Thursday, May 27, 2010

Blushing Bride- Make Up

As the wedding season approaches, I've had the pleasure to reassure every bride I've booked that their day will be memorable!!!
It is a huge concern of these beautiful women that they look as good as everything else they have planned, and it's understandable...after all, they ARE the brides, and all eyes will be on them! (sorry grooms, it's the truth!).
So here is a brief of what I suggest to my lovely brides before the big day.
Firstly, do not get so worked will come together and it will be amazing! Stress is a big cause of blemishes, discolorations and lack of sleep! Want to look your best as a "natural" beauty, then you need to take a Chill-pill and relax!
Remember to drink plenty of water, no you won't be bloated...unless you are severely dehydrated and your body is trying to hold on to as much water as possible! Try a beauty regimen of taking a water bottle along your wedding day planning trips, and MOST importantly...drink the water!! LOL
Take care of all the Aesthetics needs well before the wedding day. Facials, waxing and other services need to be cared for a few weeks before the big day!
Meet with your Make Up artist one to two weeks prior to the wedding, so the final Make Up look is fresh in your artist's mind, and wear the trial make up the whole day to see the "Staying power" of the make up products your artist uses; this will also reveal any Make Up allergies your skin might have, as well as any other reactions, like oily discharges (easily fixed with blotting paper).
Please, do not allow a girl at a Make Up counter to "Get it right" on the morning of the wedding, it's too risky and might spoil your mood. Go to a professional who's familiar with your skin and the products to be used.
Another word of caution, do not use "Street Make Up" (or in other words "Everyday Make Up") for your wedding day, a lot of the ingredients used in everyday make up can react with the photographer's flash, making your face appear 4-5 times lighter than it is!!! That's why most of us have pictures where we look ghostly pale, even though we spent an hour getting ourselves all made up!
A real make up artist has studied the cosmetics ingredients, knows what to use and has PROFESSIONAL products in her kit!!
Do NOT, EVER EVER EVER trust a Make Up artist with dirty brushes, sponges etc.
A real Make Up Artist will have all the necessary cleaning supplies to disinfect the tools and assure a healthy Make Up application...I cringe when I see someone use the same (uncleaned) brush on a few people in a row...yewww!!!
In conclusion, my dear Brides, I want you to relax, take care of yourselves before anyone else, and shop around for a True professional to make you shine in all your beauty on your wedding day.

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I wish you many blessings and remember...

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