Saturday, July 28, 2012

It's Not Really About the Hair!!

Hello gorgeous,

Oh I had so my fun at the latest hair trade show! I learned a ton, got to model and work for an amazing company called Brocato...and I shopped until I dropped!
I love hair and make-up trade shows, they are one of my favorite perks of my job!
If you have never been to one, it is a great fair for the industry: usually held at a big venue, like an expo center; there are all kinds of vendors and companies doing demos. The shopping is amazing because everything is discounted and show prices, which are almost 1/2 off...chin chin ;)

At past make-up trade shows (IMATS) I had the wonderful opportunity to meet some industry giants like Kevin James Bennett, Eve Pearl, Dana Nye, Steve Johnson and many many more...while at hair shows I got to meet and rub shoulders with some great artist, which brings to my fun question..."guess who I met???"
Well, it was none other than the amazing Tabatha Coffey!!!! She came to the latest hair trade show to talk about her book "It's Not Really About the Hair" and then proceeded to meet her fans and sign books.
Her book is amazing, not for the shy for sure, as it is very colorful, however she brings the point across very directly and clearly. Barely talks about hair, like the title implies, it's more of a memoir into the events that shaped her life and career.  I loved the book, it was like having an intimate conversation with Tabatha.
Personally she is a very warm and kind woman, who's not afraid to tell it like it is! My kinda gal...may I add!

Lately I have met way too many posers, wannabes and people on a power trip, who are all talk and no is so refreshing to meet a woman or B.I.T.C.H. (Brave, Intelligent,Tenacious, Creative and Honest) like she calls herself, who is not scared of hard work and being real! I recommend this book to everyone, it's very empowering! I got my autographed copy that I will treasure for many years.

Be Fabulous,


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Anonymous said...

It's about the hair! :))

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