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"Sex and the City: the Movie" Fashion

Sex and the City: the movie
Last night, with a group of Fashionistas, I hit the movie theater to get my fashion fix! It was the new "Sex and the City" movie, of course!

A big aficionado of the "Sex and the City" series, I was reluctant and skeptical about a sequel to that... oh so perfect series finale. I gladly admit, however, to have been pleasantly surprised.
Not about to "kiss and tell," so don't expect me to give away the plot; I will reveal-all though, on the amazing fashions.

Sex and the City: the movie
Already excited about the style-sense of the four "Sex and the City" heroines, I went in with a mission: To examine their fashion evolvement!

The movie (just like the series) is based on the lives of Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte, four friends with different personalities, careers and point-of-views and the struggles of their love lives in the magical and hectic New York City.

Sex and the City: the movie

This time around, the "Sex and the City" (SATC) characters are older and wiser - since about 4 years have passed from the last time we saw them. It is clear then that their lives, like their fashion senses, have evolved. The movie also expands outside of their beloved New York City, showing the influence of another American fashion capital on their style. It is Samantha, of course, who ventures out of her city to Los Angeles, and her fashion choices become clearly disparate from the rest of the girls.

Sex and the City: the movie

Samantha Jones (played by Kim Cattrall) is "bigger and bolder"- explains the desiner/stylist Patricia Field, in charge of the exciting movie fashions. The character has reached middle-life and some crisis is evident; her priorities have "somewhat" changed (as she tries to settle-down), but her fashion has only become more flamboyant.
By bigger, I assume, Patricia Field is referring to Samantha's shoulder pads. What a blast from the past! Most of her monochromatic bold-colored suits display 80's shoulder pads that rival football players'! Her taste in accessories has also grown...literally! Big bold rings, supersized hats, purses and sunglasses. It is borderline ridiculous at times, but it reflects very much Samantha's eccentric personality.

Sex and the City: the movieDear sweet Charlotte York-Goldenblatt (played by Kristin Davis) has also grown, but more refined and confident. She is a mix of a Jackie O' and a 'Stepford Housewife'. She has groomed herself into a high class lady, with a calmer and softer attitude...there are some spurts of excitement however, throughout the movie, which bring back the"old" naive Charlotte to life!

Her fashionable style consists of classic pieces, neutral and pastel colors, some print and some minimal but bold accessories - mostly belts and oversized sunglasses.

Miranda Hobbes' fashion has mutated. She trades her sophisticated office-wear for polished city-wear. Miranda (played by Cynthia Nixon) has become more "Park Avenue", with bolder metallics, expensive designer dresses, and bolder prints. Ironically, she moved to the suburbs of the city!
Her lifestyle is still hectic, but her fashion has evolved to a very polished and crisp style.

Sex and the City: the movie

Carrie Bradshaw's fashion choices are always a surprise. Her eclectic style has not changed, and the accessories grow bigger and bolder, as do the prints. There is still a softer, classy side to Carrie (played by Sarah Jessica Parker) that shines through in the movie, like her pearl necklace (that follows her even to bed) and her exquisite shoes- which she fancies as her "jewelry" of choice! Some of our "old" favourites pieces in her closet, like the fur coat and the ballerina dress, make a small cameo in the movie.

Sex and the City: the movie
There were numerous gasps in the (mostly female) audience for the amazing fashion pieces and for "the closet" -you'll know when you see it!- even more so than for the excessive nudity and sex scenes..."we" girls, have our priorities figured out: "Hhhello Lllover!"

The SATC boys' wardrobe deserves a lot of credit too: they were all sharp looking and stylish. Mr.Big (played by Chris Noth) not only is bestowed a last name but also a ├╝ber-crisp wardrobe, which reflects his executive lifestyle.

Sex and the City: the movie

I thought the "Sex and the City" Movie was fantastic, the fashion exceptional and it swayed some SATC non-fans to rent the whole series!
Definitely a must-see movie and money well spent!

Photos Credit: Craig Blankenhorn/New Line Cinema

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