Thursday, December 6, 2007

Fall Favorites turned into Winter Fashion

Vanessa Paradis' coatThe temperature is dropping dramatically as 'Old Man Winter' is at our doors, and that means we have already been bringing out the sweaters and scarves. But there is no reason why we should abandon the cute trends of the Fall (which we grew so fond of), instead let them make their way into the Winter season's fashion this year; here are some tips on how to wear these fashions right into the colder season.

One of Fall’s most popular fashion items is also a great choice for Winter wear. Leggings are the perfect addition to Winter fashion for keeping your legs warm, whether they’re under a skirt or under a pair of pants. Dress pants are usually very thin, and won't keep very warm, especially in sub-zero temperatures, so it will help to throw on a pair of leggings underneath, for that extra layer of insulation. When wearing a skirt, think twice about wearing those nude stockings, a pair of leggings is a great warmer substitution.

Sweater Dresses:

Another craze of the Fall fashion! Sweater dresses are dressy and a great way to keep warm. They cover more of your body and you can usually wear them with pants. In the Fall, you probably wore them just with tights, but they are very cute (and warmer) with skinny jeans.
Instead of the Fall ballet flats, though, double up the coverage with Winter fashion boots over your jeans. If you want to create more curves, add a belt around your waist to add shape to your silhouette.

Layer and Keep Lean:
Instead of bulking up with big sweaters, look flattering this Winter. Clothes that keep you warm can look great too. It’s all about balance and proportions (don’t wear a big coat with wide pants). Instead, either tone down the jacket (if you need it to be warm, layer a few tops) or wear skinnier pants with boots. To help take the bulk off your Winter outfit, wear layered v-neck tops and sweaters to make your neck line look longer and slimmer. Turtlenecks are great, but it will keep you too warm in the office. Layering is best, so if it gets hot, you can always shed some layers off; it is the best way to stay warm and stylish this Winter, but keep in mind, your layers should be thinner (you don’t want to look bulky). Silk, cashmere and jersey fabrics will keep you warm without making you look excessively layered.

Skinny Jeans:
Skinny jeans have been popular for a while now and not without reason. They help elongate your figure especially when wearing a loose, flowing top. A big sweater or sweater dress, will look great because it will be balanced out by the skinny jeans. This style will also easily fit into tall Winter boots almost as easily as into leggings.

Winter fashionBold Colors:
Winter may not be as exciting as Summer, but that shouldn’t affect your fashion choices. In fact, keep it cheerful by wearing colorful clothes (you may just feel a little perkier). You should however, still have a few dark pieces in your Winter wardrobe, since you might need formal clothing, but keep other color combinations and special pieces in the closet. If you want to stand out, look for coats that aren’t just one color. Try a black and white combination (Hounds-tooth is big this season), or something with patterns and add a colorful scarf (or jewelry) for accent. As a matter of fact, if you’re a little hesitant on colorful clothing, try bolder accessories like scarves and hats instead; they will still play up your look, but it will be slightly more understated.

Hats: All the rage this Fall season are also hats, any kind really: knit, bucket, military... What better accessory to take into Winter fashion than hats, they keep us warm and stylish; go for some pretty colors that complement your skin tone (warm colors with olive or darker skin, cool colors for lighter complexions).

With these ideas, there’s no need to be afraid of Winter frost and, you get to save a bundle by adapting your Fall fashion to the cold Winter. Have fun and be glamorous this season, and all the best to you in the new year!

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Black is the best! i truly believe that this colors are best choose for this winter cos my wardrobe is full of fashionable items.

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