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Make-Up Kit * Brushes

Make-up Brushes
I have received an interesting amount of emails regarding my Make-up kit: what's in it? in what make-up is worth investing a lot of money? on which Make-up products can I save money? How do I get started?
Since this is a very large topic, I will write a few articles on the subject. Starting with this one.
Here is what I recommend to my Make-up students:

First of all, you are only as good as your tools! Having said that, don't rush over to the most expensive Make-up store and spend a fortune on a set of make-up brushes!!
I have brushes from all make-up companies and art supply stores! True that a "full set" looks pretty and professional, but not all of the big make-up companies have the best of everything! M.A.C. has great brushes, but I don't love all of them, same with Smashbox etc.
Make sure to know the use of the make-up brush you are purchasing first, and ask yourself: will I use it often, or is it a splurge?
I have done full make-up with a total of 5 brushes in the past, given it took a lot of cleaning...but it's doable!
So if you are just getting started make sure to invest in these basic brushes:

1. A big fluffy Powder Brush. Natural bristles. Make sure the brush is soft and the bristles don't come off easily (or you will constantly pick them off the client's face!). Test the handle, so it doesn't fall off on the first tug! Use the brush to powder the face for a flawless look.

2. A Blush Brush. Smaller than the powder brush, is used to apply blush. Natural soft bristles.

3. A Contour Brush. A natural bristle brush, cut at an angle. Will contour cheek bones, temple bones etc.

4. A Large Eyeshadow Brush. A flat rounded edges brush, which will apply a lot of eyeshadow in a short period of time. Use the brush to apply base color eyeshadow all over the lid.

5. A Smaller Eyeshadow Brush. Will deliver more eyeshadow with precision and allow for smaller details.

6. A Domed Eyeshadow Brush. Used for blending the colors together, or "smoke" the eyeshadows.

7. An Angle Brush. A small synthetic hair brush used to line the eyes with a liquid, gel or cream eyeliner. Also used for filling in brows and other small details. I have 6 or 7 in my kit (different sizes and density), couldn't work without them!!

8. A Concealer Brush. Also a synthetic bristle brush which will deliver a creamy concealer just where need it. Go small in size rather than large for precision (invest in a large one later on for creamy contouring and highlighting).

These are my recommendations in essentials for a brush set! Every other make-up brush to purchase is for preference or specific products application.
I lost count on how many brushes I have with me now, but I have purchased them throughout the years, so be patient and don't go drop all your money in every brush produced until you will have a use for them!

A few pro tips:

Art supply stores have a range of inexpensive synthetic brushes. That's where I load up on small angle brushes!!

Use a ring of colorful Nail polish to "mark" all your brushes; that way there won't be any brushes going missing when working with other Make-up artists. Especially useful during a make-up course, where all the brushes and products given to the students look the same!

If planning to take a Make-up course, wait before purchasing a set of make-up brushes, as the school might provide a set.

Other tools needed:

An Eyelash Curler. Yes, even if personally not using one; a lot of clients will need a good curling! I don't spend a lot of money on a curler, just make sure feels comfortable and has replaceable plastic cushions where the lashes are curled.

Small pointy scissors. Used to cut false eyelashes for sizing, cut eyebrows for grooming etc. The uses are countless; I once lent my scissors to a hairdresser for cutting bangs to a precise angle!

Tweezers. A metallic set, that can be easily sanitized. Perfect for grooming eyebrows and other stray hairs and also for holding on to the false lashes.

Lots of disposable Mascara wands (in different sizes). Never, ever, ever use the Mascara wand that goes back in the container, unless you are planning to give the whole mascara to the client to keep.
Disposable wands are used to keep the mascara free of contaminants and avoid spreading of infections. By the way, don't double dip the disposable wands, use one for each eye!!!
Remember the life span of Mascara is about 3 months, once starts changing consistency and odor, toss it out!!!

Disposable Foundation Sponges. I personally like applying foundation with a brush, but I still have sponges to blend to perfection.

If you don't have a lipstick brush (synthetic bristles brush, also available in art supply stores), then purchase a few disposable ones.

A palette knife (also available in art supply stores), or orange wood sticks. Use the knife to scoop products from the containers like stick foundations & concealers, lipsticks, gel & cream eyeliners...anything creamy really. Never, ever, ever dip a brush or fingers into the creamy products or they will be contaminated!

Cotton Pads. Used to clean, tone and moisturize faces.

Small Towels. I have 3 black ones with me all the time. Use one to set on the Make-up table, so all products and brushes won't get contaminated. The second one, put around the client's neck (if no smock is available), and the third towel, hang on the Make-up belt to clean the brushes.

Plenty of brush cleaner, hand sanitizers and baby wipes. The more the merrier!!! You can never be too clean and the clients love seeing how careful you are!!! Always sanitize and cleanse hands and brushes between clients (yes, even if the clients are related!!!), no excuses! Clients will gladly wait for brush cleaning time!

Have a good set of hypoallergenic Cleanser, Toner and Moisturizer. I always cleanse the face, even if the client is make-up free, makes a huge difference!

These are some of my 101 basic needs for a Starter Make-up kit. Read Make-Up Kit *Cosmetics for more info on basic products for your kit.
Best of luck.

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