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How to Dress to Look Thinner

Want to look thinner without going to the gym? Of course you do! there are some tricks to look instantly thinner without a dangerous crash diet or drastic plastic surgery. Whether you've got a hot date or big interview, read on for some great tips on how to look thinner.


  1. Buy clothes that fit and that are the right size, it's slimming! If a size 20, don't try and squeeze into a size 16, it will make the figure look bigger. But at the same time, don't wear clothes that are too large, figure out your body shape and wear clothes that fit properly. Whether a size 8 or a size 48, if wearing the wrong size clothes, you'll end up looking bigger. Wearing clothes that are too tight leads to bulges and lumps, just as choosing clothes which are too large adds sizes to the original figure. Try things on before purchasing them!
    2. Choose items which skim over areas to disguise. For instance, to make the tummy look flatter and thinner, move away from skin tight vests, and choose a flattering tunic. Instead of choosing a mini skirt, hide bigger thighs under a floaty skirt. Beware baggy clothes will also make you look larger.
    3. Always make sure to wear proper fitting underwear. The go for a seamless look- no ill-fitting bras that leave back fat spilling over in bulging rolls. Thongs and g-strings are pretty, but to give the illusion of a thinner figure, go for supportive styles which help to pull in the tummy. A well fitting bra can also help to create a smooth thinner figure.

4. Highlight your good features! If you have a beautiful slender neck, but a bit of weight on the waistline, draw attention to the neck with an eye catching necklace, or other accessories. With toned arms , wear a sleeveless top to make the most of your assets. Wear long, fitting shirts. These are flattering to everybody since they seem to stretch out the torso. They should fit to flatter the body type, but please, don't immediately dash to the nearest Abercrombie and Fitch. Their shirts are too snug for someone who's worried about looking thinner.

5. Work on the posture. Stand up straight, pull the stomach in, and the shoulders back. Improve your posture, not only to decrease visibility of the rolls on the stomach, but also to gain confidence!! Pair that with a winning smile and you're good to go. Practice posture by balancing a book on the head and walking - the book shouldn't fall off!
Look in the mirror and make sure the posture is not hunched over. This is possibly the MOST important tip for someone who's trying to look thinner, as bad posture can add pounds visually.

6. Dark Colors: Black virtually slims out everyone, and reduces the appearance of belly fat, muffin tops, and love handles. Black can easily be dressed up with a nice colored belt and jewelry.

Some Tips:

Black is great as a quick fix as it is very slimming (but only if it fits properly).

Vertical stripes give the illusion of slimness, but watch out as horizontal stripes do the opposite. When choosing vertical stripes, go for the narrow ones. Broad stripes can make a figure look larger. However, be aware that very clingy and tight vertically striped clothing will accentuate every bump and bulge. Pinstriped formal shirts are cute and make you look thinner.

Be confident - it's the best way to make people take notice!

Emphasize the smaller part of the body and camouflage the problem areas. If the waist is relatively thinner than the hips, wear form-fitting shirts and skirts that flare out. If the middle is thick and the legs are normal sized, wear looser, tunic blouses with thin, straight-legged pants. DON'T wear loose tops with loose bottoms.

Just because it's the latest fad doesn't mean it'll look good.
Learn to choose clothes that flatter and are slimming, and not just the hottest styles. Or try to select a variant of the style that will work best for your figure. Do however, wear the latest accessories with classic well-fitting pieces to combine fashionable and flattering.

Choose the colors carefully. Avoid bright colors and busy patterns; they instantly make the body look bigger than it is! Dark colors make a heavy section look thinner. Is the bottom half thinner than the top half? That means switching to dark colored tops is a must. Is the top half thinner than the bottom half? Go for darker pants, skirts, or jeans to slim down the bottoms and legs. Never wear anything shiny over an area you are trying to hide.
Contrary to popular belief, larger people can wear brighter colored clothes as long as their clothes work with their body and fit properly.

Straight legged (or slightly boot cut) trousers create an unbroken line down the leg. This will make the body appear taller and therefore thinner. Peg legs make a round bottom look like an ice cream cone, while Boot cut pants balance out the rear. Go for side or rear fastenings, front flies will make the stomach bulge out.

Invest in a tailor made suit - or several.

Match the shoes to the size of the figure. If short and heavy, a pair of understated platform clogs or boots can give height, and also counterbalance the body size. If tall and heavy, a pair of dark colored flats or low heel pumps will make the feet look smaller without making you even taller. Avoid slender heels and sharp pointy toes; they will look small, and accentuate the size.

Go for bell-shaped sleeves for big arms or cover them with structured jackets.

Match the jewelry to the size. If a big, tall person, wear big pieces of jewelry. Think a nice chunky bracelet or a pair of chandelier earrings. A big necklace will look great too, but avoid chokers.

A universally flattering style of top is the empire cut. This cut has a band or some type of visual interest right bellow the bust. This style helps to draw the eye upward toward the face and to skim the stomach and make it appear thinner.

Do not buy cheap clothes: bigger people need fabrics and cuts which are of high quality. Invest in a good wardrobe. Lighter colors show wear and tear more than dark. Don't skimp on them.

Learn what colors suit your complexion. Wear hair and makeup in a flattering way. People will be too distracted by the beautiful face to care about everything else. Be confident and proud of yourself! You're beautiful, even if not the skinniest person on the planet. Hey, who is? Love and embrace your curvy body.

A word of Warning:

Choose pants with a smooth front: no pleats! Pleated pants poof out below the waistband, drawing attention to the stomach.

When buying pants, pay attention to the rise. Too high a rise can create the illusion of a tummy even with a 6-pack, and too low a rise can lead to belly pooch hanging over the top of the jeans, not pretty!

You don't NEED to be thinner to look great, the only thing that matters is how well clothes fit and how comfortable they are. Remember that the only function of size tags is to provide information, so ALWAYS buy clothes in your size.

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