Wednesday, November 28, 2007

How to Dress to Appear Taller

The art of fashion styling can be easily compared to the art of illusion, as it is the ability of creating the most flattering figure on not-too-perfect bodies.

As the average height for North Americans is 5 ft 4 in, one of their most sought after fashion illusion is height. You might not have any control over how tall you really are, but there are lots of little style tricks to make yourself APPEAR taller.
Here's how to add an inch or two to your height with some does and don'ts of fashion style.

Fashion style tips for a petite frame, with slimmer build:

Style Do: pay attention to your posture: we tend to forget that slouching looks sloppy and makes the body look shorter than it actually is, so walk with your head up and stick out the chest, pull in the stomach and throw the shoulders back. Walk with pride and confidence and don’t drag the Fergie Heightfeet; walk with enthusiasm.

Style Do: wear fashionable chic shorts, they will make your legs look a mile long; the best way to wear them is with a layered shirt-sweater look (do a V neck and a slim fabric), a jacket and a nice pair of heels/wedges. With a clutch and oversized sunglasses you can made this outfit super stylish and glamorous!

Style Don't: avoid wearing oversized cropped pants, they will cut off the line of the legs, especially when worn with flats.

Style Do: opt for a slimmer, stove-pipe pant, it will create a slim vertical line (keep the hem super long, feet-hugging) and don't do cuffs, ever!

Style Do: a cropped and well tailored jacket to complete the outfits, won't overwhelm your small frame. Do deep V necks to enlongate the frame by making a strong vertical line.

Style Don't: avoid clothes that are made from heavy and bulky fabric; they add width and hence Shakira Heightshorten the image visually.

Style Don't: avoid sharply color-contrasting clothes, these will easily expose the real length of your legs and make you look shorter. Wearing the right colors is essential to help you look taller. Match the pants' color with the belt and the shoes' color to make the legs look longer. Or you can lengthen your upper torso by wearing a belt that matches your top.

Style Don't: avoid plaids, square designs and horizontal lines. But do soft vertical lines (pin stripe).

Style Do: a high waist on a fashionable skirt makes your bottom half look longer, but keep it above the knee, long skirts with too much fabric will shorten a petite frame.

Style Don't: avoid long, shapeless dresses that overwhelm the figure; do a lean, tailored dress that highlights a small figure.

Christina Aguilera Height Style Do: wear high heels! Platform pumps and wedges are your best friend.

Style Don't: avoid shoes with thick straps on the ankles, they will brake the line of the leg.

Even though most short women are still discriminated against in the world of fashion (I have seen plus sized supermodels but never a petite one!), Remember: Being shorter should never stop you from being glamorous or from feeling fabulous, dress your best and be the fabulous woman you are.

Short Celebrities:

Shakira 4ft 11, Jada Pinkett 5ft, Selma Hayek 5ft 2, Fergie 5ft 2, Christina Aguilera 5ft 2, Jessica Simpson 5ft 3.

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Wow, I was shocked when I found out how "vertically challenged" those celebrities are. Good to know that you don't need to be a glamazon to be famous.