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Guide to the Best Prom Dress and Style

There are very few times in life when you get to wear a truly glamorous, jaw-dropping dress. The prom is one of those special days; it's the end of all the hard academic work as a student and the celebration of an accomplishment, and of course you want to look your best. But how? This is a special occasion where the same dress, hair and makeup will have to work for pre-prom pictures, a special dinner, and a few hours of dancing, so you'll want to pick a style that is comfortable and easy to maintain as well as flattering. Choosing the proper prom dress style for your body type is important if you want to look your best at the prom. All prom dresses can be nice, but putting the right prom dress style on the right body type can make a nice prom dress, fabulous.
Here are the basics:

Don't leave shopping for the Prom dress until the last minute. Look through magazines and watch Red Carpet specials, and pay attention to which style photographs and moves well. Look through the closet for a guide as to what styles and colors have worked for you in the past. Plan a budget for the prom dress and begin saving as soon as possible. Be sure to allow extra cash for small accessories like hair clips, panty hose, and make-up. When you finally make it to the store, bring a camera and a reliable honest person. Keep an open mind. Try on lots of different styles of dresses in a variety of cuts to find the one style that works best on the figure. A slim figure, may look best in a sheath-style dress that shows off the silhouette. A curvy figure, might want to consider an A-line dress that will highlight the waist, minimize the hips and thighs, and slim the body in the right places. A short and petite figure should try a short cocktail dress; if you prefer a longer style dress though, look for a short dress that fits longer, it will fit better without being too long.
Once you have narrowed the choices to one particular prom dress style, try on that style in a variety of different colors and finishes, you might love one that you would never thought to wear. Look for a glamorous shade that suits your skin complexion: cool colors for pale shades and warm colors for olive or darker skin tones. When choosing a fabric finish, keep in mind that shinier finishes will tend to show off figure flaws while matte finishes will diminish undesirable features.

Always order the prom dress early. It's best to start shopping in January or February when the selection of prom dresses is the largest. Buy the dress a couple of months before prom night to have lots of time for alterations. Many prom dress' manufacturers sell out the closer they get to prom season. It takes time to find the right dress, and you don't want to find out that the size is not in stock. Purchase a prom dress that looks good on your body and makes you feel amazing, not something other people suggest to buy. However, make sure not to purchase the prom dress too far in advance, as before big events you can easily lose and gain weight, from stress or anything else. Buy prom shoes well in advance once the prom dress has been purchased, wear the shoes around the house and scuff the sole on the driveway (so they won't be slippery). Consider the budget- are the shoes a place to skimp or to splurge?
Metallic tones (silver, gold or copper) suited to the color of the prom dress are tried-and-true, and can be found with a variety of heel heights and can be used again with other dresses. Keep away from too trendy shoes and instead consider comfort. Consider shoes between the range of two to three inches heels which can smooth out bulges in the body, improve posture and add height.

Pick other accessories that suit the dress style. A simple dress can often be bolstered by jewelry, but if the dress is already flashy enough, minimal jewelry is probably best. Careful on bracelet and rings, they might have sharp clasps and claws which will snag the pantyhose or the precious prom dress.
When considering hairstyles, magazines and the fashion community are an excellent resource: cut out (or print) pictures with hairstyles to consider, then get the hairstylist opinion. Consider what part of the prom is most important for you: are the pre-prom pictures what you're most excited about? Or are you likely to be showing off on the dance floor? Choose a structured or more relaxed style prom dress accordingly. Always keep the style of the dress in mind, and purchase hair accessories well in advance.
Makeup is the area with the highest possibility for error. On Prom night, put the dress on before applying make-up or styling hair, then drape a towel or put on (and button up) a shirt over the dress to prevent accidents with food, drink, make up, hair spray, etc. This will prevent any smudges or product stains on the perfectly glamorous prom dress. The Prom is a highly photographed event, so foundation is not optional, but keep in mind that this is taking place in spring/summer. Tinted moisturizer and powdered mineral foundation will cover without being heavy in the heat. Eye and lip make-up should be applied as usual. If you want to experiment, try it out well in advance and continue perfecting it. You don't want to make makeup mistakes, that will only add on to the stress of prom night. The final key to a flawless appearance is maintaining it throughout the night! Bring a clutch with only the bare daily necessities (cell phone, ID, etc.), and include a powder case, lipstick, and bobby pins. Re-apply powder and lipstick and check for problems before the date arrives, prior to leaving the restaurant, and then several times at the event.

Whenever possible, leave your look to the professionals. Book an appointment with the hair-stylist 2 months prior to the prom. Prom is a very busy time and you want to have an appointment date and time booked with the stylist. The hair-style options are endless, make sure it fits your face shape. Look for a hair stylist or makeup artist - having help with the style is a tension reliever. A manicure and pedicure are subtle, but they will finish the look. Make it a date with friends where you can all get pampered or do it for each other. Don't forget the basics of getting ready for any event. Shaving, tweezing, waxing and moisturizing are especially important on nights like these! Again, always plan in advance!

A Word of Warning:

Never make a drastic change in the appearance right before Prom night! Dramatic hair cuts and last-minute tanning appointments are a definite no-no, even if they seem like a great idea at the time.
Remember that photos of this night will last for many years to come: Look for what really suits you, not just what is popular.

Have fun, Prom Night will go too fast so make memories that will last a life-time!

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