Saturday, December 26, 2009

Packing Your Suitcase

A new Winter season is at our doors and with the cold weather comes also the desire to get away.
Whether you're jetting off for a long getaway or a week on a resort, these tricks will ensure you will have everything you need.

Make a List: Everything you think you will need on your trip, from Clothing to Toiletries. Lay everything out on a bed and check off the items on your list, so you won't forget anything (the check list is also great in case the airline loses your suitcase, it's a record of everything you packed).

Pick a General Color scheme: That way your clothes always go together and you never pack a shirt you won't be able to use. Stick with neutral basics and add a few touches of color with accessories (fun jewelry, scarves and belts). Always bring a lightweight sweater jacket for layering.

Always Pack sexy shoes: At least one pair of high heel shoes can dress up any outfit, even shorts!

Avoid Wrinkles: Softly fold you clothes and pack them separately -don't layer softer fabrics with harder ones. Pack jeans with jeans and cotton shirts with cotton shirts. Layer the heaviest fabrics at the bottom and the lightest at the top.
Pack a wrinkle remover for a special outfit. Hang the outfit, spray it gently with the wrinkle remover and smooth it down with the palm of your hand. Leave it hanging until dry.

Store Jewelry Separately: Pack the pieces of jewelry in a freezer bag to avoid it snagging your clothes and wrap each piece in tissue paper, to avoid them tangling and getting broken.

Never pack Documents in the suitcase: Keep all your documents on yourself at all times, never pack important documents, money or cards in your suitcase.

Safe Travels these holiday season and as always...

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Amie said...

Wish I had read this before I went on hols :)