Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Beauty Sleep for a Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty Beside recharging our batteries, does getting some Shut-Eye or Beauty Sleep have other benefits? Is it true that getting enough beauty sleep contributes to our beauty? According to some recent studies, Canadian women, on average, sleep less than 6.5 hours, which is far less than the 8 hours our doctors prescribe. The consequences to lack of beauty sleep can be far more dangerous than some dark circles: as a result, these same women are more likely to suffer from chronic health disorders. Sleep and a good night rest is vital to our health and well-being: Form fending off wrinkles, to controlling your body weight, here are some important reasons why you need to make sleep a priority.

If you suffer from dull complexion, chances are, you are not getting enough "beauty rest"; the reason is simple: Lack of sleep ages the skin faster! It is during the deeper half of a two-stage sleep, the "delta sleep", when the growth-hormone levels are at their highest, and direct cells to repair damaged skin, giving us that healthy glow. When we skip this procedure, not only are we skipping the regenerative process (pre-mature aging won't be repaired) but our stress-hormone (Cortisol) reach high levels, and make the skin look older.

Another benefit that sleep and rest bring to the body is the facilitation in loosing weight. Sleep deprivation will result in higher appetite, because the levels of leptin (the "feel-full" hormone) are decreased, while the levels of ghrelin (the "feel-hungry" hormone) are increased. As a result, studies have shown that people who sleep less than 5 hours at night are more likely to be overweight, as they tend to be more tired and less active during the day (therefore burning less calories).

Lack of sleep will also affect the mind and the learning process. In students who trade a good night sleep for a all-night cramming study session, for example, it has resulted in lack of memory, as they might forget up to one-third of everything they learned that night (even days before). A good night sleep, on the other hand, will boost brain power.

There is also a reason why people who lack their 8 hours of beauty sleep seem moody; it's because people who sleep and get a good night rest, tend to feel better about life in general, and have a better attitude. Lack of sleep has been linked to depression, as a matter of fact, people who suffer from depression and insomnia share similar symptoms: irritability, fatigue, lack of concentration, dark thoughts and increased sensitivity to pain.

Can a good sleep however prevent sickness? Now that the winter season is approaching, a good sleep will help us ward off colds (more so than taking vitamins). A good night beauty sleep boosts the immune system, and our defenses against winter ailments. When we are sleep-deprived, we produce abnormal high levels of cytokines (proteins that send messages between cells), which can cause delays in the healing process. Consider this: when you sleep well, skin is repaired by antioxidants, which will reduce the risk of developing skin cancer. Further more, people who get 7 to 8 hours of good night sleep, have the greatest life expectancy.

It is safe to say, then that a good night sleep is vital to our beauty and well-being, the prescription? Let's make it a priority, if your busy schedule doesn't allow you to get enough beauty sleep at night, make some changes, after all, your life depends on it!

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