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Man Style- through women's eyes

Stylish Milo Ventimiglia Ah men...sometimes they are a bit clueless when it comes to what women look for in a guy! Quite normal actually, since - according to author John Gray- we come from different planets!
It's important for every guy to know that we, ladies, pay attention to our man's style and grooming as much as our own. Our first impression of a man's appearance is very critical and superficial (sad but true), so know that the style you wear sends out a clear message. If you have ever experienced rejection on a first impression basis you need to know these basic facts. Here is a general directory of the messages we (ladies) might get through our first impression of a man's style.
First item the ladies notice is the clothing:
Modern, Crisp and Clean- well put together style= the man has his life together, he takes care of himself and will take care of his lady. He is independent, enjoys the finer things in life and is confident about his/our fStylish David Beckhamuture together.
Shabby and wrinkled clothing = He just doesn't care, has no style, is very laid-back and may not have a job either. He doesn't know what he wants out of life and "can only offer me the now, not a solid future". May be commitment-phobic. He wants to have silly fun and probably prefers to have pizza on his stained couch with his buddies instead of taking his lady out for dinner! (Included in this category are Sweatsuits..out of the Gym of course).
Out of fashion/ ill-fitted clothes = His mother still picks his clothes or he tries too hard to be somebody he is not. He is insecure: doesn't know who he is and what he wants! He probably has a so-so job (a "yes" man), but he needs time to find himself by taking a good look at the surrounding world and find his place in it.
Then we notice the accessories:
Any watch? Digital...oh oh, bad! Keep the digital watches for the Gym...opt instead for a nice metallic watch (a heavy one), or a leather strap which sends out a message of classiness and power.
Shoes = with fringes?...oh oh, old man! Stick with a modern and fashionable style (regardless of your age), and match the shoes to the clothing style (classy shoes with classy clothes style and sporty shoes with sporty attires). When Stylish Johnny Deppshopping ask for the lady/clerk's opinion - or two- on a suitable shoe style for you; when in doubt pick a simple style in a solid color (No rubber soles with suits or dress pants!!!) and keep the socks dark with no/or very faint print.
Wear a belt! A good-looking leather belt (no plastic please!!) that matches the pants color or in the color family of the other accessories is always stylish. Even with jeans, a belt can dress them up.
Glasses = No tape or cracked lenses! keep the frame modern; if the lenses are more than 5 years old, it's probably time to pick out new frames! Glasses can be classy and extremely sexy on a man, as long as the frame suits the face shape: Keep the frame opposite to your face shape, square frame styles on a round face shape and oval or rounded frame styles on a squared face or strong jaw line.
Jewelry: a thick metal chain necklace is a bit old-fashion, if you must do the chain, keep it thinner. Silver and leather necklaces with funky pendants are modern and stylish on men, especially when layered in odd numbers. A man's bracelet is also a stylish accessory: metal, leather, fabric are all a good choice, even layered.
We (ladies) are very picky about men's grooming:
Greasy un-kept hair = sends out the same message as shabby clothing...and he-hasn't-showered-in-days message. Take care of all your hair! Trim the annoying nose and ear hair (a huge distraction from the rest of your face). The chest hair is a personal thing with women, where some like it - some hate it...I personally don't mind a little patch (it's sexy!). Hair on the shoulders and back is a different story, it's just not sexy! More ware-wolfish!
Man and BabyAs for leg hair on a man, I like it and cringe at the thought of a man's bare legs (but that's me!); I would leave it 'as is', unless the job or sport requires otherwise!
Facial hair can be sexy too, take Johnny Depp or Colin Farrell kept/un-kept goatees! Just take care of it and trim it to perfection to keep it stylish. A big grizzly beard is not very sexy, and sends out the "I don't care/live in a forest" attitude.
Hands and feet = we ALWAYS look at well kept nails. It's ok for a man to get a manicure (actually I recommend it), minus the nail polish of course! Get a pedicure as well, it's nice to see exfoliated skin through the sandals. Nobody wants to deal with foot odour! Visit a doctor if the toe nails have "color" (it's usually a sign that something inside you is not working properly). Funny tan lines are a no-no, like the golfer's ankles, sandals' feet or the farmer's tan, just pay attention in the sun!
Have a bright smile, bleach your teeth and visit a dentist often to have a healthy odor-free smile. For a kissable pout, gently exfoliate the lips with a soft toothbrush and Vaseline, then moisturize with Chap Stick.
Tattoos are a personal choice. I like a tattoo (or two) on a man, especially when it's not too visible through fancy clothing. The arm tattoo on a well defined bicep is enough to make any woman wander how 'bad' this boy really is. A chest or back tattoo is also hot, as long as it is tasteful or artistic. The thing with tattoos is: most women want a gentle but tough guy and tattoos often send out that message (same way as a motorcycle does!). I recently encountered a man with a nice arm tattoo peeking through his short sleeve T-shirt, cradleing his little two month old daughter...I had a melt down! Colin Farrell
Attitude is important too: 'wear' an attitude of confidence (not arrogance), nobody wants a desperate man! Don't be too forward when approaching women, be casual and confident. Don't use pick-up lines (so cheesy), opt instead for a sincere compliment that makes a woman blush...not gag! Something on the line of: "Hi, I noticed you from across the room, I'm John" or "Hi, I don't think we met...I'm John", keep eye contact, smile, shake hands and wait for her response.
If she's with friends, focus your attention on her (don't introduce yourself to the whole group), she will introduce you to her friends after.
P.S. Make sure she looks single (No conspicuous rings or boyfriend nearby), and try to establish some eye contact (a couple of times) before you make your move, if she looks semi-interested already, you will avoid embarassing rejection.
But most of all be yourself, sport a smile and you will most likely be liked on the spot!

To sum it up: most women look for a stylish man who has his life together, takes good care of himself (body and soul). He has to be independent and show that he cares: a tough guy with a gentle soul.
Know that what you wear sends out a loud message of who you are, what you care about and your mode of living. you know it, so no more excuses (or planet's accomodations)!

John Gray's book is: "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus"

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