Friday, December 7, 2007

How to Dress to Minimize Hips

Have you ever had this problem: you are either tring to get ready in the morning or about to embark another shopping adventure, but nothing seems to fit because of those nasty saddle bags, and no matter how many pieces of clothing surround you, you still feel like you have nothing to wear? Don't feel bad, most people have this problem (even celebrities), and there are tricks to hide it. Just like any other styling trick, the only way to create a slimmer shape is in the art of illusion, or in tricking the eyes to focus else where.

The Dress

A staple in anyone's closet is that flattering dress, to wear at parties or on a night out on the town; here is what I suggest:
You want to emphasize the smallest part of your torso, which is your waist. So don't buy an Empire-waist dress (I know you have heard otherwise); empire-waist, brings the line up to your breast, and leaves everything else to fall on the bottom half, hugging the hips and making you look flat and wide. Try a dress with a defined waist and an A-line voluminous skirt, a V neck or a Sweetheart neck make you appear leaner.

Also, try on some wrap dresses that tie at your waist, but go for a bolder print and color (nothing too busy), rather than a solid washed-out color.

A strapless dress which comes in at the waist and a full skirt works too, as it brings the attention to your upper half. Avoid at all cost, Tent dresses (and sweaters), which have no shape and don't hide anything, actually, they make you look wider all over. Let your beautiful curvy shape emerge from under your clothes.

The Skirt

Just like rules for the dress, the skirt follows suit by drawing all attention to your waist line.

A full, pleated, knee-length skirt will conceal wide hips. Avoid thight, slim and clingy skirts that would highlight your widest area; therefore no pencil skirts.

Instead do a high waisted belted skirt to draw attention to your slimmer waist line. Thick fabric (for a straight cut skirt), such as brocade, hang well and resist pulling against trouble spots.

The Pants

The best cut to flatter your figure is a boot-cut, which will create a straight lean line. A wider straight leg (no flared but full) balances proportions.

Avoid these cuts: tapered pants (they wouldl emphasize a wide middle area), no high-waisted, or pleated pants, no skinny jeans. Make sure your pants have a straight leg, they shouldn't pull at the hips. Go for any color (yes, even white), but avoid bold patterns. they should be worn with a waist defining top (the length should hit you at the lower hips - hiding most of your buttocks). Full wide leg gauchos drape without clinging, wear them with a wide belt, a cute camisole and a cropped jacket (which should hit you at the waist).

The Tops

If you wear a jacket then do a cute camisole or tank top underneath, the jacket should have a deep V-neck and ornate details to bring the focus upward, keep the jacket cropped at the waist to make you appear leaner. If you just want a top, pick a shirt wich comes in at the waist and has a deep V-neck.

The Coat

For this Fall/Winter season do a fashionable belted trench coat. Go for a shorter coat, that hits you just below the thighs. Don't be afraid of color, opt for a gorgeous burgundy, or white or a fun pattern, it will be a beautiful addition to your outfit. Remember to keep a slimming and attention grabbing V-neck.

The Accessories

The goal with accessories is to finalize your look and to put the cherry on the attention grabbing outfit. Collect a lot of wide belts. A metallic belt worn over a coat or a cute top will bring the attention to your waist. Also collect neckware and earrings to bring the focus on your upper half.

Don't forget that a nice pair of high heels will, not only give the illusion of height, but also of a slimmer figure.

Be Fabulous,


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