Saturday, January 29, 2011

Bridal Magazine Makeup

BeautyByElla Makeup ArtistAt the end of the Summer I had been asked by my good friend (from Tru Beauty Services) to do the makeup for the shoot she was styling. Knowing that she does exquisite hair styling, I could not refuse such offer; little did I know that we would have the time of our life at the shoot, where we met so many wonderful people!

I have kept in touch with the photographer, Cindy Gannon (with whom I collaborated again) and the editor of SomethingBlue Bridal magazine, who ended up being a stellar person!

I am over the moon that they chose our pictures for the cover and the editorial, and I am pleased to share this new makeup accomplishment with all of you. Here are a couple of pictures from the magazine (the rest will be in my Makeup Portfolio Gallery), I hope you love the pictures just as much as I do!BeautyByElla Makeup Artist

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