Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Make-Up *A Freelance Business

The Make-up course has come to an end, now you are a certified Make-up Artist (MUA), have a basic kit and are super excited to get where to go from here?
I remember how hard it was to get started, especially when I didn't know anyone in the business. Here are a few words of advice on the next step from someone who has "been there, done that."

At the beginning of any Make-up artist career, building a Portfolio is a necessity; there are a lot of photographers and models who are willing to shoot with new make-up artists, and will provide images (most of the time digital photos) in exchange for make-up services.
Model Mayhem is a nice networking website for Beauty professionals, to find people in your area. Try to have a diversified portfolio, some Beauty Make-up, some Fantasy and some Bridal at least (even if not a "real" bride).

Invest in Business cards, most on-line office supply stores will offer a package of 250/500 cards for less than $50.

Be professional, introduce yourself properly, do not lie about your capabilities - always better to underpromise and overdeliver!!

Give out a business card when networking and take the other person's business card (if applicable).
Follow up on encounters with an email and respond to every email promptly.
Volunteer on fashion shows productions and photoshoots, even as an assistant, it's a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Networking is the biggest skill and asset in this business! You are a NOBODY until professionals know you exist!

Look your best at all times, no one will hire someone who looks like hell.

When on a job site, be polite, patient and pleasant. Listen to what the client wants. Never, ever, ever gossip or criticize products or the work of another artist with a client. Keep the conversation light hearted and simple. Talk about them, not just yourself. Compliment the client on one of their features (but be honest), sometimes it's their skin or their eyelashes; just don't overdo it!

Record all the purchases and earnings or designate a bank account for the Make-up jobs, as a freelance make-up artist it is important to declare all your earnings and expenditures.

Another advice is keep learning! Find make-up publications to stay up to date, whether be library books, magazines, websites, youtube videos etc.

Take pictures of every make-up you do (get permission first of course), and double check on a job with people in charge before you publish any image -some magazine shoots, movies and commercials will not allow images getting published before the product or production is released.
Taking pictures on a film set without permission could get you fired on the spot (even if it's of a rainbow in the sky). Before and After pictures are great for the portfolio.

Another great place to get started in a Make-up career is through a Hair Salon. Bring the resume and portfolio (no matter how small) and meet with the owner/manager.

Read the previous Blogs on how to build a Make-up kit *Brushes and *Cosmetics for more information on the topic.

Good Luck with everything and don't ever give up!

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