Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Lipstick Personality

Hello my beautiful friends,

found this picture online and I thought it was super cute!

Which one is you??
Isn't it interesting how differently everyone shapes their lipstick...I am guilty of taking a peek every time someone pulls out their tube!

Mine is Flat Top! and my favorite lipsticks are Make Up For Ever, with NARS gloss on it: toss between "Orgasm" and "Turkish Delight".

Hope everyone had a fantastic beginning to 2013! I started my year with learning the ancient art of Shiatsu Massage, which I apply to scalp massages for my guests at Koko the Salon.

Have a fabulous year my friends and do something everyday (big or small) to move you forward in your goals and resolutions. Much Love XOXO

 Be Fabulous,


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