Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Becoming a Makeup Artist

Anyone with a brush set these days calls him/herself a Makeup Artist, but truth is that a Good professional Makeup Artist is hard to find!

Becoming a professional Makeup Artist is not just about applying makeup, and this is not a profession that should be taken lightly. The Beauty Industry is a highly competitive, multi billion dollar industry that requires an enormous amount of dedication in order to achieve any form of success.

There are a few elements to consider in becoming a respected and in demand professional:

First and foremost is talent, skills can be learned but a natural artistic talent is mandatory!

A solid education is also important, whether achieved through school or self taught- a professional Makeup Artist needs to know and follow all aspects of the industry.

Always being on top of trends, techniques and products, by reading industry publications and following pop culture.

Skills must be perfected through a great deal of practice, it takes years to master all the skills of a professional Makeup Artist.

Sanitary practices have to reflect a sterile environment, or you could be liable for spreading an infection or causing terrible reactions- Keep the makeup kit and brushes clean and the tools and hands always disinfected.

Great Attitude is 90% of the Makeup Artist fundamental, it is important to be polite, diplomatic and problem solving, with an attitude of servitude.

Appearance is also really important! The clients need to have a positive first impression, you are a walking advertisement of your work at all times!

Be a great listener, to figure out what the client wants and needs, and at the same time be a good conversationalist- keep the chit chat light and pleasant, no gossip, heavy subjects, inappropriate conversation or colorful language should ever occur with clients or other industry professionals!

Be kind, polite, punctual and prepared and you will be a success!

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