Wednesday, December 19, 2007

One of the Season's Hottest Trend: Colored Skinny Jeans

colored skinny jeansThis Winter season, we have been presented with very bold collections from designers, everything from brightly-colored silk shift dresses to oversized jewelry and, of course, the seasons' hottest trend: colored skinny jeans. Many celebrities like Rachel Bilson, Fergie, Ashlee Simpson and Victoria Beckham have been wearing bold colors from electric blue to purple, but the question in everyone's mind is: can these colored skinny jeans be worn in the real world?

Katie Holmes colored jeansColored skinny jeans are surely a hot trend so it’s worth picking up a pair or two but don’t spend a lot of money on them, as this trend too, shall pass. If you enjoy the spotlight and like to be at the edge of fashion, go get a pair of these hot colored skinny jeans.
However, to look gorgeous in your colored skinny jeans, there are some guidelines to follow:

First of all, to be very fashionable, you need to decide what to wear with the very colored skinny jeans. Since the jeans make a statement, having such a bold color, stay away from colorful tops and absolutely don't match the top and bottom colors. Stick to neutrals like black, grey or white tops and keep them loose and flowy (to keep balance in the body shape). If you’re worried about drawing unwanted attention to your buttocks and thighs, with the tight and colorful jeans go with a longer shirt to cover any insecurities. Victoria Beckham colored jeans
Also beware of over-accessorizing! A simple ring or even some small bangles are all the jewelry the outfit can handle. Keep your shoes simple as well. Stick to basic flats shoes or pumps in a neutral color.

Actually, it can be very easy to go overboard with so many crazy colors to choose from. If not sure, don't buy a pair of purple, green or hot pink colored jeans, why not start with something a little more on the safer side? White, grey or red jeans are a great alternative to blue jeans; They are safe enough and yet still outrageous and on cutting edge of fashion.

Be Fabulous,

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