Monday, January 12, 2009

Golden Globes 2009- Worst Fashion on the Red Carpet

We discussed what made us love the Golden Globes 2009 red carpet, now let's illustrate what not to do, and where some of these celebrities got it wrong:

Taraji P. Anderson's gown has too many frilly pieces of fabric which distract from the nice fit. I love her H. Stern jewelry. I don't hate the look, I know though, when it comes to fashion she can do so much better!

Presenter Sting, must have received his invitation late! What in the world!!!??? his beard looks at least 2 days past the rock star look! I don't mind the fashion too much but he could have been much edgier for a rock legend!

Oh poor Mickey Rourke!!! We are all so glad he made a come back, but why would he dress in the dark for such a big occasion?? Something here went terribly wrong! And someone please tell him to stop plumping his face...not cute!

Marisa Tomei went from my best dressed list at the People's Choice Awards to the bottom of the barrel. What's with the lacy pirate shirt and the nun skirt? I love the belt and the many strands of necklaces, but the rest doesn't suit her quirky-fun personality very well.

Maggie Gyllenhaal took a chance on the Red Carpet with the leopard print Lanvin dress...and failed miserably! The head to toe print is waaaay too overwhealming on her's like a leopard swallowed her whole! Hair and makeup is really nice though.

Cute Hayden Panettiere picked a great color for the Red Carpet, and is well in with the season's trends, however the fit of her purple Ferrè gown is all wrong for her. It looks like she has a man's chest and no waist. I love her hair and makeup: very polished and classy!

Leave it to Heidi Klum to sport the edgiest fashions on the red carpet. However this time, even "the Body" couldn't sustain the puffy dress with a huge red flower on the hip and the dominatrix 5 inch sandals! Heidi, something's gotta give! Once again...I love her hair and makeup, and her accessory, Seal, looks great as well!

The amazing Glen Close opted for a pant suit for the Red Carpet event. Nothing wrong with the pant suit, except that being all in gold she looks like one of the Oscar's statuettes!

Golden Globe winner Sally Hawkins, chose a black sheer top gown; which couldn't have been more wrong for her skin color! Her porcelain skin makes her look like Morticia Adams instead of a doll! Her makeup is too pale and the lack of color in the accessories, takes her down to the bottom of my list!

I usually like Cameron Diaz choices for the red carpet, and I don't mind the color she chose for the Golden Globes Red Carpet. However she looks like she just came from the beach! The style of the dress, looks like a wrapped a curtain and her hair looks hair dried...ouch, not pretty!

Blake Lively is going to the prom! Oh no wait...this is her dress from last night's Golden Globes awards. Oh boy, didn't anyone tell her she would be walking the Red Carpet? She is so Blah...not interesting at all!
We need to see more Lively attire from a young vibrant woman like Blake!

I knew that she was going to show bling! Nothing wrong with bling or with showing your curves, except that I have a Sausage in my fridge less contricted than Beyonce! This beautiful Elie Saab dress is definitely a couple of sizes too small! Having said that, I absolutely love her collar Lorraine Schwartz necklace and her hairstyle!

Beautiful Angelina Morticia Jolie, blew it big time with the bloused shapeless Versace gown! Is Angelina Jolie hiding another pregnancy or is she purposely trying to live down her "most beautiful woman in the world" title? She definitely has more curves than that column figure she's parading at the Golden Globes, and her hair needs to be up (at least to show the curve of her neck!).

Beautiful and super talented Amanda Seyfried, paraded down the Red Carpet in a pale gray draped goddess gown. I found that the color did absolutely nothing for her fair skin and the style was too old fashioned for a "Mamma Mia" young emerging star! Not my favourite look on her!

Ah...the crazy print! I was waiting for someone to commit the sin! The empire waist gown with the deep V is a great choice for Jenna Fischer's body, the print however...need I say more?

Oh poor Anna Paquin, she looks so sad in this mauve dress! Someone give her some color... please - maybe a red lip or some dramatic chandelier earrings! Her hair does not save her either, too severe!
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