Saturday, November 8, 2008

My Fast Life in the Fashion Lane

Back from working another Runway Fashion show at Fashion Week... and have to say, backstage it's a whole different world! Mercedes-Benz Fashion Show- Ella Bonanni

A world made of chaos, piles and piles of clothes, emotional roller-coasters and the drama...oh my, the drama!

But as much as I enjoy watching beautiful models parade a designer's latest fashion collection, being backstage at a fashion show -where the magic happens- is just my favorite part.
The adrenaline rush that you experience from the fast changing, the smell of hair spray and the dilemma of a missing shoe is addictive!

Funny how you find yourself in the dust and concrete walls of a Runway fashion show's backstage (which is so crude, compared to the pristine white runway the public gets to experience) and yet it feels like you always belonged there.

I often wonder if the models feel the same way... I dare to guess they prefer the flashing attention of the photographers.

As for me, I keep wanting more and more; this drug-like addiction leaves you exhausted and yet exhilarated.

All the tension and the rushing, often resulting in models crying and designers frustration, is all lifted once the runway fashion show is over, the models' smiley faces leave the runway and the public exits the fashion venue heading down to the after-party.

The only things left then are a number of white chairs - no longer lined up in a meticulous row- a few people who stick around to network and a messy-messy backstage.
Now, the busy dressers are left scooping off the floor the designers' beautiful fashion pieces they so carefully steamed before the show; meanwhile, as all the workers sweep all the pieces of paper with the models' names and line-ups, the hair stylist pack up their hairspray, the Agency people celebrate by taking off their shoes and the designers pack their precious clothes into plastic bags!

A whole day of preparation, a whole month to put it together, a whole season of designing...all over in 20 minutes! Everything wrapped up by the media and the critics by either thumbs up or down!

The designers leave excited, hoping some big department store, or fancy boutique will now carry their line.
As for us, behind the scenes people, it's off to the next show.

It's a wonderful crazy world of its own, the "Fashion Show", and I feel blessed to be a part of it all.

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