Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Casual Style: Kate Moss

Kate Moss Style

In the ever-changing world of fashion, trends come and go quickly and, so do the celebrities who adopt them. A few gifted cutting edge Fashionistas however, avoid what the industry dictates and remain true to their style. Coco Chanel, Twiggy, Katharine Hepburn, Jackie Kennedy Onassis and Madonna are some of the Fashion Icons who, not only survived the test of time but, also will go down in history as stylish trend-setters. They don't follow trends, they make trends (and in some cases, revive them).

"Fashion fades, style is eternal!" (Coco Chanel)

Among my favorite trend-setters is the ├╝ber-stylish Kate Moss.

The 34 year old English supermodel, is credited for starting the Heroin chic style. With herKate Moss Style controversial waifish figure and smaller stature, Kate Moss single handedly reshaped the fashion industry of the '90s.

Her personal style is highly influenced by Rock and Roll, and her mixed and matched favourite pieces have shaped the newest trends: black satin lapel Tuxedo jacket, thigh high black suede boots, vests and scarves. Lately she has also popularized trends such as: denim cutoff shorts, Ugg boots, ballet flats, pirates boots, skinny jeans, waistcoats, high-wasted styles and waist-cinching belts.

I admire her style, as she is always dressed very appropriately to the occasion. Kate can be extremely elegant in a designer gown on the red carpet, and the next day stroll around the streets of London in her fedora hat and ankle boots.

"The advice I now give: Never wear a designer look head to toe." (Kate Moss)

Kate Moss StyleKate's style is often demure, with monochromatic outfits and minimal jewelry, at the same time though, she plays with shapes and textures. Her clothes are curve hugging and her accessories oversized and texturized. She's often seen in gray or black skinny jeans tucked in her thigh-high suede boots, a skinny vest worn as a shirt, a big studded belt sitting low on her hips, a manly watch, a tote bag, big bold sunglasses (or Ray-Ban Aviators) and a large scarf wrapped around her neck. A true Rocker!

Kate rarely wears jewelry, makeup or coiffed locks, which makes her style seem natural and effortless.

Kate Moss' sense of style and trendsetting is highly appreciated in Kate Moss Stylethe world of fashion as she has become a muse to a multitude of designers and photographers. The admiration is not equally shared by the PETA group however, as she is a big fan of furs and leathers.

Aside from all the controversy, Kate Moss remains an inspiration and a strong influence to the world of fashion and is an international Iconic Figure who has written a chapter in fashion history.

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