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Beauty Emergencies!!!

As easy as it is making up a beautiful skin or setting perfect hair, we all live in the real world and we all have to deal with beauty emergencies.

I have often been asked how I handle these difficult situations, so here are my little secrets!!

*Beauty Emergency: A giant red zit

How do zits know we have a special occasion coming up...or that oh so exciting date? Unfortunately zits happen! So how do we take care of them?

Fix: it’s important to first minimize the redness of the pimple. I find that an anti-inflammatory eye drop (like "Visine") helps to tame the redness. Then dab on a spot treatment and gently rub it in (if it contains Benzoyl Peroxide, it can zap a zit fast).

Put on your foundation as usual first...don't do it after or you will "disturb" the next make-up step.

To cover up- Use a dab a tiny bit of green concealer on the redness (green neutralizes red); Next, dot a little concealer onto the pimple and pat it with your finger until it sinks in, the trick is to use a concealer the same color as your skin -NOT lighter, or you'll put a big Ol' spotlight on the zit! Do another thin layer if you need to, and then set with powder.

*Beauty Emergency: Creasy eye shadow

You just spent a great deal of time to create a killer smoky blended and blended (like gurus told you in the youtube video) and then when you go check the mirror in the middle of the night, something has gone terribly wrong!! Prevention is the key in this case!!!

Fix: To avoid a smeary scene next time, prep your lids with foundation and a little powder or use an eye shadow primer. If you create the shadow effect with a creamy product (eye pencils, gel liners, cream shadows), remember you have to SET the makeup with a powder...I usually use the same color eyeshadow powder and it will give it enormous staying powder. Greasy lids can be fixed in a pinch too though, use a blotting sheet or 1 ply of toilet paper to absorb the excess oil, (let it sit on the lid for a few seconds, and remove it) then gently get rid of the crease with your ring finger (always pat, don't smear!!) and add some face powder to re-set.

*Beauty Emergency: Dark circles

Almost every woman I meet complains of dark circles, yes, even models!

The problem could be caused by many factors, lack of sleep, poor circulation, smoking, genetics etc. however the fix is quick and not hard.

Fix: First find a good concealer -make sure it has the same ingredients as your foundation: water based with water based, oil based with oil based etc. or they "won't play nice together!!"

I usually don't go too light...1 to 2 shades lighter then your foundation...figure out if you need a peach based, pink based or yellow based concealer according to the undertones of the skin (look at the skin on the inside of your wrist, and try to find a concealer that has that same natural color and try it under your eyes...if it looks natural, it's a good match!). The biggest mistake most women make is that they cover the WHOLE undereye wrong! Try to dab one or two small dots in the inner part of the eye (the darkest), then with a finger, gently "push" (dab- tap) the color in the skin until it disappears (NEVER rub it across the eye).

The final step is to powder; use a powder specially designed for under eye areas- it's more finely milled than face powder and won't "cake" (Laura Mercier has a killer one!!).

Use a nice bright blush or gloss to take the eyes away from that undereye area.

*Beauty Emergency: No time to wash your hair

So you snoozed more than you expected, and now there is no time to wash and blow dry your hair. No need for hats, hair bands or pony tails!

Fix: Quickly refresh your hair with a dry shampoo. Select one that is accurate for your hair type (moisturizing, excess oil...etc.) Separate your hair in sections, apply the dry cleanser to your roots, massage it in and brush it out. The result, fresh smelling locks.

*Beauty Emergency: You forgot the shaving gel!

It's usually one of the last things I think of when packing my suitcase...or run out of in the middle of the shower, but don't fret, there are substitutes!

Fix: I have many times used the lather effects of my creamy shower gel (I have a creamy/milky kind) and I have also shaved with conditioner. They are both thick and creamy (enough to mimic the texture of shave gel) and will protect your skin against nicks and cuts.

*Beauty Emergency: Hair Frizz

The weather is too blame for this pesky problem...too dry or too humid can cause our lovely hair to misbehave.

Fix: Usually I like to take care (prevent the problem) with Moroccan oil! It's a gods' sent product...I use it everyday and doesn't grease up my it smells divine!

Leave-in conditioners are great for frizz problems.

But in a pinch, an easy remedy for frizz is hand lotion (not Vaseline!). Rub a tiny pea-sized amount between the palm of your hands and smooth it to the ends of your hair. Avoid the roots or it will look greasy.

If you have curly hair, scrunch on the lotion then leave the hair alone—finger combing will mess up your ringlets and cause even more frizz.

I hope these quick tips help you on your daily Beauty Emergencies ;)

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