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How to Apply False Eyelashes

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False Eyelashes
One of the best kept secret (no longer so) of the Hollywood Movie Stars and glamorous sexy glares is false eyelashes. From syntetic, to real, to mink hair, and single strands to a full set, there are many kinds to choose from, and many movie stars (some of them men) swear by them and won't do without. Believe it or not, false eyelashes were invented by movie director D.W.Griffith to add drama to actress Seena Owen's eyes, in 1916!
I personally, have been blessed with long dark eyelashes from birth (good genes), but still can't help to apply my favourite set of "fake" eyelashes to give my eyes some more drama.

The first thing to do is decide what look you prefer; to get a glamorous stare choose a full set of eyelashes (not too long, stick with your regular lashes length or just a tad longer), to give just a bit of dept, opt instead for the small clasps or individual lashes. Choose the color, black lashes Shu Uemura false eyelashesadd more drama, while brown is more of a day time look and are more natural looking on people with lighter complexions and hair.

Buy the glue specifically designed for false eyelashes, no substitutes here, as you can damage the eyes with harsh chemicals or even pull the real eyelashes! Buy the dark glue (looks grey but dries black) for a more natural look and to avoid eyeliners.

The application of these beauty enhancers can, however, be a bit tricky and needs a bit of practice: have a set of wide tweezers to help and a flat-end toothpick to apply the glue.

Beyonce false eyelashesLay the dry false eyelashes against the real lash line to determine the perfect lenght. Clip a few strands at both end to make them look more natural and to avoid them pulling at the eyes.
Apply a thin line on glue on the base of the false lashes, let it sit for a few seconds, then in front of a mirror, lay the lashes on slowly, setting the middle part first then the sides, as close to the lash line as possible. This application is the tricky part and needs a bit of practice before mastering the technique. If you choose the cluster eyelashes, about 7 or 8 strands (1 to 2 millimiters apart) will give a full natural look.

After laying the false eyelashes, wait a few seconds, then push them up towards the eyelid, so that they will dry above the regular lashes; this trick will actually replace the use of eyelash curlers. Once they are dry (upwards), apply the mascara by wiggling the wand at the roots of the lashes ans pulling the wand up; Mascara will attach the real lashes to the false ones and will give it extra hold, do two coats of mascara if you prefer. Make sure to bring the little tube of eyelash glue and a flat-end toothpick out with you in case the (individual) eyelashes fall off or the strand comes off at the corners (natural skin oils might loosen the glue after a few hours), just dab a bit of eyelash glue with the toothpickEva longoria-Parker and Jennifer Lopez in false eyelashes on the false lashes and set them back by holding on to the ends for a few seconds. It has happened to me, where my individual lash was sitting on my cheek for most of the night (I opted for no mascara that night)...I noticed when I got home...sigh! So check from time to time!
To take them off at the end of the day, just pull on one end of the false eyelash gently, it should come off without struggles. Remove all excess glue from the false eyelashes, to keep them looking good, and remove the mascara as well by dabbing them with a cotton ball and eye makeup remover. Eye makeup remover should also get rid of any small bits of glue left on the real lashes gently (don't try to pull the glue off with fingers or tweezers, might pull real lashes as well). The life-span of your false eyelashes depends on the quality and care of the lashes...usually syntetic and real hair lashes will last about 2 weeks of use (looking newer), after a while they might loose their shape or have some built up glue and makeup. Replace when necessary to have the best results. My favourite false eyelashes that last the longest and resemble the very beautiful and expensive mink kind (which are the only choice for most celebrities) are the Shu Uemura which can be found at StrawberryNet (follow the link to access the site for incredible discounts).

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