Thursday, December 27, 2007

Keep it Trendy: Accessorize

Accessories From season to season it's hard to keep up with the newest trends, and quite costly to renew the wardrobe with every new fashion mood. However there is a simple way to keep your timeless pieces up to date and that is through accessories.

Accessories are the perfect way to add a dash of drama to an outfit without going over the top; from belts and purses to shoes and jewelry, the right accessories can make an outfit outstanding. Well-chosen accessories will help stay trendy, without feeling like you're wearing something a 15-year-old might wear. So how do we find those perfect accessories that will take the outfit from drab to fabulous? No matter what the personal style is, there are a few guidelines on how to accessorize properly, so follow these easy tips before going shopping.

First of all, to make sure that nothing looks awkward or overly done, keep the accessories in tone with the mood of the outfit: the simpler the clothes, the more dramatic the accessories can be. The more dramatic or bold the outfit, the simpler the jewelry needs to be.

Keep the accessories in balance: Do odd numbers of pieces as they tend to be more pleasing to the eye than even numbers, (with the exception of shoes and earrings, obviously), accessories like bangles or necklaces tend to look better as either one item or in a group of three.

Lindsay LohanProportion is also very important. The size of a person should determine the size of the accessories. Large pieces will make what is around them look smaller. The bigger the figure, the larger the accessories should be. Small pieces will make what is around them look bigger. Extremely important when choosing a purse, or the size of a bracelet.

Color is a fun and exciting way of playing with the whole outfit, spice up a plain outfit with some bold accessories: Jewel tones, reds, gold, bronze, silver and pewter are super hot this season. Black, is everywhere, and white will make a statement.

There are however some MUST-HAVES this season:

Look for a few pieces of jewelry to mix and match with any style. When in doubt, stick to the classics: pearls (which are larger in size this season) or diamond stud earrings are always uberchic. For a more trendy look, try thin hoop earrings, they go with anything; and, for a formal occasion, jeweled drop or chandelier earrings are the perfect accessory. Cuff bracelets add just the right touch to any outfit, as do chunkier necklaces which are bolder than in past seasons.

Belts help the look be more put together and are one the most trendy accessories of the season. Remember, belts aren't confined to belt loops only. You can wear them with a shirt sitting out, over a sweater-dress or a jacket, and to dress up a plain little black dress. A wider belt will bring attention to the waist (to emphasize the smallest part of the body), skinny, chain or embellished belts are also very popular this season. Go for good quality pieces, a cheap or worn out belt can ruin the outfit.

Shoes give an outfit attitude! They also affect the overall proportion of the body by lengthening the leg-line (especially if the shoe color matches the trouser color). The flashier -or more colorful the shoe- the more the eye will be drawn to it. Trendy this season: the patent bootie or pump, the very warm and comfortable UGGs, the strappy or peep-toe high-heel shoe in a dramatic color and embellished (even in metallic colors) and ballet flats. Remember, shoes and purse don't have to match -however don't do crazy colors on both- make one an accent piece, and keep the other neutral, or do metallics. Animal prints are once again very popular, and who doesn't love a leopard accent; however, be cautioned: do only one animal print accessory (like high heel shoes), not more, or you'll look like you run away from the zoo, or worse a regurgitation of an Halloween party!

The Purse--For a more polished look, try a structured handbag with clean lines. If dressing up the Little Black Dress have some fun by adding a colorful or embellished bag. And, of course, the must-have bag for the trendy season is the clutch. Skins like leather or crocodile are always chic (and controversials for some), and come in every color in the rainbow.

Pick a beautiful shawl or scarf for the winter coat, (a bold color will wake up a boring black coat); they are hot accessories for the winter season, as well as hats, there are many shapes and colors to choose from. Choose one that suits your face and over-all look.

Don't forget big bold sunglasses to add a touch of Diva to the day look. Pick a few colorful pairs to suit your face shape and skin complexion--when in doubt you can't go wrong with classic brown.

Accessories will be your best friends when you need them the most: when you gain those awful ten pounds, the shirts, pants and skirts will always betray you -no matter how costly they were- however, the accessories will always fit! So splurge!

Remember to have fun accessorizing, don't be afraid to make a statement, experiment with big or colorful accessories, they are sure to give the outfit an exclamation point!

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