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Celebrity Style Report Cards

Let's go back to STYLE SCHOOL and let's see how some male celebrities do on their style 101:

Matt Damon is our first cutie.Matt Damon Hair style I really like Matt Damon's sun shades, a rich brown on a blondie is super chic, but unfortunately the T-shirt is...well, yawn...boring!
Could have spruce it up with some accessories, like some neck ware: one or more different leather necklaces with some metallic pendants would have done the trick. I like the modern straight cut of the jeans but I'm not crazy about the light wash, makes the look too casual and retro (the 80s). As for his it, love it, love it! It's well kept and the cut makes it modern and stylish.

As a total I give him 3 out of 5!!!!

(credit: Jim Spellman/

Nick Lachey Hair style
Nick Lachey...well done!!!! Love the Rocker T-shirt and the dark jeans on your bod, they make a statement without too much jewelry.

Love the hair-do and the well kept bearded face: short and trim around the neck. Hot, Hot, Hot!

He's a 5 out of 5, in my book!!!
(credit: George Pimentel/

Adam Levine Hair style

Dear Adam Levine, what's going on from the neck up???

A sexy stud like you, shouldn't sport a Sesame Street "Bert" hair-do, and why don't you invest in a shaver, please clean up the neck, it looks like you just rolled out of bed!

Having said that, I love the outfit, hair pinstripe suit with a light pink shirt and rock and roll of you!

You get a 4 out of 5!!!

Adam Levine
of Maroon 5
(credit: Jamie McCarthy/

Adrian Grenier Hair style

Goodness Adrian Grenier! Where do I start? Bushy hair with bushy eyebrows and bushy beard...can anyone see this actor's gorgeous baby blues??
Adrian, something has got to give!
I would clean up the unruly hair-do just a bit, but keep the curl, it's super cute!
Also if you do a polo, do a tight one or the layered look with a tee, it's more modern and stylish.

A 2 out of 5 !!!!

Adrian Grenier
(credit: George Pimentel/

Brad Pitt hair styleWow, what better way to dress a well defined bod than to show it off like Brad Pitt!
The hat is a super-cool-Sicilian-man look, which goes great with his baby features, chiseled face and un-kept beard.
I would still clean up the stubble on the neck and keep the hair-do on the back super short to give it a modern edge.

Brad gets a 4 out of 5!!

Brad Pitt

(credit: James Devaney/

David Backham Hair style
David Beckham, you are always so stylish, even in your soccer jersey!
I love the well-kept "un-kept" look, even though with your light blonde hair it looks like you have a halo on your head...I would grow the locks just a tad so it won't look like you have a see-through hair-line.

David is 4 out of 5 for me!!
(credit: George Pimentel/

Justin Timberlake Hair styleJustin Timberlake is also always super-chic...I dare to say an icon and a how-to style for young men. Amazingly polished in that color suit.
I love his short and well kept hair-do, but you know how I feel about the
beard on the neck!

It's a 4 out of 5, Justin!!!!
(credit: Lester Cohen/

OOOOKKKK....What is that???? Pijamas??? Shemar Moore hair style
Mr. Shemar Moore we know you have the don't need to show it off that much; just leave the plunging neckline to your female co-stars!

Next time keep it posh with a silk shirt and leave the "lady prints" for the after hours!
I like the short hair-do on you and the squared goatee ...

but it's a 2 out of 5 for you!
(credit: Steve Granitz/

Johnny Depp Hair style

What can I say about the King of style???
Johnny Depp's the ultimate modern Urban Cowboy! Vest on a white shirt with an open wide spread collar, how fashionable.
Love the shades, love the clothes, love the hair-do and love the well kept facial hair.

Johnny, as usual, you are a 5 out of 5!!!

Johnny Depp
(credit: Gregg DeGuire/

Usher hair style
Super stylish the outfit and jewelry!
Light pastel colors look amazing on his dark creamy complexion.
His very short hair on his perfectly oval head is very elegant.
As for the has never been better!

Usher is as always a 5 out of 5 in my book!

(credit: Kevin Mazur/

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