of 20 men's and 25 ladies' pieces which include lingerie and matching accessories.

For $300 or less you can own an exclusive piece from Cavalli's line and his sensual signature style: Expect lots of animal prints, long and short metallic dresses, chic and sexy blazers and sharply tailored wear for the modern urban man.

Wear one of his exclusive pieces with a clutch, a smokey eye and a 4 inch stiletto and be your party's show stopper.

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1 comment:

beautybyella said...

I really hope you can still find remains, of this gorgeous line..I watched people line up at H&M at 5:30AM, the store opened at 10AM and the racks were completely empty by 10:30AM..Amazing!!!