Sunday, June 5, 2011

New Projects

Hi fabulous friends,
I apologize for not having had the chance to post in a few months. I have been swamped with work, but that's Spring and Summer season for ya!
I have a new group of students to put through the ringer at the college, they are learning all the basic how-tos of Make-up Artistry. Funny how many some students assume MakeBeautybyella-Cats-up Artistry would be an easy subject to study, obviously they tend to ignore the fact that Make-up artist have to deal with chemicals in make-up and chemistry and biology of the skin, all done in a sanitary function.
It's more like a nursing course than it is an art project! The artistry of it all of course comes into factor later, as well as the history of the make-up trends and the make-up giants of the past! Then there is the physics and mechanics of the machinery used, and lighting for photography, film and television. Having said all is still a lot of fun!!!
I have also just wrapped up a film, and started a new one! Shooting for the movie industry is very demanding (long long hours and sometimes in extreme weather conditions) but I absolutely love it!!
I've had the chance to head the Make-up department for a fabulous show in the city. It was held to celebrate the 50th anniversary of one of the city's most prestigious club "The Royal Glenora". The organizers set up an amazing Ice skating show "Ice Memories", where an incredible amount of figure skating champions delighteBeautybyella- Les Miserablesd us with 7 Broadway musical on Ice!!
The first was "Cats", followed by "Hook", "Oz", "Vegas Baby", "Starlight Express", "Phantom of the Opera" and finally "Les Miserable"; it was an extraordinary following of talent!
I had the pleasure of applying make-up on many Olympians and the 4 times world champion Kurt Browning. What an amazing experience!
Of course, all this work was wrapped around make-up on the lovely ladies celebrating their graduations and wedding days.

I hope the summer will continue to bring more exciting projects!
All my love,

Be Fabulous,


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